Wednesday, March 1, 2017

No pics kind of day...

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(no pics today)

A very warm night followed by an even warmer day today. A few rain drops this afternoon but a very cloudy, overcast, muggy day and tonight is more of the same. We've finally turned on the furnace fan just to circulate the air as we don't find it hot enough to turn on the air conditioner yet but I think we might be doing that in the near future. 

Arriving at the morning fire around 6:45 am I chatted with Buzz, Mac and Ken for a bit, soon Ron wandered over, Linda came along, Pete, Pat, Charles, Jeannie and Lisa as well. Riley even wandered up around 8 am and sat near Lisa and Linda. She seems to be much more comfortable these days. 

Breakfast and the day's plan were handled quickly. We left the Igloo around 8:40 am and headed to the Sports Complex where we managed to see Paige but didn't walk together. Riley and I toured for  3 laps in just over an hour, we were both very happy about that. 

Leaving the walking path we headed to Highway 49 which goes north/south in Gulfport. We made one stop at a Big K store but found nothing of interest. None of the other places called to us, so we headed back home. 

Home before noon we just kind of putz'd the rest of the day away. I vacuumed the truck, tidied the Igloo, dumped the tanks, read, napped, and eventually prepped dinner. 
Dinner was white rice with orange zest veggies, and mild Italian sausages. It was pretty good if I do say so. ~laugh~ 

I talked to my dad tonight, he had his appointment today with the ear specialist. Major amount of snow there today, it was a rough trip to the appointment and home again. He should have stayed over but well, he didn't. My brother seems to be doing well after his surgery a few days ago. My sister and her partner made it to his mothers house in Southern Ontario today as well, even thru the snow. 

A birthday wish to David, middle daughter's partner. He shares a birthday with my late father in law Joe. Happy Birthday David, I hope this day has been all you wished it to be. 

Quick clean up inside and out, walk to the dumpster and home to read for a bit before heading off in our own directions. It sounds as if it may be starting to rain outside, the wind is picking up at least. 

On that note I"m going to sign off. Thanks for stopping by, sorry it was a non picture post but well I just didn't have pics to share today. ~laugh~ Until next safe, take care....

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