Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cold, blue skies, saying goodbye to friends....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all pics taken with my phone)

A cold night brought on a cold morning with temps in the low 40's over night, which for us folks from Canada would translate to being just about 4 degrees C. In other words brrrrrrrrrr, bring the heavy coat and mittens!!!!! About noon the temps were a bit warmer with the heat wave coming in at about 52F/11C, but the wind makes it much colder. We didn't get out of the 50's today but we're holding out hope for tomorrow. ~laugh~

The East Pond here at the park, clear blue skies but cold.

The fire pit crew was Mac, Ron and Jerry at 6:30 a.m. when I wandered up. The wind from the east was cold, we couldn't huddle any closer to the fire or we'd catch fire. ~laugh~ A sad day as our good friends Ron & Sharon pulled out this morning about 8 a.m. for the long drive back to Kansas. Miss Sharon had no complaints about being parked close to the fire but Ron whined about the smoke and the noise. We think he may have lodged a complaint with management. ~laugh~ We wish them a safe journey home and hope to see them again in the fall!!!! The send off committee was pretty big, Riley and I, Mac, Jerry, Carol, Swilly, Robert, and Pete all showed up to send them on their way.

We headed home as their big wheels reached the hardtop. Breakfast was a quick event and after that I defrosted the fridge and freezer as it's been a while since I've done that. Took about an hour from start to finish and can you believe everything fit back in better than before? ~laugh~

Definitely John Deere country, see that green and yellow bird house?

We sorted the laundry and debated about doing it today or tomorrow however today won out as it's too cold to do much else except sit inside looking out. ~laugh~ Loading up the Dogsled we headed off to the coin laundry on Railroad Street! The place was just about empty but the dryers were almost all busy as they also do laundry service there and it seemed they had a lot of 'service' to wash, dry and fold. ~laugh~ We managed to finish shortly after noon and had everything buckled into the Dogsled with the tires spinning in the homeward direction. The Igloo, that place where we hang our hats and call home was waiting for us as patiently as ever when we got there just about 1 pm. We managed to have everything put away and have lunch on the go by 1:30 pm.

The blue skies, bursting shades of green, and the yellow ball in the sky all beckon us to come outside and enjoy but I'm telling you folks, I have the heater running in the Igloo. It's dang well cold. ~laugh~ Friend Swilly says it should warm up by Friday and I hope he's right or I might lodge a complaint with management. ~laugh~

Inside the log cabin here at Magic River

The rest of the afternoon was spent with a good book by James Patterson called 3rd Degree. My next reading adventure will be with Robert Ludlum, one of my all time favourite authors, I'm going to read The Bourne Ultimatum, also a good read. It's been years since I've read it and I know I will enjoy it again.

Keeping an eye on the fire pit I can report that NO ONE ventured up to the place all afternoon or evening. Due to cold or just lack of interest I'm not sure but it's a dark place up there tonight. Ron usually built the evening fire and since he left this morning no one was around to do the honours. I did see Mac and Jerry wandering around looking lost and forlorn. ~laugh~ They had their head inside the engine compartment on Jerry's rig but seemed to spend most of their time just aimless walking. They might miss their buddy, it's hard to know.

The fire pit here at Magic River

Dinner tonight for me was the last of the homemade chicken soup and Riley made herself some turkey tacos which smelled good and according to the cook, they also tasted good. I'll have to take her word for it though, which means you'll have to take my word for it. Or not. ~laugh~

We had a game of Yahtzee this afternoon and I won, I won, I won....~laugh~ by 14 points but I won. Riley thinks I cheated!

The Igloo here at the park.

I chatted with my sister Jan today for a while. She says it very cold up there with some snow but spring is just around the corner. We are mid way thru March and we all know that means April will bring rain to melt the snow, encourage the world to start greening up again. So you see, Spring is coming. Robins are heading north, one was spotted in South Western Ontario just this past week, a sure sign of spring!!

A clean up inside and a we were off to our own ends of the Igloo. So ends another day here at Magic River Park. Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care...

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