Thursday, November 9, 2017

A lazy sort of day, just keeping warm....

Our Location: AOK Campground, Amarillo, Texas

(yesterday's post)

A cold night with small sounds against the roof off and on thru the night, not snow but freezing rain or sleet perhaps. The cold, dull days are starting to wear on me and I’m for just packing up and pushing on tomorrow even if the weather man says it’s going to warm up and be sunny. I would suggest we go today but it’s too cold for me to pack up all of the outside as my hands would give me trouble for hours and driving that way wouldn’t be fun. So we’ll stay put today, stay inside and have a very lazy day.  After talking with Miss Riley I guess we'll chance the weather man for another day or two. We're going to pull out on Friday and head for Roswell, NM.

We have been searching the New Mexico area and I believe we will alter our original plan and strike out away from I-40 West, head south toward Roswell, NM, for a few days. From there I think we'll follow George and Suzie of 'Our Awesome Travels ' and head along US 380 to I-25 south. From there we'll check out the Deming, NM area for a few days too. Resting in the warmth is much more fun than resting in the cold.  We are in no hurry to reach the Arizona area but those warm temps are calling my name and just laughing at me being stuck back here in the cold on the Texas Panhandle. ~laugh~

Although for all my whining I will say I’m happy to be where I am and glad I’m not back in Ontario, Canada. The weather there doesn’t look too nice at all. A weather alert popped up on my phone for the Manitowaning area, or maybe Manitoulin Island in general, I didn’t check. Rain and snow flurries turning to snow with an accumulation of about 5cm or 2”. Doesn’t sound like much but that stuff could be the first of the stuff that stays all winter and it’s too early for that kind of crap. ~laugh~

The day continued to cold, never reaching more than 47F /8.3C with a chilly wind blowing. We made it to the office to pay for two more nights, and the dumpster to leave a deposit, I dumped the tanks and that was it for the day. We pretty much read, watched some movies, and rested for the remainder of the day. 

Sorry I was late getting this post out but well, you know how it is, some days it goes well, some days it doesn't. ~laugh~ Bet you can guess which one it was!!

No pics today, sorry but since we stayed inside most of the day there wasn't much to take pictures of. 

Thanks for stopping by, until next safe, take care...

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