Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Cold, windy day in Amarillo....

Our Location: AOK Campground, Amarillo, Texas
Hello there. We awoke this morning to fog, and cold temps. Not freezing as predicted but not far above either. To top off the cold temps there is also a pretty stiff wind blowing and it makes things feel colder still. Last look at the weather forecast called for rain tomorrow and a high of 45F. Brrrrrr for one more day, then it starts to warm up again. We're looking forward to the day after tomorrow. ~laugh~ 

Odd colour to the grass between the lanes on the interstate.
Since we weren't going any where and had nothing much on the agenda this morning I decided we'd have a nice breakfast. A breakfast burrito with eggs, green onions, yellow peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, three kinds of cheese, and a hint of Tabasco all wrapped up in nice flour tortilla, nicely browned in the pan. I must say it wasn't too bad. 
Not a very good pic but this thing is sure leaning, the back feet are off the ground.
Riley cleaned up after breakfast and I started making a list of the groceries we needed, as well as a couple of other items. I looked up the store location and since it was near by off we went for an hour's outing. Easy to get to, easy to get out of, nice store. We then headed to Target looking for a cord for Riley's tablet, which we can't find anywhere, since we bought the tablet at Target we hoped they would have a cord. No go. Best Buy next door. No go. Looks like we'll have to order one on line and have it shipped. Our last stop was the Dollar Tree for a couple of little things. From there we headed the Big Dog's nose easterly and headed back to the Igloo. 
Her Royal Highness (HRH) Miss Kitty during our travels.
Back at home we put away the groceries, I worked on one of the heaters, we had some lunch and watched a movie. Washed up after lunch, located the tools I needed to fix the pots and pan drawer along with some screws and before I knew it I was finished fixing the drawer. I cleaned up the inside of the Dogsled a bit as I haven't done that for a while and later I tidied up the Igloo a bit. Since we're having leftovers for supper I have found time to sit down and write. 
This stuff is everywhere, not sure if it's a grass or a small bush.
Not an exciting day but we needed one of these days. Tomorrow will be even more relaxed and we plan on being home all day. Thursday we're hoping to do a bit of sight seeing and possibly pulling out on Friday. We haven't really decided yet. I suppose time will tell. 
So on that note, I'm off. I hope you enjoyed your visit and until next time...be safe, take care.... 


  1. That is the nice thing about this lifestyle. We don't always need to have a plan for our days, every day. That makes it intriguing, we are flexible. Stay warm and have fun, that is the most important thing to us!

    1. I agree about the lifestyle. We enjoy the freedom to set down our feet, or pull them up and move when the urge hits. This being our first time past the Mississippi we're trying to figure out as we go which areas we think we'd like to see and which areas we feel would be of little interest to us. We're in no hurry except to find some nice weather. ~laugh~ We always have fun!

  2. Keep travelling along safely after relaxing and hopefully some warmer weather soon for you.
    That leaning water tower has been like that for quite a few years, we are surprised very time we pass there that it is still standing.

    1. Thanks George. We're looking forward to some warm weather. Our problem is, as I'm sure you're aware of as well, that after some very nice warm/hot days the quick drop in temps make them seem much colder then they truly are. The tower was shocking to see. ~laugh~ I assumed it had been that way for a while as there didn't appear to be any disturbance around it indicating someone securing it, or working to right it. It will probably be like that for many more years to come.