Saturday, March 25, 2017

Rain, thunder, and old vehicles....

(photo's taken with my phone)

I've been lazy the last couple of nights and didn't write anything, but we truly didn't do much of anything either so I didn't feel as if missing a post or two would be that important.

Weather this morning was warm with overcast skies at 5 am, we had some rain drops up around the fire before 6 am but then over the next while the clouds blew in, blew out, blew in, blew out, you get the idea. At 3 pm this afternoon the heavens opened and we had some pretty good rain for a bit, the thunder rumbled, they even mentioned the possibility of some hail but we didn't have any. The skies started to brighten and the birds started singing even though we could still hear the thunder just about 3:30 pm, however that didn't last long, we returned to rain at a steady pace and some times the thunder rumbled around again. A good time to read the news, hear the gossip on face book and just kind of putz around on line.

Swilley's 94 Chevy Step Side

Yesterday we stayed home all day, didn't even start the Dogsled, which was nice but meant we didn't walk, today we only walked 2 miles but that's okay it was a nice stroll and we had some exercise. We've managed to do some grocery shopping at Froogels and Wally World, we managed to stop at a Dollar General and something called Dirt Cheap where I managed to find a cover for my Kobo Glo for less than $5, which was a great price compared to the almost $30 I've been seeing.  This major shopping was accomplished yesterday.

Today we managed to find the Long Beach Public Library and buy us a bag full of books for just over $2. We've got some good reading material for a while now. We've been reading a number of books from the Log Cabin here but I was on my last unread book today. Miss Paige told me about the book sale always on at Long Beach and Pass Christian library's, so a big thanks to her for her wonderful information. 

Sure is pruddy under here too...

On the way home we pulled to stop at Rick's Meats which we drive past often but have never stopped. Today was the day, we even made a purchase. Alligator Sausage!! Going to bring them north to see if the folks like them. Just a little something we can't get up there. 

From there we came home and pretty much just settled down to do our own things as the rain was threatening all day. I had a nap, and I know Riley was doing something in the kitchen as I could hear her down there but I have no idea what she was into. ~laugh~ I like not knowing, it's better that way.

Walmart Special...~laugh~

The past couple of days have seen a few things happening around. Swilley brought in his 1994 Chevy step side pick up that he's been restoring and it's a beaut!!!!! Black Cherry is the colour, it changes colour in different lights. The chrome is so shiny I needed my shades!!! He's like a proud new papa as he should be, it's a beautiful machine and he's put in a lot of time, effort and money. This year he'll be cruising the coast in style!!!

Bing and Cathy our neighbours from Bluegrass Rv Park in Foley, Alabama arrived a couple of days ago. Nice to see them again. Their son is also camping here although I haven't met him yet. It was a surprise to see them when she walked over. 

Seen this on our way into the Walmart Store

The fella across the way has the  rubber membrane on the roof finally and it's tacked down but he still has some work to do to it. I heard him say he's burnt out doing it but he can't stop now. With this rain he's had to tarp it once again, and since it's a flat roof I wonder how it's holding up for leaks in the rain today.

A motor home pulled in a couple of days ago carrying two women, two big dogs, and two cats. The cats and dogs are all walked on leashes. At least one of the cats is a big cat (I've only seen the one dark cat), I would say bigger than the small yappy dogs most RV'ers have. This cat walks just like a well trained dog and it yowls when they walk just like a dog would bark. It's interesting to see. ~laugh~

At Rick's Meat Hook on Beatline Rd

Morning fires have had most of the same faces around them starting with Mac and I between 5:30 and 6 am. The evening fires when we have them bring in some new faces, but mostly they just pop in for a few minutes and leave. I'm not sure if we smell bad, we aren't friendly enough, or they just don't like us, it must be something. ~laugh~ We however manage just fine. Robert will have to cut some more fire wood soon or we'll have to leave soon, one or the other. ~laugh~

Magic the camp cat is doing well. She curls up on my lap, Mac's lap, Riley's lap or anyone else that will let her on their lap. She enjoys the attention but has also started claiming a chair of her own. I'm not sure if I've convinced Mac to take her home or not, but for now she's at least getting the attention she likes.

See this thing sitting there almost daily

Billy & Charlene have been up around the evening fires with lively conversations and some good laughs. Billy has to have another heart test, it seems he has some kind of blockage and can't have another knee surgery until they figure that stuff out. I wish him luck with all of this, he's a nice guy but seems to be having a lot of troubles. According to the folks this will be his FIFTH surgery on that same knee. It's a tough road in his future!!

Our time here is drawing to a close and we are trying to ensure we have the things we want to bring north with us in sufficient supply so that requires the making of lists, scratching things off, adding things on, writing a new one because the old one is no longer readable, etc. You get the idea. ~laugh~

Purchased at Rick's Meat Hook when we stopped to see the truck.

We've been BBQ'ing dinners most nights but tonight will be pasta due to the inclement weather. Mike the fella from a bit north of here also has a WeberQ that he complained was getting to hot when he cooked, I suggested he not turn it to high when starting it, but on low instead and cook everything on low and slow, if the temps get too high just open the top for about 5 minutes, it lets the grill stay hot but the top cover cool off which helps to keep the temp lowers. He tried it the other night and was surprised as well as happy how well it worked. Being blonde can surprise some folks. ~laugh~ 
So as you can see it's been quiet here but still interesting at times. We enjoy this park and the people, I personally have been coming for a number of years, even though I've only been staying here for about 3 of those years. It's truly a community that is welcoming, fun, and enthusiastic. It is a drawing feature for certain but I think Arizona may be our destination next winter and this park may be too much out of the way for us, but we shall see how things go when the time is upon us. I would certainly miss the people very much.

He's got the rubber membrane on under the tarp.

The rain has finally stopped now, it's 9 pm CST here in Long Beach, it's cooled off a great deal, it's very damp and I hope the rain is over the next week or so. No fire tonight but then again it would have been cold anyway up there in the wind and damp.

Talked to my dad this morning, it was a miserable day there on Manitoulin just around the freezing mark but with snow, rain, and freezing rain it was a day to stay inside and out of the weather. He says the sap isn't running either, not cold enough at night nor warm enough in the day time. Other than that the rest of the island is pretty much the same, quiet and waiting for spring, it can't get there too fast to suit the folks.

Notice the sausage BUScuits? 

Love this sign, been seeing it since we arrived. ~laugh~ Not sure what a BUSCUIT is but I like the biscuits they make down here.

So ends another day here in Long Beach. Nothing earth shattering but we enjoyed it anyway. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care.....

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