Saturday, April 1, 2017

Blue skies, lazy day, and fixing the shade...

Our Location: Magic River RV Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(pics today are just random pics from the many we've taken)

A cool damp overnight brought drops of moisture from the trees that seemed to be oddball drip, drip, drip, all night long. Not steady enough for rain, but loud enough to make one think in a half awake state that perhaps it was raining. You know the kind I mean. The morning was cold and damp but not the fog kind of damp a more penetrating and invasive dampness, one that made your clothes feel damp just sitting outside. The day however warmed up and was very comfortable with a nice breeze and lots of sunshine. The temps reached 82F/27.7C this afternoon but it wasn't too hot. 
The morning fire consisted of Mac and I until Paige and Robert came along. Mac headed out to have breakfast with a long time friend Tom ( used to camp here, now has a house in the area) at 8 am at the local VFW which left only 3 of us at the fire pit. Pete dropped by after a bit and Robert left. After that I headed home myself as the cold dampness was just too much. Magic the camp cat didn't help, she would sit up on the picnic table, get her paws and fur wet from the dampness there and then want to snuggle in my lap. ~laugh~ She's quite the little vixen!!!!She's a tease to be certain. 
Dogsled and Igloo at site 3 here in Magic River RV Resort.
Home to have breakfast, we decided to just do nothing and we were very successful for most of the day. ~laugh~ However at some point last night the clock came off the wall and crashed to the floor. Neither of us heard it, so I guess I must have slept pretty soundly for a while. I rehung the clock with a different type of hook and hopefully that does the trick. Time will tell. ~laugh~ I've been waking up between 3:30 and 4 am most mornings and today it caught up with me so I dozed off this morning while reading my book. I can't tell you much other than it was a good sleep. I felt much better the rest of the day. I have no idea what Riley did this morning but I know she didn't go anywhere cause she doesn't drive. ~laugh~ 
Riley BBQ'd turkey dogs for lunch, they are quite good, we like them better than beef, they have less fat and salt in them. We kind of just did more of the nothing this afternoon, although I read my book instead of napping. So that was something different. ~laugh~
Sitting on the swing looking out toward the west pond and Bells Ferry Road
Lots of things going on around the area so we opted to avoid the traffic issues and just stay  home. US 90 would have been jammed and the roads leading anywhere close to Gulfport/Biloxi and Pass Christian would have also been too busy for us folks just putzing around. We didn't even walk today. We were just that lazy. ~laugh~
My dad called this afternoon, it's nice to chat with him. Always enjoy that. They too are expecting a change in the weather up there in the great White North!! It sounds as if the nights are still coldish but the days sound like they are warming up pretty nicely. Glad it won't be too cold when we finally arrive there, hopefully at the beginning of May. 

Sea oats and the Gulf of Mexico on the south side of US 90 at Pass Christian.
Riley prepped dinner tonight, she did an excellent job. Since I was sitting outside reading I BBQ'd instead of her which had been the original plan. It's easy to cook while I read, and I don't mind doing it if it's warm and dry outside. Tonight I needed a sweater just because it was cooling off quickly as darkness was coming on. Dinner was Dill Potatoes with onions, Orange Zest Veggies (asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, green beans, celery) and Brown Sugar BBQ sauce on our Chicken Breast. It was all very good. 
I usually pull the night shades just before we sit down to dinner and so as I was doing that of course the dining room window shaded decided to come down crooked. We couldn't get it back to it's original state so left it until after dinner. Mac came home as we were eating and come over to see what happened to the shade. I explained it of course came off track just as it was time to eat dinner so that's why it was so lopsided in the window. I'm sure it must have had a funny look from the outside. I should have gone out and taken a picture but I didn't. This shade has needed to have this same repair already once and I think it will continue to do so in the future. It's been taken off before we bought the Igloo and I think the shade must have been damaged in some way and now it will be pain in the ass until I get pissed off and get a new one. ~laugh~ Oh well, the joys of home ownership!!!
The beach here in Long Beach, south side of US 90
After a quick clean up, I walked to the dumpster, and back home Riley was getting out the Yahtzee game. Can you see me doing my happy dance? I rolled a Yahtzee and won the game. Yeah me!!!!!!!! Since I win so rarely I feel the need to document my victories. ~laugh~ 
So as you can see, nothing exciting today but stay tuned for tomorrow we've got lots of things planned. A big storm is heading this way as well. Should make the day more interesting trying to dodge the raindrops. ~laugh~ 
The blue skies, dark waters and white sand seen all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast
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