Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Good bye, laundry and shoe shopping.....

Our Location: Quail Ridge RV Resort, Huachuca City, Arizona
The morning was nice, a wee bit chilly but not cold. After doing a few chores inside I slipped outside to say goodbye to George and Suzie (Our Awesome Travels) as they head on down the road in search of their next adventure. We chatted briefly and I left them with warm wishes for safe travel. Nice to meet you both!! Who knows maybe our paths will cross again at some point. 

New planting outside The Mall at Sierra Vista.

 After that I came back to the Igloo and puttered around doing a few things, then decided I would head out for a walk . Riley was still asleep and I couldn't sit still any longer. Once around the back part of the park and I think I've put in about a mile before heading back to the Igloo. Stopped at the laundry on my way past and sure enough it was empty, all the machines were open, and only two dryers were busy. I hurried home, collected of our laundry and in two trips had everything there. We are close to the laundry building and taking the Dogsled was more trouble than taking the 50 steps to the building. I managed to get all four washers going and came back home for a few minutes.

Heading out of Sierra Vista

Riley was up by then and we discussed things to do in the next couple of days and I think we've pretty much decided on a few minor things and we'll leave the big stuff for another visit. That settled I went back to check the laundry. Sure enough time to move everything to the dryers. A very nice lady entered while I was busy moving clothes from one machine to the other, we chatted briefly, I don't recall her name. I do know she's from Wyoming and just sold her home. She had a friend drive her down here to this park and she has decided to stay for the winter. The friend drove, got her parked, set up and left, expecting that she would be here about a month before moving on. Seems she's changed that idea pretty quick. Nice lady. 

Riley's new Asics Running Shoes

Back at the Igloo Riley and I stuck our toes into our walking shoes and headed out the door for another turn around the back park while the clothes were in the dryer. So I think I put in another mile or so with her. We stopped at the laundry room and collected our now dry clothes and brought them home those 50 steps to fold them. I think it's the first time I've ever folded fresh laundry in the Igloo. Not that we haven't done laundry but I've always folded it where I dried it.

My new little Nike Running Shoes

We put everything away, I cleaned out two of my little closets and put everything back together in a neater fashion. After that I readied the Acorn Squash for lunch, adding brown sugar and a little bit of butter. The rest could wait. 

Taken yesterday inside Big Nose Kate's Saloon in Tombstone, AZ.

Out the door we headed to Sierra Vista Mall. We wanted to check out their shoe selection. We had made tentative plans to go to Tucson to get them tomorrow but thought we'd check out what's around here. It worked, we both picked up a pair that we liked. Both pair are true running shoes, easier on the knees and light for those fleet of foot runners. So we were very happy about that. 

Entertainment in Big Nose Kate's saloon.

Back home once again it was pushing 2 pm, I put the squash on low and slow on our Weber, made up some home made turkey burgers, while Riley sauteed some mushrooms and made some rice, and of course our salad. Soon lunch was ready and it was delicious. Sorry no pics, didn't think of it in time. 

It started off with promise...

Quick clean up and now it's time to settle in and do some research, blogging, and pic editing.

But fizzled out...

Not many pics today, didn't do much to take pics of. 

That was it.

So there you have it. Our quiet day here in Huachuca City area, Arizona. We'll be moving on in a couple of days moving to our first boon docking spot in the southwest. We are looking forward to it. A bit of space, a bit of privacy, some peace and quiet. What's not to look forward to?

Some clouds trying to obscure the moon...

Thanks for stopping by, hope you had an excellent day as well.

Until next time...take care, be safe,



  1. Nice that you got to met with George and Suzie, we still haven't managed to do that. We both have been close a few times but things have gotten in the way and unfortunately our paths never crossed.

    Your new shoes look great, I hope they get a good work out! ;-)

    1. Hello Ruth, Welcome to my blog. It was nice to meet G & S, they are truly nice folks. Thanks, the old shoes had a lot of miles on them and the new ones will take up right the old ones left off..

      Take care, be safe,

  2. Thanks for the nice send off yesterday morning.
    Nice to have this days, to just putter around and enjoy the weather, Like Ruth above said we have come so close to meeting them a few time over the last 10 years, but has just never worked out.

  3. At some point perhaps all the stars will align or whatever needs to happen and you will meet each other. If not, well at least you have known each other and that makes all of our lives much richer.
    Hope you and Miss Suzie are having a great time.

    Take care, be safe,

    1. I am sure it will happened in our future travels! enjoying this amazing lifestyle.\