Monday, March 27, 2017

Flea Market, Quiet Sunday, and small night time fire crowd.....

Our Location: Magic River RV Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(today's pics are just a variety of pics I've collected in my travels)
Our weather this morning was damp, humid and warm. With water laying around, the heat turned that water to humidity rapidly and the warm temps made things muggy. The sun shine was intermittent with clouds for a bit but eventually the clouds moved on and the sun claimed the vast blue skies over Long Beach.  Every once in a while a light white wispy cloud would rush across the skies but they seemed to be high and merely decoration until later in the afternoon around 4 and then they started making the sun more dappled than covered, if you know what I mean.

In the Great Smokey Mountains

This mornings fire was Mac and I until Paige showed up and soon followed by Mike and then Pete. It's nice to chat with Paige in a more private type setting, she a very intelligent and spontaneous woman, fully of laughter and is very quick witted with quips that would make a sailor blush. ~laugh~  She is often pensive and silent but at other times her laughter readily at her lips, and her smile lights up the gathering. She does however not like the camp cat due to allergies but we can't hold that against her. ~laugh~ 

Heading north on Hwy 6 toward Espanola, Ontario

Leaving the fire and coming home I found walking wasn't any easier on the way back than on the way up, so we decided to skip our walk this morning. Even with the anti inflammatories I don't think I could have managed 2 miles today. It's been an unusually damp winter here this year. 

Tunnel between Knoxville, Tn and Greensville, SC

  Sitting was not on the agenda this morning as I've found in this kind of situation sitting on a soft surface gives more trouble than it's worth, so I decided to prep dinner while I was trying to keep on my feet and keep moving some to help loosen up the joints. Since I was already going to be cutting up veggies for dinner I made two large garden salads for my lunch today and tomorrow. It takes a long time to cut up all those veggies so I do two salads at once and if I remember I try to do our dinner veggies at the same time. It's usually around lunch though, not before 10 am. ~laugh~ 

Colleton State Park, Walterboro, South Carolina

Just before I started bringing all the veggies out to chop up I reminded Riley we needed a few veggies from the produce vendor at the Flea Market so that's where we headed at 9 am this morning. It's the only vendor we visited and our purchase of a dozen large carrots, a half bag of green beans, a cuke and a fresh pineapple all for $7 was well worth the short trip there. 

Along I-75 North in Tennessee

We didn't really enjoy the lime on the veggies the other day so today I added both lime and orange to see if that meets with our approval. We like to try to spice things up a bit and we're looking for some new flavours. I forgot to add the dill to the potatoes today but I'll try to remember next time. Old age just sucks. ~laugh~ 

Hwy 6 near Birch Island Rez, Ontario, Canada

Back home I got to work making salads and tonight's veggie packet trying to get my fingers to work. It wasn't pretty but I managed to get it done. Nothing is cut to a uniform size but at least the pieces aren't big enough to choke me when I eat them. ~laugh~ I even managed to cut up the potatoes for dinner tonight too. That left me free from prep all the rest of the day. 

Sign says it all.

Campers are pulling in and pulling out on a regular basis these days. The big Ford parked half in the roadway over by the maintenance shed who was pulling a massive toy hauler along with a buddy of a smaller F150 pulling a big boat left this morning. The folks beside us left this morning, and two more units pulled in so far as of 4 pm. For a small little campground it sure does have a steady stream every day!! 

Heading across a bayou near the Gulf Of Mexico

Riley and I decided to head out for a wee walk around the campground to just kind of stretch and make a trip to the dumpster just before lunch. Water laying on the roadway by the maintenance shed is always just enough to make things muddy and with the rain yesterday it's a bit more soupy than usual but still manageable. The rain has made some spots very soft and I'm glad we're on pretty firm ground now. Adding fresh gravel would be nice but I think it would just wash away during a campground flood.  I am straying from my point. ~laugh~ On our way around the park we stopped at Bing and Cathy's to chat for a bit. They are enjoying the campground very much as is their son and DIL. We chatted for about a half hour which was nice, they are simple country folks with warm hearts and ready laughter. 

In the I-10 tunnel going under Mobile Bay

After lunch Riley sat outside in the shade but I stayed inside today. Laid on the couch to read a bit and I think I may have dozed off and on but I can't be certain. It's a bit fuzzy. ~laugh~

Somewhere on Hwy 6, Ontario, Canada

 We turned on the fan to move the air around but we didn't feel the need to turn on the AC as it wasn't too hot for us, but a number of folks had their AC units running today. We even checked out a small 12V fan we bought to ensure it works and do you know what? It does. ~laugh~ That will be nice to use during the summer time on those hot nights.

10 Mile Point Hill, Hwy 6, Ontario Canada

I think I'm going to make a run to Harbor Freight one of these days I want to get a couple of 12v plugs and one with USB ports to have installed in the Igloo in a couple of spots to aid when dry camping charging of charging of electronics. I've decided to just go with the small inverter  we currently have until we are certain of what we need. Since our needs aren't that great I'm not sure we'll need a bigger one. I also want to see about motion lights that I purchased there a few years ago, the ones I have are worn out and a new set would be nice. If I can't find that kind I may go with something else in that same manner for security purposes. I like having them and I miss them since they aren't working any longer.

The Shoe Tree, Lakeshore Road, Ontario Canada

Buddy Ron sent me a text message telling me I have a hurricane named after me, I wonder what he's trying to tell me. ~laugh~ Oh Congrats on the new to you truck buddy!! I'm sure it's made you feel much better having a truck once again. Ron lost his last truck 'Oaf' in a wreck this past summer and has been without since then. I'll bet it was like feeling naked in some way. ~laugh~

Sheguiandah, Ontario, Canada - Hwy 6

Dinner was of course BBQ'd tonight. We had Garlic Potatoes and onions, Orange Lime Zest Veggies, and Friend Roger's BBQ sauce Chicken breast. It was all very good but I think we'll forget the lime on the veggies however it would have been nice on a piece of chicken. Alas we've used the last drop of Roger's sauce as well. It was good as we used a whole PINT since Jan 1 when he gave it to us just before we left Devencrest Rv Park in Albany.

North Channel approaching Little Current, Ontario Canada

We had a lot of dishes to do and it seemed like we were busy for a half hour just doing all those dishes. I was happy to be finished, oh my dishpan hands, good thing I used Palmolive. ~laugh~ Do you remember those commercials way back in the day?

Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

Quick clean up outside and a walk to the dumpster before stopping at the fire pit. It was a quiet fire with only Billy & Charlene along with Riley and I. I don't think anyone realized there was a fire going. It was nice to chat one on one with Billy & Charlene getting to know them a bit better.

New England Road, Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada

Home to have a shower before bed, I actually put some of my clothes outside for the night as the smoke seemed to really like me tonight. ~laugh~

Our summer time view

So there you have it, nothing exciting but a good day all the same. Hope your Sunday was enjoyable as well. Looking forward to Red Beans and Rice tomorrow at the Rusty Pelican. Small group we don't have to rearrange the restaurant. ~laugh~

So until next safe, take care....

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