Friday, December 1, 2017

Our last day here at Quail Ridge Rv Resort.....

Our Location: Quail Ridge Rv Resort, Huachuca City, Arizona

A nice night for sleeping and I slept all night from about 11:30 pm to almost 5:30 am. Just what I needed. I spent my early morning hours reading blogs, checking weather, email, and spent some time on Google Maps as well in preparation for tomorrow's journey. I think I'm all prepared now. If not, well we'll figure it out.

Tomatoes on the vine in Dec

We have enjoyed our time here but it's time to head for lower elevations and warmer weather. We will certainly return to the this park if we are ever in the area again. People are friendly, we're close to anything we might want in Sierra Vista, lots to see around here and to keep us busy. The price is right, the wifi was okay and the sunsets were nice. Definitely a nice place to visit.

Love this cactus

Up and about around 7:30 am I quietly did a few chores that we neglected yesterday. Then sat down to read my book. Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell. I truly enjoy her books. She's got a nice style.

Such a pretty colour....

After Riley was up I decided to tackle some cleaning since tomorrow is moving day and we'll be boon docking for the next while at least. The vacuum came out, the mirrors were cleaned, you get the picture right? I spent some time just doing little piddly things that take time but need to be accomplished. You know dusting, tidying closets, cupboards, etc. They aren't dirty or messy just ....unkempt, I guess, or in mild disarray, might be the best way to describe them. Since this is our home and I've always been a bit of a neat freak I find the 'full' closets and cupboards to be in constant need of a tidy. I'm getting better but you know what I mean. 

Amazing front the sunscreen..

After my cleaning frenzy I decided to read  heading upstairs to lay on my bed to read for a while there. Well you know what happened right? Riley made herself some lunch as I wasn't around to BBQ and when I finally got up about 1:30 she was washing up her dishes. I guess I needed the rest.

Beautiful cacti garden

I made myself a nice green salad for lunch and finished it off with a couple of scoops of ice cream. That was lunch! Then it was outside to start putting stuff away. John, next door came out to chat and eventually I had to break away to help Riley get things packed up properly. It never takes long but it's just the idea of doing it all. It's helpful when Riley helps out and she learns where things go, how to put them away in the proper places and order. She's pretty good with the inside stuff but has never helped much with the outside stuff.

Sorry it's blurry but it is very pretty, blooming in Dec.

After everything was away I chatted with John once again, discussing a number of things among them his twin Honda generators. Nice, quiet, small, only 35 lbs. I'm seriously considering getting myself one. My little generator is very noisy compared to this little Honda he has. In fact he has two the exact same. He can hook them in series to increase his power output. I wouldn't want two, one would be more than enough. 

These quail are fast!!!! Best pic I could manage.

Back inside I read my book for a bit, then grabbed Miss Riley and off we went for a walk around the back part of the park. She headed home after our usual length of walk and I continued to get a few more pics for this post. Chatted with a couple that lives here full time and they also gave me some tips as to places to go while in the state. Nice folks.

I believe there may be an upcoming holiday....

After that it was back home again to write this post, edit some pics and just finish the evening with my book. So there you have it, nothing exciting. The temps were coolish today, with overcast skies all day, no sunset pics tonight either. The last few days have been overcast with a few rumbles of thunder once in a while but no rain has fallen. Tomorrow I think we're looking for sunny skies once again. 

Skinniest Xmas tree I've ever seen.

All of today's pic's were taken with my phone right here in the park. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment. 

Seems to be a few of these around....

Until next time...take care, be safe, 



  1. Nice to chat wit the neighbours and get some tips. Getting on the road again and enjoying more new places is always fun. Travel safe. And have too much fun!

  2. Thanks George. You as well.

    Take care, be safe,