Sunday, March 19, 2017

Walking, flea market, and enjoying the warm.....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all pics taken with my phone)

A very nice night, we slept with windows and vents open still managing to wake up and get dressed without shivering all while having NO heat on at all. Yeah.....looks like this might be the kind of weather we have from here until the end of our stay. The day was nice as well, warm without being too warm, a little breeze, a few clouds, and all of them seeming to come at just the right time to keep us from being too warm in the 76F/24C weather today. 

Igloo at our site #3 here at Magic River

I woke up late around 6:30 am but wasn't in any hurry as I doubted anyone would have a fire going but Mike seemed to be the man today and had the fire going when I looked out the window about 7 am. Me and my water bottle headed up to the fire where it was just Mike and I for a bit, we chatted about a number of different things and although Mike hails from about 3 hours north of here in Jackson, MS his strong Louisiana accent says he's lived there for some time. He lived there for a number of years but was born in Missouri, I guess you could say he's been around. ~laugh~ 

Mac came strolling up a bit later to join in the chatter and Magic the camp cat came by to have some attention lavished on her and perched herself on my lap content to have me scratch under her chin for a some time. She also ended up on Mac's lap but I think he scratches to hard and she laid some teeth marks on his hand, nothing too much but enough to say 'don't do that'. Back to me for some more attention where she took interest in the string on my hoodie but I wouldn't let her chew the plastic cap on the ends of the string so she left in a bit of a snit. ~laugh~ Curling up on the chair behind Mac, kind of out of sight. Pete wandered up and then Pat almost in his footsteps as well. We discussed how the cat wouldn't be fed today as no one works and the dish was empty but upon leaving the fire I grabbed both dishes from the log cabin, brought them home, washed them, filled them up with cat food and water, returning them to the cabin while taking our trash to the dumpster. 
Pretty yellow Iris blooming at the edge of the swamp
Home and after my breakfast of 'little bales of hay' as Riley calls my mini shreddies we headed out to the sports complex for our morning walk. It was very nice, not too hot and although there were a number of vehicles there we didn't encounter many people. It seems most people come for one lap which is one mile and then leave. Riley and I went two rounds before she called it a day and I went 3 before thinking that was enough for the day.We both agreed that while this path isn't exactly exciting it's good for us since we can go different distances without having the other person cut short or extend their own walk. Which means that when Miss Riley is happy at ending after 2 miles I can still go one more just because I feel the need to get rid of some excess energy. Works well huh? ~laugh~
From there we headed back toward the campground but bypassed the doorway for a couple of miles. We once again made our way to the flea market on Menge Road. We bought some interesting spice called Swamp Dust, and a couple of other little samplers to try, along with some veggies from a couple of vendors there. We didn't listen to the Charlie Adams the one man band this time but we did enjoy his music during our last visit. 
Charlie Adams, One man band.
From there we headed back to the Igloo and can you guess the time? 11:35 am. It's like we have a built in sensor or something. ~laugh~ Since I was making some salad for lunch I also chopped up veggies for dinner at the same time, which works out great and saves time. Today's veggies were green beans, mushrooms, carrots, asparagus, peppers, and celery along with some orange zest and juice. Wrapped in tin foil it sat in the fridge until after 6 pm so the flavours had time to mingle!!!!

Outside to read for a while in fact I spent most of the afternoon outside in and out of the sun/shade just reading and enjoying the weather. I also called my friend Boots, but left a message as her and her loved one weren't home to take my call. I chatted with my sister for a while as well, she sounds pretty chipper these days but wouldn't agree to come down and house clean for us. ~laugh~ I can tell you with out a doubt this is my kind of weather, I just love it. We will once again leave the windows and vents open tonight for good sleeping!!
Not all sections were busy at the flea market
There are numerous squirrels around here always chattering, rushing back and forth, a number of birds including wrens, wood peckers and a small red bird that wasn't big enough to be a cardinal but was completely red, along with the noisy Canadian's by the pond, those two geese make more noisy than anything else around. They even chase off the white egrets from the pond and the little stream here on the property. Of course Magic the cat came by our Igloo for a visit today and Her Royal Highness was NOT impressed.  They had a staring contest in which they both tried to out stare the other while pretending they weren't noticing the other.  Neither one made a sound though, just sat there eyeing the other it was funny. ~laugh~ 

Tomorrow is Monday which of course means cleaning day but also Red Beans & Rice at the Rusty Pelican. We missed it last week for some reason that I can't remember.  I mentioned it to Mac this morning as well as Pete & Pat, Mac is a go but the P's aren't, I'll mention it to Mike & Trish and Billy & Charlene tomorrow and hopefully a few of them will tag along. 

Some were just about empty
I chatted with Billy & Charlene a bit after dinner on the trash run tonight. They appear to be in good spirits and were nattering at each other so I think all is well. ~laugh~ They were inquiring about Riley and how well she's managing here, how sweet she is and of course how she seems to be enjoying herself. Riley has certainly changed a great deal on this trip and all of it for the better. I'm so proud of her stepping out of her comfort zone and doing so well. She makes an effort and is rewarded in a positive way each time!! The folks on this trip have really knowingly or unknowingly helped her tremendously and I am sincerely grateful to each and every one of them!!

Finished my book this afternoon, it was an excellent read and I didn't remember the ending before getting to it. ~laugh~ Might be an age thing involved there!! I truly do enjoy reading Robert Ludlum's books and will look for them again when I search for books at the next available book sale. I started another book while cooking dinner, The Judge by Steve Martini, so far it's pretty good. I've read a few of his books and have enjoyed them as they are page turners and keep my interest with apparent ease. 

Dinner was a combined effort.

Dinner was the above mentioned veggies and sweet Italian sausages BBQ'd, while inside Miss Riley cooked spaghetti. We then mixed it all together and I can tell you it was good, filling and Riley made enough spaghetti for her to have some leftovers for lunch this week. 

Clean up inside and out,walk to the dumpster,  showers and we each headed off in our own directions. A fantastic day with nothing exciting happening but the weather is marvy!!!!! Thanks for stopping by, I hope your day was as peaceful as ours. Until next safe, take care...

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