Wednesday, November 22, 2017

New Fuel Filter, toured a museum, and not on the list...

Our Location: City of Rocks State Park, Faywood, NM

Morning followed a wee bit cooler night, the outside temp this morning around 7 pm (MST) was about 40 F/ 5C. The Igloo was much warmer hovering about 55F/12C but I turned the heater on for a few minutes anyway. We were toasty in no time. We didn’t have time to dawdle this morning as we had an appointment in Deming for ‘this morning’.  We took the camera, a change of clothes, hats, water bottles and some new CD’s with us as we headed out about 8:35 am. 

This marks the way to the basement entrance

The drive was pleasant and we didn’t need the aid of Pheobe or Bella, our GPS devices.  I figured out the way all on my own. Damn I’m good. ~laugh~ We scooted through the town of Deming to Auto Tech  arriving at 9:10 am. Jerry the fella behind the desk took us right in to change the fuel filter with an original GM filter (He assured us yesterday). They even checked out an annoying noise that occurs when we travel rough roads or manage to hit a bump. The noise is a spring, not broken or out of place just noisy. The total bill was $128 USD. I thought that wasn’t too bad. The service was quick, courteous and informative. Jerry has lived in the area most of his life and gave us a few ideas of things to see, places to go, etc. 

Some of the bigger pottery pieces

Leaving there we headed for the Deming Mimbres Armory Museum. We found it with little difficulty. Don’t be fooled by the front doors which were gated, the entrance is around the side and down the stairs. We were greeted by a very nice volunteer that gave us a small glimpse of what the museum holds and was able to drop a couple of well known historical names of people that passed through this area. I found that to be very cute. ~laugh~ 

This doll survived the Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan

When asked to sign the guest book, Riley chuckled as she looked over my shoulder, it asked how I’d heard about the museum, I simply filled in : Another Canadian. Thanks George and Suzie. (Our Awesome Travels) The lady looked kind of questioningly at Riley when she chuckled and since she already knew we were Canadian I explained my ‘how did you hear of us’ answer to her. She laughed along with Riley. 

North Bay's Dionne Quints also are in this doll display

It is an amazing place. Truly with a number of very interesting things to see, we started with the local area and the dolls first. The local area didn’t hold a lot of interest for us but it was well covered with pictures of various peoples.

Riley offered to do the laundry!!

The doll room was truly something to see. I couldn’t begin to guess how many dolls might be in that room. Hand sewn, porcelain, plastic, etc. Dolls of all races and backgrounds, shapes, colours, sizes and gender. There is a doll there that was picked up after the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima and brought back to the USA. It is still intact and an interesting addition to the display. The Dionne Quints from North Bay, Ontario also made an appearance in this museum. 

1883 Navy Colt, .36 Cal pistol

We moved on through the museum taking in displays of pottery, clothing, furniture, appliances, medical advances, dental equipment, barber shop equipment, as well as some old vehicles including a horse drawn hearse, buggies, sleigh, and a few old automobiles as well. The chuck wagon and western displays  were well done, with numerous saddles, chaps and hats hanging around as well. 

City of Rocks sign in the park

It took us about an hour and half to get through and we didn’t take long to look at any  one display as there is just too much to take in on one visit. It was truly an enjoyable way to spend the morning. 

Love the hole up there.

We dropped into Walmart to pick up a few things, and realizing that tomorrow is Thanksgiving we think it will be a day around the park since pretty much everything will be closed. We may just not get to do much more sight seeing here as time is running out. Just more reason to come back another time. 

This fella was very still.

Today for lunch I had a large garden salad with some chopped chicken tossed in. Riley had chicken and a few little finger foods on the side. We cheated and bought the chicken at Walmart. 

Love this cactus

The camp host Bob and his wife Ruth came by to ask if I had a reservation for my site and how long I was staying. I had mentioned before that we had no paper work because we had reserved on line and was assured we didn’t need any. It seems the computer print out of reservations doesn’t have me listed on it. I showed them my confirmation letter which stated I’m here until Saturday 25, 2017 and they were happy. Said they’d mark it in the calander. They told me they didn’t need to see it but I felt better knowing they KNEW I have a right to the spot. A lot of folks are looking for electric sites for the long weekend. Later talking to Bob and Ruth I was told I was on the print out for yesterday but not today. I’m also on line at the Reserve America site but not on their print outs here at the park. They’ve fixed it by hand writing me in and telling everyone that needs to know we do have a reservation.

Noticed this water fountain in Deming

We noticed a camper parked in one of the boon docking spots when we made it home after our morning out. He packed up and moved into the spot beside us, and was starting to set up when the camp host had to tell him to move as the site was reserved. I see he has returned to the boon docking site.

A stroll around the park netted us about an hours worth of exercise and today we stuck to the road all the way. It appears about 1/2 of the boon docking sites are taken now. 

Sitting outside in my shorts and t’shirt at 3:45 pm enjoying the sunshine but thinking I should put on a shirt as the slight breeze can be a bit chilly, but I’m comfy where I am and have no desire to move. I truly am lazy. ~laugh~ 

I’m currently reading a book by Scot Turow, The Burden of Proof,  it’s very slow and I’m having a hard time getting into it. I may just chuck it for something more lively. I’ll give it one more try and see if I do any better. 

The park is filling up with the weekend approaching, the sound of children can be heard among the rocks. It’s nice to hear them having fun.

Always pink sky in the east at sunset.

I interrupted writing this post to go out for sunset pictures. I can tell you they weren’t very inspiring. No clouds tonight and so the sun simply sank with a bit of a light show but nothing too major. It was still nice though.

Nice among the rock formations here.

I wandered around the upper garden (by the boon docking area) waiting for some light show and managed to find some new cactus there.

A nice glow in the sky.

Chatted with Bob, Ruth and Ruby (14 year old deaf dog) as they strolled off to see if they could get a good look at the sun set too. 

About the best of the pics tonight

Back home, had a shower and settled down to edit pictures and finish my post. Confirmed our reservations for the upcoming move on Saturday, so we’re all set. It’s been a good day. 

Ruth, Ruby and Bob catching the sunset.

Not an exciting day, but definitely an interesting one. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment.

Until next time…be safe, take care…



  1. Thanks for the shout, glad you enjoyed that museum it sure is amazing, The Walmart here in Sierra Vista is open Thanksgiving day and will be a ZOO, good place to stay away from in our opinion. There is 4 holidays every winter that we try to be not relocating, Thanks Giving, Christmas, New Years and Presidents Day.
    Enjoy your new Location.

  2. Thanks George. We have our reservations already booked for our move on Saturday and are looking forward to seeing around the next curve! I think today will be a good day to stay away from any shopping venues and I doubt any of the 'attractions' will be open today. I think we'll have a lazy day with a small hike. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Suzie.