Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The old wild west.....

Our Location: Quail Ridge Rv Resort, Huachuca City, Arizona

Trying to post my blog last night I went to the clubhouse hoping for a bit faster connection. It wasn't any faster but it was interesting. I met Carolynne and Art, from London, Ontario, and a couple from Michigan. Riley and I met the gentleman this morning while touring the clubhouse and tonight I met his wife and then he stopped by as well. So I did a lot of chatting and a bit of posting. It took me longer to get the pictures to load there in the clubhouse than it did at the Igloo. However once another fellow left the clubhouse everything seemed to go much faster. I was certain Riley would think I was kidnapped or the Mother Ship called me home and Scotty beamed me up.

Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains

I had a restless night for some reason. I heard Riley moving around and I have no doubt she also had a restless night. So I'll be very quiet this morning and hopefully she'll get some rest. My last look at the clock read 4:00 am. My next peek said 6:45 am and so I rolled out of bed. We should both sleep good tonight. 

Seen on a t-shirt in Tombstone
Today we headed for Tombstone. A bit of a late start, not getting on the road until just about 9:30. Luckily Tombstone is less than 20 miles to the east of us. We first found an ATM to get some cash. Our debit cards aren't always accepted down here and so I sometimes drain my cash pretty fast. 

Help to remove cowboy boots

We found an excellent parking spot just off the corner of the OK Corral building. Not too busy today, not too hot either. We headed straight away for the office and tickets for the famous gunfight.

Getting ready to drive off...look at that smile....

For those that haven't been there, imagine a town setting in the year 1881. Narrow dirt streets, boardwalks made from actual boards with store front awning jutting over the boardwalk and posts to hold the awnings up. Imagine seeing men stepping boldly down the boardwalk, dressed in black from their boots to straight cut pants, black frock coats, and wide flat brimmed black hats.  Gun belts hanging off their hips and small tin stars stuck on their chest. Huge bushy mustaches, and imposing persona. No cars or trains or buses on these streets, only a horse drawn stage coach. It was very impressive.

The founder of Tombstone...

We paid our fee at the office for the gunfight, took our sets (3)of tickets and off we went. The three sets offered us admission to the gunfight, admission to the theatre that told about the making and survival of the town of Tombstone, and one that gave us a free copy of the paper that was printed the day of the gunfight. 

Scene of the gunfight today.

We were going to catch the 11 am show but still a bit of time to put in before we were let into the theatre. We toured the out buildings, stables, Riley sat in a couple of buckboards, surrey's, etc. It was good, she climb right up and stepped in without hesitation. I was surprised but pleased. We wandered around looking at displays and such until about 15 minutes before show time. 

The bad guys are arguing about the issues....

You know museums always have wax figures or mannequins but I have to tell ya, they still give me a start. I just can't help it. Some of these wax figures actually moved arms, and heads. It was very impressive. 
Trouble is brewing, McLaury, (pink shirt), Marshal Virgil Earp (behind the bar) and bad guy Ike Clanton (one hand leaning against the saloon wall).

One of the McLaury brothers opened the doors and took our tickets for the show. We found seats at the top of the grandstand, sitting right at the very top of the steps. No one to sit in front of me, being short I have a hard time seeing over top of people. We settled down to enjoy the show. 

Doc Holiday arrives to help Marshal Virgil Earp.

As we strolled along through the exhibits waiting for the show to start we noticed a fellow all decked out in a fancy gambler like attire. Black boots, pants, frock coat, bright red vest and neckerchief, along with the wide flat brimmed black hat. He had no side arm. Turns out he was just a visitor there, like the rest of us. He was immaculate and it was interesting to see him as he made his way around the exhibits.

Deputies Morgan Earp (on the left) and Wyatt Earp (in the middle) talk to Ike Clanton, (on the right).

Doc Holiday came out to give us some instructions which included booing the bad guys each time they entered, and yeahing the good guys each time they entered. He also asked us if we were ready for a gun fight, to which we all replied yes....he insisted we could do better, once again, we all YES. He next asked if we were reading to watch some killing, we all answered YES, he answered, you are all truly sick!!!! It brought a chuckle from everyone.

18 year old Billy Clanton...doesn't this guy have LONG legs?

The show lasted about 15 minutes with the usual outcome. That being Frank and Tom McLuary, along with Billy Clanton dead on the street and Ike Clanton wounded. Virgil and Morgan Earp also had some injuries and Doc Holiday had a slight grazing wound. Wyatt Earp was unharmed. 

The fight is on.....Wyatt, Doc, Morgan, and Virgil .....

Doc Holiday gave us all a little pep talk about the life of a starving actor, and asked that we donate a buck on our way out. Picture taking with the 'Earps and Holiday' was permitted and many folks cuddled up to the big burly men and smiled sweetly for the camera. Even the dressed alike man in black stepped up to have his picture taken. Riley declined, changed her mind but then changed it again. So no pics of Riley with the Earps or Holiday, nor the bad guys either!! Perhaps had we done that at the end of the day she might have stood for a picture but I was pleased that the noise didn't upset her and the crowd of people in the stands didn't seem to bother her either. 

The bad guys are falling fast.....lots of smoke....

From the gunfight we walked around for a bit, visiting a few places, checking out some items and just enjoying the atmosphere. It gave Riley a chance to catch her breath and settle down as we were now away from the crowds. She seemed to relax a bit more. We decided we'd head back at noon for the presentation in the theatre regarding the history of Tombstone, not just the gunfight. It was very interesting. Two major fires in Tombstone, couldn't make the townsfolks give up on the place and it is now a historical land mark. Very well marketed and presented.

A well dressed stranger from the audience in the middle.

We left the theatre, heading for Big Nose Kate's saloon and eatry. I didn't think Riley would be able to stay but she surprised me, with the noise and the crowds I thought for certain she would have a melt down and our day would be over, but once again, she managed to pull herself together and after her inner battle, she seemed to settle down again. Believe it or not, the menu was the biggest issue. The noise, the music, and the crowd were obviously having an effect on her and I could see her starting to get into her shut down mode. However I just kept chatting with her, asking her little questions about the menu, after a number of shrugs I was thinking we should just pay for our drinks and leave. She was a trooper though and wanted to stay. She narrowed her choices down to three and then finally to one. After that she was much better.  Lunch was good, a bit too much sauce on my burger but it was still good. The music was too loud though, very hard to hear anything. 

Loved his hat. (posted with his mother's permission)

A woman stopped at our table and we were surprised to find it was our next door neighbhour here at the park. She recognized us and came over to say hello. Nice lady. I met her and her hubby later on my way back from the cowgirls room, they were sitting at the bar. Vicky and John. Chatted for a minute and then Riley and I headed out. 

Looking up the boardwalk in Tombstone.

We headed on down to the trolley location and climbed aboard for a tour of the town of Tombstone. It lasted about 30 minutes but Chuck our driver was very knowledgeable about the area and the history. He was an excellent spokesperson for the town. We enjoyed his narrative very much. He pointed out numerous sites, China Mary's (brothel owner, overseen the Chinese workers), homes where the 3 Earps lived, Doc's place of residence, the newspaper, etc. He even drove us out to Boot Hill on the edge of town.  I highly recommend the trolley tour. It was very reasonable at $10 per adult.

Looking down the dirt street in Tombstone.

After that it was off to the newspaper office to pick up our free copy of the Tombstone paper on that fateful day of Oct 26, 1881. From there we headed back to the Dogsled, turned him around and let him have his head. We were home in about 25 minutes. 

These fella are looking like trouble....huh?

We missed happy hour today as we arrived home just about 2;30 pm and were too tired to partake. 

Stage coach on the streets of Tombstone

A much cooler day today, still nice though, much better for doing outdoor activities. It might make for a great sunset as well we'll have to see.

The original fire station...

So we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at home and just resting. I can speak only for me but I'm whooped. I have almost 300 pics to edit and decide which ones to post in this blog. So a full few hours to do that. 

Empty boardwalk . 

There you have it. Our day at Tombstone Arizona. A good time, some history and some education as well. We truly enjoyed it. 

The Apache could see anyone coming for miles and miles....

So thanks for stopping by, hope you had an amazing day too. 

Until next time...take care, be safe, 



  1. Glad that your made it to Tombstone we have been at least a dozen times and always something cool to see, The Ok Coral is always a fun gunfight (we have been twice) and a few more around town as well the Stage coach and Big Nose Kate's are always fun, Glad you enjoyed it and missed you for happy hour. Maybe another time on down the road. Glad we got to meet you finally. So much to see in this area, hope you enjoy more.

    1. We enjoyed Tombstone a great deal. So much to see, we'll have to return a few more times to see it all. We were too tired to make happy hour today, sorry we didn't get a chance to say goodbye but we'll meet up another time down the road I hope. It was great to meet you and Suzie. Thanks again for the tips and advice, it is greatly appreciated.

      Take care, be safe,