Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A quick catch up for most of the summer....

Our Location: Big Buck Resort, 205 Sparks Road, Hornsby, Tn

Hello folks. Still waiting for the jet pack to arrive but thought I’d at least get a post prepared just in case it arrives in a timely fashion. Although we all know that won’t happen, don’t we?

Our summer passed rapidly with us keeping busy most days, doing what, I’m not sure but we seemed busy. I made a few improvements to the Igloo over those island months. Riley’s trundle bed, and 2 bunk beds came out, storage shelves and a single bunk went in to the same space. The storage is under the bed instead of over it. Riley is a tall young lady and therefore always bumping her head on the upper bunk and it was always a mess. So taking it out was a wise idea. I installed a slide out drawer in the new shelving for HRH Miss Kitty’s royal potty making it easier to access and keeping it out of the way as well. The other shelving was made at various heights to allow for air flow as the trundle bed made it musty smelling under the bunks. We now have a a half dozen storage shelves which over time I may actually make into pull out drawers as well. Easier access is always better!! 

Dewy morning walk...look at all the web work...

Also this summer I managed to secure some 6” pipe which I attached to the back bumper and now store some of my sewer hoses inside. Holes in the bottom allow any water and moisture to drain, both end caps have handles to make removal easier, and I attached the end caps to some small chains to ensure they don’t drop off and get lost. A small bumper guard ensures there is no rubbing on the back of the Igloo. 

If any of you are like me, challenged when it comes to having a long reach then you’ll know what I’m about to say. The basement side cubby was always being cleaned out so I could reach something in the ‘far back area’, you know the far back area I mean. The one where you can’t quite reach it but it’s not TOO far back just enough to tease you into thinking if you could add even 1” to your reach you’d be successful. Except it was not to be reached without taking a pile of stuff out so you could lean in and actually reach it. So over the summer I also constructed a slide out drawer for my right side cubby. It’s not a big drawer as the pipes and design of the area don’t allow for it to be big but it extends fully on 36” sliders and makes just about everything on it easily accessible. It’s not fancy, it’s not perfect but it works and I’m happy with it. I can unhook it, pull it out and voila, easy to grab anything I want there. It works fantastic!!! Thanks to my sister Jan and her fella Rick for the help. Mostly Rick, more than Jan. ~laugh~ 

Lovely Lady Slippers

My brother’s oldest son Jason was married this past summer. July 29 seen Jason become the groom of a lovely young lady named Leah. They’ve been together for a long time and have owned a house for a few years as well. Jason and Leah are young, beautiful, exciting people with a warm, friendly and inviting attitude about them. I wish them all the best in the future. For this big event we hooked up and hauled our Igloo to the small hamlet of Providence Bay, Ontario where we parked right on the grounds of the reception venue. No need to drive anywhere after the fun!!

Daughter Riley had her foot assessed at the Desimone Foot clinic in Sudbury. Her problem is a friction callous folded over on itself causing a corn IN her foot. It can’t be removed according to the woman we see at the clinic but I think I’ll ask a dr when we get back in the spring. However it is no longer causing her any issues as Megan has taken the callous down a great deal. I’ll try to keep that up over the winter months but there is nothing I can do about the corn except to ensure she has cushion pads to place around it.

Fog morning but some family time for these geese!

Riley also had surgery to remove a huge cyst that had formed on her right ovary. Surgery was August 30 and went very well. We spent the night before at my best friends house in Lively and drove into Sudbury the next morning. Riley was out and we were on our way home before 2 pm in the afternoon. A couple of days of easy living and Riley was back to her old self!! Dr. Wallace performed the surgery and upon follow up indicated the cyst was 10 cm in size. HUGE. Everything went well, and looked good at the follow up appointment as well. Thanks again to Dr. Wallace, warm, caring and compassionate, we would recommend her to anyone needing an GYNO/OBGYN in the Sudbury area.

Late September found us hauling our home off the island a few weeks earlier than usual. We hooked up the big Dogsled to the Igloo and hauled our way first to Lively, Ontario for a couple of overnights, a quick visit or two with my best friend Linda and her hubby Randy, an appointment at the foot clinic for Riley and before we knew it we were off to Nepean, Ontario. We put our feet down at Riverbend Park in Pakenham, Ontario for a week while we enjoyed the second wedding of the summer. My sister’s youngest daughter Brittany tied the knot on Sept 30 to a nice young man named Kevin. The bride and groom both work in/around the Ottawa area, own a house in Nepean and have been together for some time. Kevin was leaving a week from the wedding date to attend RCMP training courses out west for 6 months. To them we wish the very best of whatever the future may hold and where ever that may take you. 

beautiful colours...

My sister Jan and her fella Rick stayed at the Igloo with Miss Riley and I. We had some good times, shared a lot of laughs and enjoyed the time together. It was tough saying goodbye to them as I’ll miss them a great deal. As I will everyone on the island but it’s only for a few months!!!

Okay, enough of the catch up for today. I’ll post some more in the next few days to catch up and then I hope to be doing so on a regular basis again. 

So thanks for stopping by, nice to see you again or see you for the first time.

Until next time….be safe, take care……

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  1. Nice to hear from you again, and that you are all well and safe. Enjoy your winter travels.