Friday, March 17, 2017

Warm, sunny, productive day....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all pics taken with my phone)

A much warmer night and the day that followed was also a much warmer day. I think we're over the cold weather hump now. Looks like clear sailing until we have to leave. 

Up this morning before 6 a.m., greeted by Miss Riley looking for some pain meds for a headache. Very odd for her to be up at this hour. Donned my freshly laundered fire clothes and headed for the morning fire. There wasn't one!!! Cold dark fire pit with no movement of any kind. Hm.....I wonder, oh well, I spent some time in the log cabin with Magic the camp cat, she purred and half laid on my knee for a while but then it was time to call it enough for the scratching behind the ear and off she went. I headed home to find something to do.

Having breakfast I happened to glance out the window and there was a fire going in the fire pit with Robert standing near by, so my direction was clear when I finished eating. Mac and Robert were there and we chatted for a bit before a fella named Trent from Florida stopped by for a brief chat. After Trent left, Robert left, Pete & Pat came along, soon Riley came along and we all had a nice chat.  Magic the cat climbed back on my lap for a while during our chat and was quite content to stay there, finally moving to a chair of her own. It's now getting to be about 9 am when a motor home pulls in and it's some guy named Mike, the others know him, he seems to be a regular. Riley and I head home as we have things to do today and it's getting to be late in the morning for us.

All things camo, even a sun shade!!!!!

During our fire side chat we learned that Lisa and Buzz are home, Ron and Sharon are close to home, and that Lisa loves the new reno's!! So we are quite well informed now.
Home we change into short pants, climb into the Dogsled and head off to the sports complex for our walk. We haven't walked for a week but today was the beginning of getting back into that routine, we managed two laps before saying it was enough. ~laugh~ How lazy we get with a little time off.

We pulled out Phoebe, our newest and most updated GPS to find a grocery store I've heard a number of people mention named Fruggels. It's about 6 or 7 miles away but we opt to head there anyway. It's an uneventful drive and I've driven past it many times while never noticing it. It's very much like Piggly Wiggly and the prices were pretty good. Produce will definitely be purchased there along with a few other things but we still need to have a stop at Walmart for a few things we couldn't get at this store. We did manage to find a number of things that we were looking for and while there I called Bradey to see if we can get a couple of things in Canada, which according to her we can, so I didn't buy them here.

After the grocery store (we didn't buy anything needing to be kept cool or cold) we headed into something called Tuesday Morning, not a store I would be going back to unless I need bedding or linens. From there we headed off to the Family Dollar but it was closed, empty windows staring back at us, we moved across the lot to the Big Lots store. I like Big Lots, not a great store but you can sometimes get some pretty good deals if you look carefully enough and today was our lucky day. We found another Aluminum /titanium folding table for only $15, the one we currently have we paid over $45 for it about 5 years ago.  So as you can see it was a very productive trip.

A folding chairs to go with the above sun screen. They have their own bags as well.

We managed to get home by shortly after 12:30 pm, unloaded, put things away, started making lunch, and since I was chopping up veggies for a salad I just chopped  a few extras for dinner, wrapped them in tin foil and stuck 'em in the fridge until later. After lunch I took myself along with my book headed off to the swing by the pond to read for a while. It was nice, the wind was a bit cool but the sun was wonderful. Back to the Igloo around 3:30 pm to sit inside reading and enjoy the quiet.

With daylight savings time it's light much later and since it was a such a nice day I BBQ'd dinner tonight starting just about 6:30 pm. While I was cooking Mac dropped by Riley came outside and we all chattered for a while. About 7:20 pm I came inside bringing our dinner along with me. Garlic Italian Potatoes with Onions, Orange Zest Veggies, and JD Honey Smokehouse BBQ Chicken Breasts. It was good, we followed that with a couple of oatmeal cookies later on.

A quick clean up inside and out, walk to the dumpster and home to play a couple games of Yahtzee and guess what...I won, both games. ~laugh~ I will make no comment about the fact that Riley said I cheated....which I didn't but ....


After that we headed off in our directions to do whatever it is we do. Not an earth shattering day but a nice one all the same. Glad the sun is back out, the heat is back as well. On that note I'm going to sign off, thanks for stopping by, until next safe...take care..

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