Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sunny warmer day, blonde moments, and strolling thru the animals at the park....

Our Location: Mid Way RV Park, Dexter, NM

To all those past and present who serve in the military protecting us from harm, we offer our most heartfelt THANK YOU, you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers each and every day, not just on this one day.
A warm night, or at least for me it was. I didn't even need to add my fleece blankets to the bed, which I've been doing many nights since leaving the warmth of summer behind. Riley on the other hand had her duvet and a fleece blanket on top of her usual thick cotton blanket. She said she was cold. Not me, I was toasty. 
One of the climbing apparatus at the park.
A long evening last night spent doing a few things, talking to my dad, editing photos, writing my blog and before I knew it I was drooping at the key board so I called it a night after about 15 minutes of research. Long in the sense that darkness arrived just about 5 pm here in Dexter, and we've been fortunate because it hasn't been that dark that early until yesterday, or at least it didn't seem to be that dark. 
A Texas Longhorn
This morning dawned cool, overcast, foggy, and not very promising. I was up earlier than Riley and started to do a few things on my computer such as check emails, charge my e-reader and try to download some more books. I haven't used it for a while and have forgotten how to do that, so it was a learning curve too. 
The Great horned owl was bored with us.
Around 10 am, after cleaning up, dressing and doing our usual morning things we decided to head out for a bit. First I had to add some more Blue Def to the Big Dog, he sure seems to like that stuff as he's lapping it up pretty quickly on this long drive. From there we grabbed some sweaters, phones, camera, etc before heading into Roswell. We had a couple of things in mind to do today. We managed to find a couple of stores to visit, we browsed mostly but bought at a few. We will be returning a cord tomorrow to the Big Lots store, we had hoped it would work to recharge Riley's tablet but it just won't fit. We've had that trouble for some time now and will have to have one shipped to us from Samsung at some point when we find a place we can accept packages. 
American Bald Eagle stretching his wings
We tracked down a small park/zoo in Roswell. Geared mostly to kids but it was interesting anyway. A few creatures in this little zoo, admission was free but we dropped some bucks in the donation slot.  Bison, goats, pygmy goats, Texas Longhorns, miniature horses, burro's, foxes, badgers, cougars, black bears, various kinds of fowl including peacocks, eagles, hawks, ducks, and we by passed the reptile and insect house. I was looking forward to the carousel which was hand carved, with only about 100 in existence now. However it was closed and locked in a covered building, as the season was over. I would have loved to get a few pics of Riley and I on it, however it was not to be. 
Some very odd coloured turkeys.
Leaving there we headed out to find a few other places to enjoy but decided we needed to do some groceries and head home as it was pushing 1 pm and we were both kind of getting tired. We haven't been walking much the last number of weeks and with all the walking we'd already done I think we just had both had enough. Plus I think the barnyard smells kind of get to a person after a while, add to the fact that the sun was now out and it was warming up very nicely. 
This fellow greeted us as we made our way to the water/bird area.
Hopped in the Big Dog, found our groceries and headed home. Stopped to give the Dog a drink of diesel @ $2.79 per gallon and did the stupidest thing I've done for a long time. I truly have no idea what I was thinking about, I'll blame it on a blonde moment. I put my credit card into the slot for the receipt. Can you believe that? I guess my head wasn't where it should have been. ~laugh~ Do you know how embarrassing  it was to go inside and ask them to open the pump to get my card back? ~laugh~ Sure enough, it was tucked in there and had to be pulled out from among the receipt paper.  Then I had to go back in and prepay because I don't have  zip code. I tried the 5 zeros but it kept saying the zip wasn't long enough. Oh well, after all that the Big Dog took less than $65 USD to fill from about a 1/3 of a tank.  I checked the readouts for the oil and the fuel filter and have decided that I'll do the change a bit further down the road, there is still 30% left for both. So I'm pretty confident that it can wait for a bit. 
This wolf thought we were boring too.
Back home even though the sun was shining, the wind was cool so we opted to cook inside. Today was an easy lunch with a big green salad, cheesy garlic ciabatta buns , spaghetti with mushroom sauce. I will say it was pretty good. I had watermelon to top it off while I sat outside to read my book. I didn't stay outside too long, the flies have taken over from the beetles, at least outside. Still a few beetles kicking around inside too. 
Met up with some fellow Canadians
A medium sized tabby cat came to the foot of the steps and yammered a bit, looked forlorn and ticked off, as his ears were flattened straight sideways a few times. He even stayed when I went out to read. After a while he finally decided we weren't going to feed him and off he went in a snit. He didn't look like a stray as he appeared well feed. HRH Miss Kitty wasn't impressed with this squatter and ignored him after giving him a tongue lashing. Although perhaps it was Riley she was telling off as Riley had just finished giving her a bath. ~laugh~ It was hard to tell who she was more upset with. 
Strutting their stuff.
Back inside I started editing pictures and decided I'd start my blog early. Google was being a butt and wouldn't let me sign me in with my computer. Unknown device it said. Dahhh this is the one I use all the time, how could it be unknown. It took me about a half hour to finally figure out how to get the stupid code to sign back in. Yes, I'm sure most of you know how to do that and are pretty sharp and quick but I'm blonde and it takes me a while sometimes. ~laugh~ That's my story and I'm sticking too it. 
Little badger.
A couple of posts on face book to some folks I haven't seen for a while and I set to work on this blog.  About 5 pm we shut the big door, and closed all the windows as well, leaving a few vents open to let in some nice cool air. We're enjoying this weather very much and are looking forward to more of it in the days ahead. 
The bigger of two hawks.
Dinner will be a salad for  me and I have no idea what Riley will want. We eat lunch as our main meal and then find something small for dinner.  It works for us.  
Two old relics in good shape.
So thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed  your visit.  We did!! 
Until next safe, take care....


  1. Don't worry about the blonde errors, I am often too embarrassed to tell what I've blamed on my hair colour. We all need to stick together!
    And you don't have to be blonde to have difficulty with these laptop thingys. My goodness. Bill gets so frustrated with his when it does something totally stupid out of the blue. Ha ha, we all suffer the same naivety I think!

  2. Hello Patsy. I'm not too worried about the blonde moments, add my age into the equation and I'm lucky it's only occasionally that I do such things. ~laugh~ I can appreciate the frustration as I was ready to chuck the whole laptop out the window yesterday, however after I figured out what it was telling me to do, the whole thing took less than 2 minutes. Hopefully I'll remember the next time it happens. And I have every faith that it will happen again. ~laugh~