Thursday, November 2, 2017

Up to date now...

Our Location: Big Buck Resort, 205 Sparks Road, Hornsby, Tn

We are on our last day here at Big Buck Resort. It’s been a wonderful place to stay, good for walking, the shower house is nice, the people are friendly, we’re close to a number of shopping areas and we have enjoyed the rest. We pull up the tie down stake for the big Dog and head westerly  in the morning. We are both looking forward to getting back on the road again. 

Jason & Leah's wedding venue, her parents back yard!

So to round off our summer for you, we left the Ottawa region just before Thanksgiving and headed south westerly to Cobourg, Ontario, well actually to Roseneath, Ontario which is a few miles away. We pulled in at Buttercup Ridge on the Thursday prior to Thanksgiving. The farm is the home of my sister in law Janet and her hubby Dennis. They weren’t home but we parked the Igloo between the barn and the pond and had the run of the place for a couple of weeks before they arrived home from Scotland/Italy. Dennis’ son lives in Italy and they visit at least once a year. We enjoyed a couple of visit with them and dinners as well. Janet is a great cook!!! We left Buttercup Ridge on Tuesday, Oct 24. Heading for Hamilton, Ontario and a couple of appointments. We hope to connect with Dennis and Janet in Palm Desert, California where they spend their winters. 
Brittany & Kevin's wedding venue, Canadian Golf and Country Club.

Hamilton was its usual wonderful self, we managed to get a visit in with daughter Bradey and her fella David on the evening of our arrival. Daughter Courtney is back from Switzerland but we couldn’t manage a visit with her this time, it was just too tight on both schedules but we will connect on our way back north in the spring. We did however manage to see two of our favourite Hamilton people at the dentist office. I am speaking of course of Miss Lisa and Miss Maryanne. Two very wonderful ladies, always pleasant, funny and welcoming. Miss Lisa is looking fabulous sporting a head full of hair, darker than before and curlier than before but still lovely. Miss Lisa had a recent fight with cancer and came out on top and is as beautiful as ever. Miss Maryanne is of course ever the happy lady. She has journeyed solo to India for 10 days having a great time and fully enjoying herself since we last seen her in the spring. Miss Maryanne has RA but doesn’t let that stop from doing anything. These ladies are truly beautiful people, inside and out. Always a pleasure to catch up with them!!!!!
Big Buck Resort, standing by the clubhouse.

From there I had my second of my twice yearly check ins with Dr. Bobba, my Arthritis Dr. I should see him more often but truly I don’t think it makes any difference as the questions are always the same and the answers are pretty much all the same. When I have a big change in my day to day living I’ll be more in touch with him but for now twice a year is enough. He did up some medications, doubled it in fact which I am not sure I like but I’ll take for a while and see how I do with the dose. 
Big Buck Resort, standing on the driveway looking across the fish pond.

From there we headed out for the Tilbury Onroute  located on the 401, Thursday October 26 in the afternoon. We managed to find a nice spot there and stayed over night. We like to get out of the city and heading south for a couple of hours at the beginning of our southerly journeys. It just seems to make it easier to start the day close to the border and have some time get a bit of driving in our first day in the US. Our border crossing was very easy and quick. We were on our way in almost no time. I didn’t know but the border guard told me that we don’t need papers for HRH Miss Kitty. So I learned something. 
Big Buck Resort, fish pond.

Our first day was uneventful and we managed to make it just east of Louisville for our first night, a little place called La Grange, Kentucky. A Walmart front yard was beckoning us and we were able to stock up on groceries as well. We were empty because as you know you can’t cross with much in the way of food and so we don’t take any chances, we pretty much empty the fridge and freezer before we get to the border. 
Buttercup Ridge farm house! It's deceptively small looking.

Our second day was uneventful as well, the kind we all like. The rolling hills and the lack of fall colours leads us to believe that winter is still a long way off in this area. Although it could change at any time!! We put our wheels into the stopped position overnight at a park that allowed us to stay even though they were full. We pulled up on the grass, used their wifi and just kind of relaxed for the night. Tanbark Campground in Dickson, Tn was nice. Folks were friendly and we would certainly stay there again if the opportunity arises. 
Looking out over one of the fields at Buttercup Ridge.

From there we made our way to Big Buck Resort here in Hornsby, Tn for day 3 in the USA. We arrived Sunday Oct 29 and will be leaving tomorrow. We’ve enjoyed our time, managed to chat with a few folks, did some Verizon business, and a bit of shopping.  It was a bit cool the first few days but has since warmed up very nicely and is even very humid today. The outside temps reached into the mid 70’s F/ 22-23 C. A nice cool breeze was blowing and helped to keep things under control. We are again being swarmed by Lady Bug like bugs that smell if you touch them. We’ve had this same problem off and on all summer and in Cobourg on the farm they were the worst we’ve had. They literally made the out side of the Igloo appear to be moving there were so many of them. They tend to swarm around windows, doors, vents and the slide seals. They seem to get in the tiniest of cracks and even almost appear to come thru the window glass. ~laugh~ They are just everywhere. Spraying doesn’t seem to help much so I’m not sure what we can do but I’ll be researching it in the near future. 
Buttercup Ridge welcome sign!!

So there you have it. We are as up to date as we can get. I hope I didn’t bore you too much. Once again random pics are inserted into tonights post.

Until next time…be safe…take care


  1. We've also had the lady bugs but slowly but surely getting away from the house flies we had back home and for most of our route. Now in Nevada and I don't hear any buzzing! yay!

  2. Hello Patsy. Glad to hear you've gotten rid of the flies. No buzzing is a good thing. We had some flies but not like the beetles, the pesky little critters. Oh well, perhaps we'll manage to rid ourselves of them over the winter. I think when we reach our destination I'll clear out the basement and spray some raid to see if that helps. Enjoy your time in Nevada!! Drive safe!