Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cloudy, cool, errands.....

Our Location: Quail Ridge Rv Resort, Huachuca City, Arizona
(Today's pics from our visit to Tombstone)
Another restless night, woke up at 2 am and couldn't get back to sleep until I noticed the wee hints of dawn starting to seep in around the shades, then off I went back to sleep. Woke up at 8 am and once again was wide awake, a good thing considering it was daylight for certain now. 
Big Nose Kate, Doc Holiday's lady friend
The morning was overcast and coolish. We didn't see the sun all day. Only reached into the mid 60's F /18C. So we wore long pants, and long sleeve shirts today. Yes I know that's not cold but after the nice sunshiny days, it feels chilly. 
Old mining cart
We had tentative plans to head to Benson and on to Cochise's Stronghold but as our plans are only semi-solid they changed easily. We instead headed down the road to Sierra Vista for a few errands. I'm sorry I didn't take any pics today so you'll just have to take my word for it when I say we did this and that. 
Original structure in Tombstone
Our first stop was at Valvoline Oil Change on Fry Street. Spiffy place, neat, tidy, clean, very friendly. Research showed they had some discount coupons for oil changes, $10 and $7. They would either text them, email or you could print off the coupon. Since we have no printer I tried the text. Hmm....didn't work. I tried the email. Hmmm...didn't work either. So I snapped a pic of the coupons instead. Showed it to the nice young fellow and he gave me $10 off for having a coupon. Brought the Dogsled into the garage, open pit underneath for the fellow to work in. Oh my there was some commotion under there. It seems there was a mess under there, looked like fluid everywhere. I asked them to check all the fluid levels. Guess what? They were all fine. I explained that I had the truck undersprayed before I left Canada and haven't really driven in any wet conditions that would wash it off. They seemed very concerned but truly I wasn't too worried. I asked them to just go ahead and change the oil. They did and were very professional and courteous, after a look at the Air Filter I decided to change it as well. When they were all finished I thanked them again for the concern, and bid them all nice day. They took another $10 off the final bill because I was delayed in getting started as they were discussing this condition under the Dogsled. So with a $20 discount I drove away with fresh oil, fresh filter, all levels checked, topped up windshield washer fluid, and a new air filter. I was happy. The price was very reasonable and the service was excellent. I would recommend them to anyone. 
Named after the founder of the town
From there we were off to find a car wash and top up the drinking bowl for the Big Dog. The car wash took me $4 to wash off most of the ugly accumulation of travel dust, and other splash effects. Riley opted to stay inside, I think she may have feared I would turn the hose on her.
One of the Earp brothers lived in this house. It is now called RockHounds store.
Leaving the car wash we found the Big Dog a drink for $2.75 a gallon. He wasn't too terribly thirst and drank only a little over $65 worth. He is a happy fella now and frisky as all get out. 
Original structure, would have been owned by well to do families.
Leaving there we had to stop at Wally's to get a few things and of course we bought a few extra things. You know how it is, right? 
The original jailhouse
Leaving there we went to get some pizza from Poppa John's. A mushroom, ham pizza. made the Dogsled smell good!!
The famous Bird Cage Theatre
Back home we munched on pizza for lunch and watched a movie called Escape Plan with Stallone and Arnie. It was pretty good. For old fellas they still do well! 
The original printing press from the Epitaph Newspaper.
At walk around the back end of the park brought us to dusk and inside for the rest of the night. Cool enough to wear long pants and a sweat shirt on our evening walk. The next few days are supposed to be coolish and cloudy. 
One of the mines that operated back in the day
Tomorrow we'll start packing up a few things and on Saturday morning we'll head out. Not sure exactly where we are heading but we'll figure it out before we leave. 
No longer feared, Cochise is now a reservation Indian.
So that's it. Our errand day. Lots accomplished and reasonably priced service. We are happy! 
Three of the Earp brothers. 
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Until next time..take care, be safe.


  1. The weather is cooling down, time to head further west and lower elevations.. Nice to get the maintenance taken care of on the dog sled too. Glad that you got a good tour around Tombstone and enjoyed the day there as well.

    1. Yes, we're heading out tomorrow morning, lower elevations and further west. Looking forward to it. The Dogsled is frisky and ready to run now!

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Looks and sounds like a fun day at Tombstone. We love it there. We'll go back in February. You got a great deal with the Dog Sled service and friendly staff sure helps!

    1. We enjoyed Tombstone and will return another time as well. I'm very pleased with the service and the quality of work done on the Dogsled, I have no complaints of any kind.

      Take care, be safe,