Saturday, March 18, 2017

Beautiful day....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all pics taken with my phone)

A warmer night last night was nice for sleeping but we kept the windows and vents closed, a bit too cool in here in the morning if we don't. Up shortly after 6 am but didn't see any movement around the fire pit, so I just stayed home, looked again when it was pushing toward 7 am and noticed Robert up there doing his thing. Just Robert and Magic the camp cat there when I arrived. Mike showed up a bit later, then Paige and finally Mac and Pete as well.  Magic the camp cat spent a lot of time on my lap this morning as she enjoyed the attention. The others are not so happy to have her around but I think she's a smart cat that will figure out who to stay away from in the future. Some interesting ideas around the fire this morning regarding Charles Manson, the death penalty and Trumps budget.

Saw this on our walk....

Home and had breakfast before Riley and I headed out to get our morning walk in at the sports complex. We managed 3 miles in 1 hr and 10 minutes. It was a bit warm but not bad. Three fields of little league baseball players in the inner circle of the walking path. Lots of vehicles and people which was unusual for the area since we've been walking there. Lots of others using the track as well today.
Leaving there we went down to the Wally World for a few things and came out much poorer than we went in. ~laugh~ Some things we've been needing, some we've been thinking about getting and well you get the idea. Came out with a new hot/cold bag, baseball glove, boiled peanuts and a few other things. Some we'll keep, some we'll give away. I'll let you worry about which is which.
Home about 11:30 am we  managed to get things put away before the lunch hour was upon us. I enjoyed my book while eating my salad, it's getting to the good part now. ~laugh~

Little fellas playing ball...

Riley and I headed to the dumpster to dispose of trash before heading out behind the ponds to play a little bit of catch since Riley didn't play ball last year we thought she might need some practice before we get back to the island this year. We didn't play long, just 10 minutes but that's enough for today, we'll get a few minutes in each day and before she knows it she'll be back in some kind of base ball form. Or at least that's the plan. ~laugh~ 
Home to read some more and enjoy the warmth. I tried to fix the couch cushions with Velcro a number of days ago but it didn't work well. The cat sits on the backs of the cushions pushing them down and so they sag somewhat. I thought I might be able to hold them back up with some Velcro as there is already some on them. It's too difficult to sew the Velcro strips to the back of the couch, and the fabric glue I got today didn't work either, so I'll have to think of something else. Since the back of the couch is corduroy I think it some how stops the glue from working properly. Oh well, I'll give it some more thought and come up with something.

Narrow, tree covered street known as Beatline.

Heard Mac yelling earlier, seems Billy and Charlene are back in the camp now. They arrived an hour or so ago. I do hope his knee operation goes well this time. He's had some serious trouble with it in the past.

The sun seemed to be clouded out this afternoon by around 4 pm but the warmth was still around. Both Riley and I have noticed the extreme warmth of the sun's rays here even at this time of the year. Once it rises the temps usually go up pretty quickly and without any cloud cover and breeze it would be very hot here. There is almost always a bit of a breeze there though and if not we can go down to the beach if we feel the need. Always nice to have options, isn't it?

We can now play catch and get Riley ready for the summer! Glove on the left is new.

Along about 4:30 pm I made up our turkey burgers for dinner and prepped the rest of the food. Even with overcast skies we'll be BBQing as we haven't done that for a while now. More reading before cooking.

Started cooking about 6:30 pm, nice outside, although some mosquito's around. Chatted with Pat about her cooking some fish tomorrow night and about the fire tonight. Dinner was ready about 7:30 pm. Turkey burgers, orange zest veggies, garlic onion potatoes. Some good stuff!!!

Taken thru the screen, but look at the green leaves...

Quick clean up inside and out, a call from my dad as he'll be out tomorrow night so I won't be able to reach him. Says they tapped about 75 trees today, hope it's a good year, I could use some syrup. ~laugh~

Two games of Yahtzee, Riley cheated in both of them, she rolled a yahtzee TWICE. ~laugh~ I'll have to pay more attention next time. ~wink~

Turkey burgers.....mmmmm good stuff.

Then time to head off on our own, do our own thing. Great day for us, hope you had a nice one too. Until next safe, take care....


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