Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Campground starting to empty....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all photo's taken with my phone)

A cool night again and once more a cool day today with some wind to add interest to the fire throughout the day. We all smell like we've moved into the wood stove. ~laugh~ 

Iris are starting to bloom!

Late getting to the fire pit this morning, didn't arrive until about 6:30 a.m. to find Mac and Jerry chatting away, soon we were joined by Ron, then Linda, and I think Pete came by later. Jerry wandered home and Linda was off to finish packing as she was leaving today. Not sure where Mac went but soon it was just Ron, Pete and I at the fire. Ron's new neighbour came by and within a couple of minutes we were getting a lesson on the evils of wheat, government and a few other things. I folded up my chair and came home. 

Walmart with cloudy blue skies.....

Riley and I went over to Linda's RV to say our goodbyes since we were headed out and she would be gone when we got back home. Nice lady, I like her and little dog Yodi with the wild hair. ~laugh~ Hopefully we meet again at some point in the future for a few days. 

Camo football...only in America!!! ~laugh~

After I had breakfast we headed out to Walmart to pick up some much needed things. With a considerably lighter wallet we wrapped our shopping there, groceries, seat covers for the truck, garbage 'can' for the truck, a few 'gifts' for up north, we pretty much had everything on the list. I'm glad because we were running out of room to stack the stuff in the back seat. ~laugh~ Can you guess what time we got home? It just worked out to be 11:30 a.m. and we met Linda just outside of the campground as we were returning and she was headed for Texas. Lots of things to put away when we got home, seat covers to put on, chicken and sausage to be divided into smaller bags and lots of other goodies in need of a new home too. 

Almost need a bigger back seat.

Lunch was a large garden salad which I truly enjoyed and after that I didn't much of anything except read and maybe cat nap on the couch, but I don't really think I slept, more like I just closed my eyes. Riley and I went for a walk around the park, sat up by the fire for a bit, and Riley even restarted the fire which was very impressive for her to do so here. We visited with a few folks around the fire pit and watched while Ron & Sharon moved from their old spot to the one just by the fire pit in preparation for their departure tomorrow morning. They actually took NEWmar out to get him filled with juice before they hooked up the 'toy' hauler trailer. Looked funny to see Ron driving a motor home instead of a truck, almost looked like he knew what he was doing. ~laugh~ As they got parked in their new spot and hooked up the toy trailer we all joked how the new people would be complaining about the noise and smoke from the fire!!! ~laugh~ I suggested ear plugs and keeping the door closed but I'm not sure they'll do that, I think maybe the guy might just like to complain. ~laugh~ 

Richard would have loved this place...

Magic the Cat is looking very forlorn today. She's been spending a great deal of time in Ron & Sharon's motor home being feed, and cuddled but they won't be taking her home. They live on a busy roadway and Miss Magic would not survive long, nor would she want to stay in doors and would eventually 'escape' from the house to either wind up on the roadway or wandering off leaving them to worry about her. So I think leaving her here where she's familiar with everything is the best idea. They are leaving cat food and donating some money to ensure someone feeds her. This cat was sitting in the empty spot from which they had moved their motor home and looked very sad and confused to see the spot empty and to see the 'house' moved. She did however manage to find her way inside at the new location. ~laugh~ She's a smart little thing and has traits similar to a dog!! Maybe she has an identity crisis. It was very sad to see her sitting there looking around and trying to figure out what is going on. 

Ron & Sharon's new 'toy hauler' fits a sidekick and the motorcycle with it's little trailer and has a bit of room to spare.

Sitting around the campfire for a bit in the early evening chatting with a few folks before heading home to find some dinner which will be chicken noodle soup that we made on Sunday. Called middle daughter instead of heating up my soup and chatted for about a half hour, she sounds good and yet tired at the same time. We managed to fit a lot of information in a short conversation. 
Ron & Sharon's NEWmar (not the best pic but you get the idea) which pulls the 'toy hauler' to make them very long!!!!!!

By the time I'd finished chatting with Bradey I was getting a text from my buddy about the lack of me being at the fire. Once again I put aside the idea of having soup and headed up to the fire for a quick visit with Ron. We chatted about a number of things, told a few stories and just enjoyed the peace and quiet of a nice visit. Started getting cold, time to head home to the Igloo for the night. Home by 9 p.m. and decided I'm not hungry, I'll have my soup tomorrow for lunch I think. 

Swilly's fancy truck, changes colour in the sunshine!!!

So there you have it, our quiet day, nothing earth shattering but still enjoyable for us. Thanks for stopping by, until next time...be safe, take care...

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