Monday, March 13, 2017

Goodbyes, Dinner Out.......

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

A cold dreary night followed by a cold dreary dreary day for Sunday and now again today it's more of the same. The next few days are much cooler than we'd like but hopefully we are finished with the rain. However time will tell, won't it? 

No blog last night as there was nothing to say except some whining, so the less said, the better. I'm sure you agree. 

This morning up at the fire the usual suspects showed up and chatted for a bit. A sad day today as Buzz and Lisa left our little neighbourhood. They are heading home to Columbus, Ohio which will take them 4 days to reach. Hugs and well wishes, they were on the road around 9 am. We wish them a safe journey. 

Today was house cleaning day and we completely took Riley's room apart. She's been complaining about a musty odor and I think we've finally found it. I believe the trundle bed is causing the problem. The trundle bed is a small single, while Riley's is a larger twin. The trundle has a front face plate that reaches from the floor to the underside of Riley's bed and is full length of the opening, thus not allowing any air to circulate under Riley's bed and leaving a 'dead' space between the small single mattress and the wall. I removed the face plate, tucked it flat under the bed and we moved the mattress to the top bunk to see if that would allow the air to move better and get rid of the odor. We shall see if it works, so once again, time will tell. If not, I'll have to keep looking.

No one went for beans and rice today, we think it's because Buzz and Lisa weren't here so the whole thing fell apart or may be we're all just old and forgot. ~laugh~ We did however use some of Buzz's coupons to go to dinner this evening at Sicily's Italian Buffet on Hwy 49 in Gulfport. 
Ron and Sharon stopped by to see if we needed anything from Walmart but we declined as tomorrow we need to do a shop there and since they just have small little vehicle I didn't think they'd appreciate having no room to bring home what they were going for. ~laugh~ 
I  had a nap again today, and according to Miss Riley so did she. Seems like it was just one of those days when we needed to recharge more than we had thru the night hours. 
Up to the fire around 3:30 pm this afternoon chatting with a few folks, Ron, Mac, Riley Jerry, Pete, and Pat it was there we decided to head to Sicily's for dinner. Ron & Sharon came with us, and we met Jerry and Carol at the restaurant. Riley and I had never  been but we enjoyed it a great deal. Many, many choices of pizza, along with a nice salad bar, regular fare such as mashed potatoes, veggies, gravy, chicken, lasagna, etc, then there were the desserts of puddings/custards, pizza, ice cream, brownies and such. I can honestly say I enjoyed the experience and will go again without hesitation. Riley seemed to enjoy it as well. I tried apple pie pizza and rocky road pizza. A first for me but I will have the apple pie pizza again for certain. Coupons were used and new ones given, they have no expiry date so we'll use them next time we are around. Dinner was $14.00 for the two of us!!
Light rain on the way home making it hard to tell about daylight saving time as the evening was so grey anyway. I'm sure the daylight hours were longer but ....
I started trying to call Dad last night around 7 pm but it was busy until at least 9 pm, then again this morning it was busy. I called Rick this morning to check on the phone at dad's house but just left a message. Tried Dad's again about an hour later, left a message there as was no answered. Finally reached Dad to chat around 6 pm our time tonight, he said they were out but hadn't known about the phone, so maybe Rick fixed it while they were out today. Things are cold up there but everyone seems to be doing well. Talked to Barb last night, she was telling me about Jason & Leah's wedding plans, and the stag & doe coming in May. Nice to chat with her again, it's been a long time. I should call more often but for some reason I just don't seem to. Also called my sister tonight, she's struggling with her depression again, meds are being changed too, so that makes things difficult as does the time of year. I should call her more often too but well, it just doesn't seem like I think of it before it's too late in the evening there to call. Sis and I have made some tentative plans to do some shopping when we get to the island. 

Up at the fire again this evening but the rain came so we moved into the cabin for a bit. Always enjoy chatting with my buddy Ron, he's a character. ~laugh~ I'll just leave it at that!!!

 I have a few business things to handle in the next week in preparation for heading home to Canada in a few weeks. I  need to contact a broker and get the paperwork to them with regards to the truck and getting it across the border. I'm not looking forward to that day, I think it'll be a long one. I've decided to cross the border in Buffalo as we will be staying about an hour from there when we get back to Ontario. I've been looking at a number of options for our upcoming time in Southern Ontario for appointments. I think Fifty Point Conservation area will be our home location while in the area. That will allow us to be close enough to the city to handle all of our appointments with ease. It will also allow us a short trip from the border to our home base should we get tied up at the border crossing for any length of time. 
So as you can see we are managing to put get our days in down here in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. We've not walked for 3 days but we'll be fixing that in the near future I'm sure. This will be a week of goodbyes for us as many folks are pulling out. Sad to see them go but we'll see them again in the future!!
On that note, I'm calling it a day. Thanks for stopping by, sorry no pics today either. Tomorrow I'll work on that. ~laugh~ Until next safe, take care...

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