Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Warm day, nice folks and chatting....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(More pics today from Stennis space center taken yesterday)

A warm night last night allowed us to sleep with everything wide open again. Morning dawned with a dreary overcast looking sky that gave way to bright brilliant blue skies before noon. Warm temps but cool breeze. I noticed the thermometer sitting at 85F/29.3C this afternoon around 3:30 pm. We had the door, windows and vents open as well as the fan to move the air around, it was quite pleasant but many had their AC units blasting away.

The tram to take folks to and from their vehicles

Up to the fire around 6 a.m. it was once again Mac, Magic the Cat and I for a while, Paige strolled up a while later as did Mike and finally Pete. Robert stopped by a couple of times and Mr. Swilly also put in an appearance. Managed to get some information on a local tire shop to take the Dogsled to be checked out. Always best to ask the locals in this case Swilly as he's a gear head and always willing to offer up good local places. 

Rolls Royce Engine

Home around 8:30 am we managed to make some decisions before we finished breakfast. Chicken for dinner, walk at the park and maybe a movie later in the day. Those were the our decisions. I can tell you that the walk and chicken were keepers.  The movie just didn't make it. ~laugh~

Lego built?

The walking park was very quiet except for the big tractor with a brush hog doing some work in the ditches. Warm weather kept from being too warm by the nice cool breeze that wafted over the open spaces while we walked. Riley made 2 loops, I managed 3 before calling it off. Turning the nose of the Dogsled homeward bound we managed to make it there without stopping ANYWHERE else. ~laugh~

Neil Armstrong's flight suit.

I dropped Riley at the door, made sure she got inside and then headed out to the tire place suggested earlier by Swilly. It's located just off the I-10 and is only a couple of miles away. I pulled in to find all the bays empty and everyone sitting around. I thought that might be a bad sign as yesterday they were totally full and even had some sitting outside the bays. Pulled in, explained the shimmy in the wheel and the suggestion of tire issues but was assured they could make the truck do the same thing as I could due to the road grooves. They explained to my satisfaction why it wasn't anything except the road. I left feeling confident in their knowledge as they seemed very knowledgeable. I'm glad that I asked as now I feel better about the whole thing.

I think Riley may be about to crash the simulator!!

Back home I chatted with Mac and Mike, giving Mike the blog address of someone else having issues with the front end of their motor home, the clear coat cracking and being dirty, etc. It seems Mike has been trying to find someone to address the issue or a way to fix it and I remembered reading in this blog that the fella had the same kind of problem but he had found a solution. I offered it up to Mike with the words, 'It  may not be the same but it sounds the same.' Hopefully it helps.

Can you see the face in the space suit?

Mac was showing me the tailgate in his big 1 ton Chevy truck, it isn't heavy to handle and doesn't bang down due to weight. It's on some kind of arm that allows it close and open with minimal effort much like the rear hatch on some SUV's. Really like that feature. Need to have a screen made when I get home for the front grill as there is a spot that is open low down that would allow a bird or piece of debris to hit one of the rads inside the engine compartment. Mac's truck also has the same opening in it. Not sure if that was an overlooked piece or just a bad design. I also noticed a bubble in the bumper on the Dogsled that will have to be addressed before long. Looks like a air pocket or something was between the silver and metal when they made the bumper, now it's bubbling and will soon be peeling. Will have to address that when I get back to Ontario too.

A closer look...

After that Miss Charlene came along to invite us to Pork Chops and some veggies at D & D's restaurant not far from here. The pork chops are breaded and deep fried and apparently very good but we passed on the invite. The folks down here can batter, deep fry and smother in gravy pretty much every kind of food there might be known to man or woman. ~laugh~ We instead had some left over pasta for lunch today.

Model of the space shuttle

After that I posted yesterdays blog as I was too tired to finish it last night. Settled down to read my book but fell asleep for an hour. I don't sleep long hours at night time so every once in a while I need to catch up during the day. ~laugh~ Today was that day I guess.

Of course a moon rock...

Worked on today's blog for a bit this afternoon, managed to read some more, and even prepped dinner about 5 pm. The days speed by and before we know it the dinner hour is upon us. I know they aren't exciting days but they are enjoyable and we manage to get thru them without any trouble, even though it doesn't make for exciting reading. ~laugh~

Mars Science Laboratory

Was heading outside to read when I noticed Billy sitting by himself up near the fire pit looking kind of lost so I dropped my book and headed up there to chat with him. Wasn't long until Charlene came along and Mac wandered up only to be followed by Mike. We chatted and watched the folks putting on the new roof, gasping, questioning, and offering advice from a far all while they couldn't hear us. ~laugh~  Asking the crew about their lunch at D & D's they weren't too impressed with their food. Glad we didn't go!!

Yesterdays back up seen in my rear view mirror

I didn't make it home until almost 7 pm to start BBQ'ing dinner which put us way behind our usual time, it was 8:30 pm before we finished eating and cleaning up. Dinner was Friend Roger's BBQ sauce Chicken Breast, Orange juice veggies, Garlic potatoes with onions and thyme. I can tell you right now it was excellent and I forgot to take a picture. ~laugh~

Looking ahead during the same back up on I-10

I headed up to the dumpster noticing that they remembered to shut off the shop lights tonight, the other night they were all blazing lighting up the area like a small city. ~laugh~ Magic the cat came tearing by while I was walking back from the dumpster, didn't seem to be chasing anything, nor was anything chasing her but she was in a hurry.

Seen this fisherman on our walk this morning...he's very intense!!

Read for a bit and decided to call it a night. So there you have it, our day wasn't too exciting but it was warm, filled with nice folks and blue skies, what else could one ask for?

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment! Until next safe, take care....

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