Monday, November 27, 2017

Getting acquainted, meeting new fellow Canadians, and a quiet day in the park

Our Location: Quail Ridge Rv Resort, Huachuca City, Arizona

A nice night for sleeping again. Didn't wake up until almost 6:30 am this morning. I'd never make morning coffee back at Dad's house now! I'm getting to be a lazy sluggard these days. 

HRH Miss Kitty having a nap.

Reading morning blogs, paying bills, catching up on Facebook and emails took me a bit of time and so I finally headed to the shower around 8 am. No heat inside the Igloo and still able to shower at 8 am without any frostbite, I'm a lucky woman. 
Okay, I'm ready to move, when are we packing up?

Riley finally rolled out about 8:45 am. She definitely won't be making coffee time Dad! We chatted for a bit, figuring out the day's plans, amazing both of us just wanted to stay home today. So that's what we're doing, staying home. 
A walk around the park, I figure around a mile, had us checking out a few interesting sites here in the long term section. We even checked out the other clubhouse. I managed to snag a book by Brad Thor. I enjoyed the last book I read of his so I'll give this one a try as well.

Love the eyes on this Rv

During our walk we stopped briefly and chatted with Suzie and George (Our Awesome Travels), meeting Jean and Skip as well. Lots of good information about boon docking from these wonderful folks. I'll have to take a book and pen with me next time. I'll never remember these things.

A bit taller than an regular rv. 

Also during our walk this morning we met another fellow Canadian, this time from Ottawa. Didn't catch his name but he accidentally entered the clubhouse instead of the office. It seems he's looking for a friendlier park in this area than the one he's currently in. I didn't ask any questions. 

Happy Hour with George, Suzie, Scott, 4 children,Riley & I.
We spent some time checking out the local attractions and have decided on just one or two this time around. Perhaps we'll be back in the area to check out some others another time. 

Small vintage trailer.

We did check out a few other things we'd like to see
but as they aren't in this particular area we'll have to save them for another visit or perhaps on our homeward journey, depending on our route. We have no definite plans regarding our homeward trip yet.

Windy conditions today..

Lunch was a green salad, dill potatoes, orange zest veggies (mushroom, celery, sweet onion, asparagus, peppers and fresh green beans), along with some Bourbon Chicken. We love this BBQ sauce, one of the best ones we've had. I enjoyed my salad while cooking the rest of the meal but when I sat down to eat the rest, I suddenly didn't feel well. Riley enjoyed it though. I've been drinking lots of water, my sugar was fine, so I have no idea what it was. It passed as quickly as it came. 

So heavy they had to stake it.

After a quick clean up we grabbed our chairs and drinking cups heading a couple of spots over to George and Suzie's for happy hour. I took a book and pen with me this time. Although I didn't have much trouble remembering the information they gave us. So nice of them to answer our questions and we appreciate the tips very much. While we were getting acquainted Scott and 4 of his children, (Living Large in the North)along with Brownie the dog dropped by as well. I know I will never remember the children's names, but three girls and a boy. I remember that much. Seems like they are having a great time. Very nice people. I'm going to check out their blog in the next day or two.

Start of tonight's sunset.

Back home we enjoyed some quiet time, reading, editing pics and starting to write my post. I grabbed the camera, out the door to catch some sunset pics. Ended up at the back of George & Suzie's coach as it's probably one of the best spots in the park to catch the sunset. George and I chatted for a bit while we snapped pics. 

More colour in the sky...

Back home again, but noticed the clouds turning a bit of a reddish colour and out the door again. So I also caught the end of the sunset a bit later tonight.

Some fire in the sky ....

There you have it. Our day at Quail Ridge Rv Resort. It was a very nice day. The kind we like, laid back, relaxed and peaceful.

The last of the colour tonight...

I hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did. Thanks for stopping by. 

Until next time...take care, be safe.



  1. Just the kind of days we enjoy as well, no need to rush through life anymore, lets just enjoy it.
    Was nice to have you join us for Happy Hour always fun too chat, share stories and meet other rv'ers.

    1. It was nice for us to sit and chat with you and Suzie as well. I've rushed for enough years and Riley has never been one to rush so it's a perfect fit.

      Take care, be safe

  2. Looks like a perfect day you had. I never have a problem relaxing!
    You had some wind too, we're hoping it won't last.
    Keep on enjoying this life!

    1. We have friends living permanently in that park so they are in the back section, just not sure what #. We met them last November and clicked. Deb and DJ and they have a travel trailer, living full time. :)

    2. It's always nice to meet new people and I have no problem doing that. So far I haven't met any park people except the lady at the check in desk. We like this park, and the area has a lot to see, so I have no doubt we will be back again.

      Take care, be safe,

  3. Glad you're enjoying your time here in the Southwest.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, we are having a great time. How can one not enjoy it out here?

      Take care, be safe,