Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A trip to Deming, scrambling around the rocks, and a beautiful sunset......

Our Location: City of Rocks State Park, Faywood, NM

A beautiful evening last night for sleeping. Not cold at all. I think the outside temps reached something like 55 F/11C. Back in Ontario the day time highs aren’t reaching that. 
On the road to Deming, Nm

The sun was up before I was this morning. I seemed to kind of just pass out when I went to bed and slept like a rock. Which is very unusual for me. The morning sun wasn’t hot but it was warming and that was nice streaming through the windows. 
Need some big feet to fill these boots.

We were up and out the door around 9 am heading for Deming. I had checked out some reviews on line with regards to various auto shops in the area and based on the reviews  we were heading for Auto Tech on Country Club Road SE.  We found cell signal about 5 miles out from the park, not great but it got better and better the closer we got to Deming. It’s funny that my jet pack worked and we could use it for Facebook, email, blogs, etc. It only had a couple of bars but worked fantastic. 
Peppers Supermarket in Deming.
Back to the auto repair shop I mentioned, the reason is simple the Dogsled left me a love note on the screen saying: change fuel filter.  I will say I’m a bit shocked as in Amarillo it still showed about 30% life left,  that hasn’t been far and now it’s in need of a change. The oil is still at about the 30% life, which is close to what it was in Amarillo as well.  Oh well, I’ll just do the filter tomorrow and do the oil when it reaches about 15-20%.  The fella behind the desk at Auto Tech assured me they would get me a true GM filter and told me to come back in the morning between 9 -10 am. Didn’t take my name or anything, so I hope I have an appointment. ~laugh~ 
Love this, Moose Drool!!!!
We left there and just toured around the small town. We found all kinds of interesting houses and buildings, with some southwest flavour and some that were totally not southwest but didn’t look quite right. I think it was the lack of grass. ~laugh~  I wonder what they do with their time, they don’t have grass to cut or rake, they don’t have snow to shovel or ice to chip away. Of course I don’t have those things to do now either. ~laugh~

All Chile Peppers
We found a grocery store called Peppers Supermarket. It was so interesting. We noticed brands of things we’ve never heard of and seen items that left us confused. The corn husks were plentiful, skids and skids of them, and over $3 for a bag, not a huge bag either. I know someone out there knows what they do with them but I’m thinking of all the corn I’ve husked over the years, look at all the money I’ve thrown away in the compost pile. ~laugh~  This grocery store had a huge section  that was nothing but chile peppers. They had some really interesting alcohol too. They even had a small display case of about 50 bottles that were ON SALE.  A big bottle of Tequila was $25, good thing I don’t drink much anymore. There was a lot shots in that bottle. Some Smirnoff and a few other brands I noticed as well. Imagine having such a sale in Ontario. I think that’s unheard of. 
Reduced to clear liquor.
From the grocery store we headed out again, checking out some of the local neighborhoods. Amazing things you see when you take your time and look around.

The campground as seen from the pay post on the way in
We ended up at Walmart to get some groceries. We wandered around a bit checking out a few things but mostly just walked out with the list of groceries, along with a couple of extra things not on the list. 
Can you see the bunny?
Home about 12:30 pm, it was warm outside, nice enough to sit out in short pants and t shirts. The wind was a bit strong though, would have been much nicer out of the wind. but we still managed to enjoy it anyway. We had our salad while our lunch was cooking on the BBQ. Dill potatoes, butternut squash, and hawaiin chicken breast. Good stuff. We didn’t care for the butternut squash, we found it too much like sweet potatoes, which I don’t really care  for either. We are thinking we may mix it with some other squash and mash it together, or we may just give it away. I mean it’s not bad, but we prefer the acorn, and spaghetti. At least we tried it.
We scrambled through here.
After a quick clean up we donned our shoes, sunscreen and caps, grabbed our walking sticks and headed off. We decided we would walk the perimeter of the campground’s boon docking area. We dropped our plastics in the recycle bins near the washrooms on our way. We walked along the roadway checking out the sites available. Some nice ones for sure. We turned right into Pegasus North Campground, found some great spots I’m sure we would fit into and a few that I don’t think would suit us. We watched a fella with a long motor home towing a small Santa Fe behind come thru the gateway there. Truly I didn’t think he’d make it, I was sure the car would catch the corner fence post, but he made it. How I have no clue but he did. Cudo’s to him!
And through here too.
After leaving Pegasus North we started along the roadway again behind the rocks until we seen the sign for Indian Grinding Mills pointing up into the rocks. We were off. ~laugh~ A first Riley wasn’t too thrilled but she soon warmed to the task. We would come to various trails taking turns choosing which route to take. Some were a little steep but she managed fine. We stumbled around (as we are not mountain goats and fleet of foot) in the paths of the rocks for about 40 minutes. We had a great time. We finally slide down to the picnic table at one of the dispersed sites and found our way to the road. Another 5 minutes and we were back at the Igloo. It was indeed an entertaining way to spend our walk.
One of the picnic tables in the dry camp area in a rock alcove.

 We made it home about 4 pm. So we were out walking for about 90 minutes. It was fun and longer than we normally walk. Not bad for a couple of folks that haven’t walked much as of late and certainly not in this type of terrain. Congrats to Riley, she did very well, and I’m very proud of her. I know she didn’t think she would be able to do it when we started. 
Looks like this cactus is going to be in full bloom soon
As we approach the US Thanksgiving we notice a lot of kids around, they must be on a school break for the holiday. It’s nice to know kids are kids no matter where you are, the sounds of their voice echoing and bouncing off the rocks was nice to hear. They weren’t loud or screamers, just having fun. I like that. 
This guy is kind of bent out of shape...
I did manage to chat with my dad this afternoon before we reached home. He told me he’d read my blog this morning and knew all was well. I had messaged my sister last night on Facebook to call him with a message that we had arrived but had no cell service. She did and I’m grateful to her, thanks Jan!! According to Dad it’s cold, damp, and dreary with rain and yet there is still snow under the trees. Deer season is currently going strong there. Nephew Jason seen one but far away and apparently it is still going on it’s merry way. ~laugh~ 
The quarter moon tonight over the park.
So we are home now for the evening. I’ll edit pics and add them before posting in a couple of hours. I’ll be watching for the sunset tonight as well before I hit the ‘publish’ button in Blogger. Spectacular last night, I’m sure tonight will be just as amazing. 
Pink in the east over the ranger station.
While sitting outside writing this post the camp host lady (one of them) was walking by I asked her if they like Butternut Squash, she answered in the affirmative and we no longer have to worry about what to do with the rest of it. We were both happy, them to take it, and me to give it. Worked out well.  The camp hosts are from Wisconsin I think he said, but I know his name is Bob, and I have no idea what her name is. They are however extremely friendly. 
The beginning of the sunset
The sunset was amazing, we walked down to the Ranger’s station to watch it. The yellow turned to pink to orange and finally red, then the darkness set in. Beautiful.
Amazing colour behind those rocks.
Walking back to the Igloo after the setting of the sun, Bob walked out to chat for a few minutes, comments about the sunset, the park, distance to walk to see this or that. Ever helpful is Bob.
Such fire in the sky.
 So thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your day as well. Feel free to leave a comment.
A stunning end to the day.

Until next time….be safe, take care.


  1. Loved that Pepper's grocery store, lots of cool stuff there, The dried corn husks are for Mexican Tamales, did you notice how much Mexican food products and meat they have there., The Visitor centre across from Walmart has lots of interesting info on the area as well. Looks like a very nice campground, too bad about your cellphone signal. Keep enjoying this amazing weather,

    1. We did notice the Mexican influence in the grocery store. Thanks for the information about the corn husks. It is an excellent campground and the cell signal isn't extremely important since we are out and about most days we have cell service for a portion of the day at least.

  2. Pepper's looks like an interesting store for sure. reduced alcohol? Unheard of!! ha ha
    Yes,I too compost my corn husks. cha$ching!
    You girls did really well with the walk and I like the picnic table in the alcove.
    Lovely sunset photos, every second there is a change it seems. Keep on enjoying!

    1. Oh and isn't it a warm fuzzy feeling when we find out friends and family back home read our blogs?

    2. I marveled at the 'sale' display for the liquor, made me chuckle. I loved the boon docking spot with the picnic table as well. I'm amazed at how many hits I'm getting. I started this blog for me so I can maybe remember what I've seen and the places I've visited and for my family to keep track of us with some ease. I'm thrilled if even one or two of the family read it. ~laugh~

  3. While in Deming make certain you stop at the Adobe Deli. About 10 miles out of town, No big fancy signs. They put their money into the food they serve. It's an old School that looks like abandoned on the outside. On the inside it's heated with a wood stove during the cold months is very Rustic looking. It's an amazing place.
    Order the French Onion Soup and Share a Reuben Sandwich.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Unfortunately it's not a great time to be doing a lot of things as this is a long weekend and many things will be closed for the holiday. We will however keep it in mind as we're out and about. Love French Onion Soup, not a fan of the sandwich though, sauerkraut isn't my thing. Thanks for the tip though.