Monday, March 6, 2017

Busy Monday....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all pics taken with my phone)

A much warmer night last night than it has been for a while. This morning was warmer as well and the day followed that lead!! We had no wind this morning, but it picked it up continuously throughout the day and died down a bit during the evening but still hasn't died out yet. A few rain drops tonight sent us all scurrying away from the fire and homeward bound but it stopped before it started. If ya know what I mean...

Rusty Pelican Parking Lot

Usual suspects up around the fire at about 6:15 a.m. and the new guy Jerry showed up as well. He's not new, he's been here many times before and I remember him from before. Mac, Buzz, Ron, Pete, Charles, Linda, Lisa, Jeannie, Jerry, Paige, and myself  were the morning crowd today. Mac baked cornbread and Jerry brought Zucchini Bread for the morning goodies today. 
Rusty Pelican Signage at the roadway.

Home around 8:15 a.m. and since it's Monday you know it's cleaning day. I try to keep things tidy thru the week and therefore it's not a major deal to actually clean the Igloo as I try to keep the drawers/closets/cupboards neat and often times clean up one or two a day during the week which basically leaves the vacuuming, dusting, washing floors, cleaning bathrooms to Mondays. Of course this morning we had dishes to handle as well and once again tonight I'm leaving the dinner dishes until tomorrow. Strange how I'm able to do that these past couple of nights. 
Colourful houses on US 90 West
After cleaning the Igloo we both had some breakfast and made plans for the day which included first thing...our walk. We climbed into the Dogsled and headed off to the Sports Complex for our daily couple of mile trek. We started at 10 a.m. and made 2 laps by 10:40 a.m. but Riley opted to call it a day. I took another 20 minutes and walked a third lap before calling it done. 
Back home we had about 15 minutes in which to do something before heading out to pick up our friends Ron & Sharon. We all headed to the Rusty Pelican for the Monday special, Red Beans and Rice. Not that everyone got Red Beans & Rice but that's the special today. Along with the four of us there was also Lisa, Buzz, Jerry, Carol, and Mac. I think only Buzz and I managed the special today. 
Angel Tree in Bay St Louis
On the way to the restaurant the Dogsled seemed to be shifting funny so I convinced Ron that he should drive on the way back home to get a feel for what it might be. He managed to get the thing to do the herky jerky a time or two but didn't think there was much to worry about. However calling the dealership was first on my list when I walked thru the door. The local dealership said this transmission is not the smoothest one and often times the drop from 2nd gear to 1st gear is not smooth. Said I could bring it in and they'd look at it but it's normal. Also told me the warranty is good to 100,000 miles and good for all of North America, so even if I decide to have it looked at I can do that back home in Canada. Good to know!!! 
Cold, dull and almost ominous 
Home after lunch, got my truck seat all back to 'right' for me after a guest driver had moved everything. ~laugh~ Riley and I headed off for a drive shortly after getting home since we needed milk and bagels anyway. US 90 West thru Pass Christian and Bay St. Louis left us with the impression of cold, murky waters that promised to be make a body shiver if they got too close. Taking US 90 East we returned to Walmart to do some groceries!! While we only needed two things we did manage to grab about a half dozen other things as well, our motto is always be prepared. No wait, that's the boy scout motto, our motto is always have lots of food on hand. ~laugh~ 
Bay St Louis bridge to Pass Christiam
Back home once again we unloaded the groceries and put things away. We had some time to read our books and I started prepping dinner about 4:30 pm. In fact I even BBQ'd dinner early  so we could go up to enjoy the fire with our friends and dinner would be ready to just warm up in the microwave later.  Dinner was Italian Potatoes, Orange Zest Veggies and JD Smoke House BBQ chicken breast. Riley enjoyed it, but I wasn't hungry when I got back from the fire, so mine is in the fridge, one of us will have it tomorrow. 
It's not a nice looking body of water.

As you've guessed we also wandered up to the evening fire tonight. Although on my way I stopped a few doors down and chatted with Donna & Malcolm, a very nice couple from Collingwood, Ontario. Leaving the fellow Canucks I made my way to the evening fire. A smaller crowd with just Ron, Charles, Jerry, Mac, Riley and myself for a while and then the deck shuffled with Charles, Mac and Jerry leaving but Lisa, Pat, Pete and Sharon coming to the party. Interesting conversations to be certain. Riley left before I did as she was hungry and came home for her dinner. Chatted with Ron as he noticed Riley has been chatting more the last few days then she did when we first arrived. Riley is becoming much more comfortable with most of the people here and enjoys being more independent and confident within this new lifestyle. I'm so very proud of her for making such enormous strides, it is my hope that she continues to hold such confidence and independence when we return to Canada. I suppose time will tell. 

Leaving the fire pit due to rain drops falling on my head I was certain the rain would pick up and we'd have a good downpour but alas by the time I got to the Igloo it was over. ~laugh~ A quick visit with Lisa to thank her for her assistance today and I was back home before 9 pm. Not hungry so I just readied myself for bed and writing this blog. I'm not sure I'll get it finished and posted tonight as I'm tired and having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I may just finish it in the morning. 

So there you have it, our Monday excitement. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your stay. Until next safe, take care.....

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