Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thunder, lightning, rain, and sunny skies....

Our Location: Magic River RV Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all photos taken with my phone)

The weather has been fantastic for warmth and until today for sunshine as well. Today however was a mixed bag with a few rain drops around 4 am, then nothing until about 11 am. While the temps were still very warm and the air was humid the sky turned dark and very threatening. We had thunder, lightning, rain and then it drizzled, stopped, drizzled, stopped, then this evening it cleared up to be a warm, humid nice evening. Temps were in the 80's today, 26 -30 C for my Canucky family and friends reading this. I will say that there is still some dripping going on as the slightest breeze is making the drops fall from the trees over head, however the frogs are once again making their nightly voices sing, and the night sounds are wafting thru the humid southern air. All is right in the neighbourhood!!

Half a blow up Chicken - taken from half a block away with my phone

The last few days have been good days but nothing exciting so I just didn't bother to write about nothing. Believe me I've saved you from lots of boredom. ~laugh~ We've walked, we've shopped, we've enjoyed evening campfires, we've read, we've napped, and just enjoyed our days here. Nothing pressing but enjoyably simple and relaxing. We've been slowly getting things accumulated to take home to Canada with us and I can tell ya that we're almost full. ~laugh~ 

Temps yesterday, top one is outside, bottom one is inside..

Morning fires have been the same crowd with the addition of Bobby, a fella from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Don from Vermont. Bobby is doing some local contracting work and will be here for some time but Don & wife, I think her name is Rose but maybe not, arrived two nights ago and left today after the big rain. Three new units have arrived in the past day or two which once again brings the campground to almost full. 

I walked by myself today as Riley didn't feel like going today. I only managed 2 laps before the thunder started rumbling and so I headed for the Dogsled before the lightning and/or the rain started. The rain drops started about 10 minutes after I left the walking path which means I would have been at the furthest point from the Dogsled at the time. I think I did the wise thing. ~laugh~ 

Looks like the bark from a cedar tree, doesn't it?

At home we loaded up the Dogsled with our dirty laundry and headed off to the Wash & Save coin laundry place on Railroad Street and N. Burke Ave. While we were there the skies grew very dark, very threatening and the rain came down hard for a while but then slowed, finally stopping and the skies brightened significantly. A little drizzle was falling by the time we left 2 hours later. While at the laundry Donna & Malcom from Collingwood, Ontario all came in carrying laundry bags. 

Home around 1 pm we managed to get all the laundry inside and didn't find too much stuff misplaced due to weather, although a number of inch - inch and a half thick branches were down just where the Dogsled usually sits, so I'm happy we were out at the time. A number of smaller pieces of dead wood, small leafy branches, etc were down around the place but nothing major. Water however is laying around in most low areas. 

Can you see the spindly little green needles that are just starting to come out? Same tree as the above pic

Reading this afternoon was an excellent way to pass the time. Too wet outside to do much and I'm too lazy by afternoon to do anything anyway. ~laugh~ I did however mention to Billy & Charlene when I met them on their way out that if they got into trouble Billy wasn't to call me for bail money. ~laugh~ 

Mac dropped by around 6:45 pm to see about a fire but I declined, it's too damp for me tonight. However Mac and I have been doing the morning fires around 5:30 am but those will be stopping shortly as Mac will be heading out soon, and so shall we. Mac will be 79 years old tomorrow, March 31. Happy Birthday Mac!!

Sky while I was out walking this morning..

Magic the camp cat has been hanging around getting lots of attention from most of the fire dwellers. She has figured out that by sitting on a chair one of two things happens, someone either just leaves her alone and she gets the chair or they pick her up and she gets to settle in their lap, either way it's a win/win for her. ~laugh~ She's truly enjoying the attention and often times will just tease us by wandering around our feet but ending up sitting on the picnic table just out of reach. ~laugh~ She's a diva!!!!

A Canada goose is nesting in one of the ponds, not sure when the eggs will hatch but I'm willing to bet that this pair of geese have given up their Canadian citizenship and are full time residents down here. I don't think the travel ban has  bothered them one bit. ~laugh~ 

Pretty dark  up in those tree tops huh?

So as you can see, nothing exciting, but it's been interesting all the same. We are enjoying our last few days here and the weather is fantastic temperature wise. The storm that was worrying everyone didn't really have any effect on us here except for rain and dark skies. Thunder rolled and the odd bit of lightning flashed but it was nothing like the predictions were guessing at. So we're all very happy about that down here in Southern Mississippi. 

One of the things we managed over the past couple of days was a to Ocean Springs to find the Fred's Super Pharmacy to pick up a few things. Glad we found one in Mississippi. Our last chore will be to get my dad a couple of bottles of Bacardi's Rum before we head out. Other than that we have pretty much finished getting everything we hoped to purchase down here. Hope the Dogsled can pull it home. ~laugh~ 

Rain falling while at the Laundromat today....

So on that note, thanks for dropping by, hope you had a great day. Until next safe, take care...


  1. I was starting to wonder if you was ever going to add to the blog

    1. ~laugh~ Well it wasn't earth shattering stuff so I wasn't in a hurry to add anything.