Thursday, November 16, 2017

A litlte productive, a quick visitor, and feeling welcome....

Our Location: Elephant Butte State Park, Elephant Butte, NM

This morning dawned wonderfully warm, since we had closed all the vents and left a couple of windows open just a bit. The amazing blue skies and fabulous sunshine certainly are the best way to start any day. 

Dryers, whole wall of 'em.

Sorry for the fuzzy pic, washers at the T or C laundry.

We had big plans for today, lots of things we wanted to get accomplished. We made an excellent start at least. ~laugh~ 

Not sure what these are but they are very abundant heading toward the lake.

The list went something like this: change of linens as we knew we were going to do laundry for certain. My list also included a good sprucing  up of the inside of the Igloo and the windows are looking more like films of dust than panes of glass. The beetles and flies have been hard on them as well, they definitely need attention. We also wanted to go to the bank in T or C to get some cash. On top of that was of course regular things such as cooking lunch, and getting a walk in as well. 

Walking down to the water of the Rio Grande.

So you see we had good intentions, good plans, and a long list. We did get the linen's changed and the laundry sorted. The Dogsled was eager to get going this morning and so off we went to T or C with me holding him back to keep him from getting us into trouble. Guess what? We managed to get the laundry washed, dried and sorted in just a bit over 2 hours. The nice little laundromat is connected to the U-Haul building, very clean, very reasonably priced and lots of front load washers and plenty of dryers. The big machines are $6.50 for a cold water wash. The medium size machines are $3.50 a load, and the smaller washers are $3.00 per load. Dryer costs are 7 minutes for $0.25, or if like us you use the bigger dryers, it's 40 minutes for $2.00. More than enough time to dry the entire load with no damp corners at all. 

A closer look at the Rio Grande.

From there we headed to the Walmart for a couple of little things that we needed, having forgotten them yesterday. We found the few things we wanted, paid and left the building. We headed home. Of course the bank is in T or C not at home. Hmm...oh well, we'll catch it another time. 

Pretty isn't it?

Unloaded the Dogsled, brought our groceries and laundry inside, put them all away and started to make lunch. Now as you know the kitchens in these rigs aren't very big so it's usually a one person job, while the other person sits around and watches. ~laugh~ Today I was head prep chef and Riley got to laze around.

Our green salad

A nice green salad, orange zest mixed veggies (mushroom, sweet white onions, mushrooms, carrots, celery, peppers, green beans, asparagus, and spaghetti squash), garlic dill potatoes, and turkey burgers on English muffins. I'm still full. 

My potatoes always come from the bottom of the packet, and they almost always need to be pulled off the foil.

We enjoyed our salads while the rest of lunch was cooking. Sitting in the shade reading our books was an excellent way to pass the time. We were eating lunch just before 3 pm inside with a nice breeze coming in the window.  Time to clean up after lunch and one would think now would be the perfect time to get those other chores accomplished, right? Wrong. As of the writing of this post they still aren't even started. Instead we took a very long walk down to the water of the Rio Grande and made a circle by taking the other road back home. Very nice walk, not too hard walking as most of the way was packed well with just a little bit of loose sand closer to the beach. 

Rock art on the walking path

We didn't know you could dry camp down at the beach. I wouldn't do that because I'd worry about getting stuck in all that sand, but it would be an amazing spot to park. We noticed at least one tent, two vans, and one travel trailer  in various locations on the beach. No hook ups of course but some johnny's were evident for their use. 

A tree along the walking path

So after our walk I was too tired to work and decided it was time to start my blog. Now I know some of you would get to work when you finished writing and get those chores accomplished but I'm lazy. ~laugh~ I'm going outside in a few minutes to catch the sunset and then I'll work some more on this post. I will not be doing chores tonight, I assure you!!!

Taken tonight while watching the sun set off to the right of this tree.

So we've pushed our 'to do' list back a bit, but not to worry, we'll get them finished tomorrow. Really, we will. I see you aren't convinced but you will be. ~laugh~ And if we don't get them finished tomorrow, well there is always Saturday, right? ~laugh~ 

The temps reached about 80F /26.6C today. A nice cooling breeze kept things perfect. I'm telling ya folks, I could get used to this weather. ~laugh~ It wouldn't be hard at all. I'm already thinking...when I come back next year....~laugh~ 

We did talk to a fella (we were both looking at the RV goodies in Walmart) today that has a house in Albuquerque, and another here in Elephant Butte, only two hours between the two of them. He also has a motorhome, that he said they were taking to Tuscon tomorrow for some party with some friends. He gave us a few ideas of things to see, complimented us on our 'gutsy nerve' in doing this kind of adventure by ourselves, and told us to come back often! You just have to love folks, always helpful and interesting to talk to as well. 

  The sunset was less than spectacular but still nice. In a different part of the sky tonight as well. I can tell you I will never tire of the sunsets out here. 

Back inside I returned a call to my best friend Linda. We chatted for a half hour or so and then said our good byes. Always enjoy chatting with her, she's truly a gem!! I'm fortunate to have such a wonderful woman to call my best friend. 

Now it's time to finish this post and get to bed early tonight. I'm tired. Not sure why but I'm truly weary. The time zones are playing havoc with me and waking up at 4 am MST is fine, except I don't go to bed until 10:30 MST either, which means I'm not getting enough time with the sand man. I may have to resort to an afternoon nap one of these days. ~laugh~ 

A quick note to add. Today we had a visitor, Mr. Road Runner walked casually past the tree in our front yard, up our little driveway and was heading for the open front cubbie door when Riley drew my attention to him. He didn't seem one bit concerned that we were sitting less than 10 feet away. When I moved my feet he sauntered slowly off while still strutting his stuff. This guy was bold. ~laugh~ I've always had the impression they were kind of elusive and hard to catch for photo's. This guy must be a model or something. ~laugh~ He seems to love his picture being taken. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you've had an excellent day where ever you may be. Feel free to leave a comment. 

Until next safe, take care...


  1. Elephant Butte is truly a scenic place to check out. A lot of hidden things to find in the old Downtown District.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We've found a lot of hidden gems in our travels, always a nice surprise.

  2. You are enjoying life and that's what it is all about, The chores will wait until.......
    Some roadrunners in the campgrounds get used to people being around, nice to catch a good look at them.

    1. If I don't get the windows cleaned soon we won't be able to see anything outside. The road runner is bold and has quite the strut. I'm finding it more difficult to get a good picture of the quail.