Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cold morning, stayed in today....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all photos taken with my phone)

A cold night again, with a cold damp morning on it's heels, I opted to stay inside this morning and missed the fire crew. The day eventually warmed up to just needing a light coat or a heavy sweater but I felt better staying inside for most of the day with just a short walk around the campground this afternoon. Tomorrow the weather looks to be great and I'm hoping to get back outside walking again. It's been a long time since we've walked and I'm ready.

Breakfast was a quiet affair and the only decision we made was about dinner and that Riley would definitely have it. ~laugh~ I can say that is a decision we carried thru on too. Just so you know Riley didn't miss a meal. ~laugh~ 

Magic the camp cat.....

Spent the morning doing some more research for campgrounds in Canada that we will require a number of times this coming spring and fall. I've located one for our appointments in Southern Ontario and I think one in the Ottawa region for a later date in September. I'll keep doing a bit more research in that area to see what will suit us best. 

Mac came by this afternoon to check on us since we hadn't been seen outside all day, nice of him to do so. I find with the damp, cold weather it's just better to stay inside until it passes, it's a lot less bothersome that way. Like I said, we managed a short walk this afternoon in the warmer sun. 

The pool looks inviting but not heated...

I read a bit today and am enjoying being immersed once again in the world created by Robert Ludlum, he's a fantastic writer and draws the reader into his world with an ease and skill that is flawless. I've always enjoyed his books but not the works that have been co-written or that use his name such as Robert Ludlum's Bourne series by.....some other writer. I think these are story lines he had fleshed out a bit before he passed away and some one else has used his ideas to write a book. They aren't nearly as good. 

Jerry and Carol pulled out today about 2 pm heading for their home state of Michigan. Jerry was originally a Canadian but is a US citizen since he was in his early years, mid twenties I think he said. He was a radio personality in his time and has one of those voices that you always hear in commercials. 

Ron & Sharon's empty filled with a Roadtrek van.

The park was looking pretty empty with about 8 or 9 spots open but 3 more folks pulled in to help fill the emptiness. One a returning couple that has been referred to as the 'drunk bump' people, and two we've never seen before. 

Again no night time fire as no one seems to be interested any longer. I think it's because there are so few of us here that know each other. 
Jerry & Carol's empty spot with the 'drunk bump' coach off to the far right of the pic.
On our walk we happened to see Magic the local cat in all her black glory. She was coming from the cabin and stopped long enough for us to scratch behind her ears for a quick second before we left. I think she misses Ron & Sharon a great deal. 

During our walk we happened to go past the maintenance shop to check out the pool area as the temps are heating up maybe Riley will take a dip before we go. We happened upon Swilly once more working his magic with wood, refinishing a china cabinet for the owner's wife. A fantastic job he's doing, he's truly a wizard with wood. An extremely friendly fella to boot!!!

Riley's dinner...looks pretty good doesn't it?

Dinner tonight was inside, having decided to stay out of the cold night air tonight. Chicken breast with friend Roger's BBQ sauce, steamed veggies with orange zest and Long Grain brown rice. Miss Riley said it was very good so we will just have to believe her!! I enjoyed the veggies which was all I felt like eating. 

Clean up and then off to our own interests. So as you can see not a big day but a day all the same. Tomorrow the temps will be better and I'm going to get out and enjoy them!!!! Thanks for stopping by, until next safe, take care...

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