Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lots of chatting today, great sunset.....

Our Location: Elephant Butte State Park, Elephant Butte, NM

(Today's pic's taken with my phone around the campground)
The night was warm with a bit of a cool breeze but we rolled out this morning and dressed in short pants. It’s a huge change from our previous few weeks. The sun was up and brightly shining, the sky was blue and the air warming with each passing second. Truly a wonderful start to the day. 

The view on our morning walk.

We decided we would just stay home today and rest. A couple of walks, some food, and pretty much just read and do NOTHING. We walked to the park entrance to pay for 6 more days, and yesterday I said we are in #28 well we aren’t, we’re in #38. Thought I should correct that quick. We took the walking path back home to the Igloo and enjoyed the desert walk, the soft sand, a few birds, and a rabbit as well. We managed to find our way without too much difficulty. It was a nice short stroll, about 25 minutes all together.
Desert Greenery
Sitting outside reading and snacking on some watermelon a car stopped, a couple from Redmond, Oregon stopped and were inquiring about our location in Ontario. They have a son that lives in Toronto. Chuck and Debbie were very interesting to talk to, friendly and chatty. We talked for about a half hour before they finally pulled away on their errand to the grocery store.
I'm sure this is some kind of cactus
After that we managed to settle down and just do almost nothing. We did however prepare lunch and put it in the fridge for later. Outside to read, sit in the sun, sit in the shade, back in the sun, you get the idea. The sun is very hot here, with such dry air you can feel the heat more intently I think.
This was taken on our walk this evening with the sun casting it's last rays before going down.
 Outside reading we started with a nice green salad, and then continued to read while lunch was cooking on the Weber. Turkey burgers on an toasted English muffin  and mixed veggies with orange zest. It was very good. Sorry no pics , forgot until I was already eating. 
Again this evening, the water is so very blue in this picture, the sun is going down.
Clean up and I settled down outside to read, Riley settled down inside to play a game. Very sunny, very nice, I almost changed my mind and thought about having a nap but instead stayed outside reading my book. Lorna came by around 3:30 or 4 pm, she’s in the motor home at the end of our site across the street. Lorna and her husband Malcolm are from Alberta, and are spending the winter down here in the Southwest as well. Lorna and I chatted for about an hour before she headed off home and Riley and I headed out for another walk. 

The sun setting in the western sky is causing this eastern sky to almost glow.
This time we walked to Lions Beach, very nice place but can only stay ONE night without a reservation. I would definitely consider staying there next time. I would just make a reservation before hand. We walked for about a half hour I guess and were home in time to get some pictures of the sunset.
A flaming red at one point in the setting of the sun. Truly awesome to see.

So there you have it, it’s almost 7 pm here and soon I’ll have something light for dinner. A wonderful day, truly what we’ve been hoping for since we left the Island way back in September. Finally!!!!!

A truly wonderful sunset!

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed your time.

Until next time…be safe, take care…..


  1. Love those beautiful red sunsets and resulting pink clouds.
    That tall spindly plant is an Ocotillo (l's are silent) I have a book on cacti and this is not one. Commonly known as Monkey's Tail. They are beautiful when green and when they flower, usually I see them in early March with red flowers.
    You've had a lovely day with some walking but mostly relaxing. Good for you!

    1. I love this kind of sunset too. Thanks for the information about the Monkey's Tail. Noticed one today that was green and not the brown of the one in the pic. It was a fantastic day!!

  2. HOWDY from the ROCK, rained here all day ,clod & windy, love your pic. take care

    1. Glad you're enjoying the pics Dad. Getting a tan here!!!!! I'll pick you up at the airport, just tell me when and where!!