Sunday, November 5, 2017

Another short day on the road...

Our Location: Walmart, Checotah, Oklahoma
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We were the only sleep overs, besides a guy in his avalanche at last nights stop. It was quiet and peaceful. Great for sleeping, I slept with my vent open and didn’t hear hardly any noise until about 6 am when someone came by with the hip hop tunes blasting loud enough to wake up the dead folks in the next county. However Miss Riley didn’t hear it. ~laugh~ That woman can sleep through anything. 
Fall colours in Southern Ontario, Canada

This morning was warm, in the mid 60’s some where and foggy. We just kind of took our time before starting out and didn’t get on the road until just before 9 am. We wanted the fog to have a chance to clear. We took a wrong turn out of the Walmart parking lot and ended up taking some back roads, which wasn’t too bad but I was expecting a straight run to the interstate from the lot as I had read about being taken along back roads for 10 miles to go 4 miles, if you know what I mean. However we managed to find the Interstate and started once again trucking it west. The ride was great, nothing exciting, or eventful but I’ve discovered that all Arkansas rest areas have the same kind of truck parking. It’s so weird. ~laugh~ 
A cold, rainy day we crossed the Mississippi into Arkansas.

We crossed the half way mark of our westward journey today near the Arkansas/Oklahoma state line. It’s just about 1300 miles each way from there. Considering we aren’t in any hurry I think we’re speeding right along. We are enjoying the new country scenes as we’re motoring along. The fall colours aren’t brilliant like back home in Ontario, they appear to be more dull, almost a rust colour, or at least that seems to be the dominant colour. Granted it was overcast during most of our drive and that may have played a factor as well.
Some of the roadside bushes in Arkansas

The hilly country today seemed to be blanketed in a haze in the distance, much like the Smokey Mountains with the haze hanging over everything. In fact the countryside reminded me very much of our travels in the Smokey Mountains, it had almost the same kind of feel to it, rolling hills, twisting roads, stretches of patched, bumpy roads, and always trees, small fields, and billboards. There were not many long flat areas as I some how imagined there would be, or perhaps we just aren’t seeing them from the interstate. We still have a few hours left to travel in Oklahoma so perhaps I’ll see that flat land later on.
Some colour in the roadside trees in Arkansas

We travelled a total of 225 miles again today, in about 5 hours, we stopped often, at pretty much each rest area we found. The Oklahoma welcome center is very nice and for those that follow any history the Cherokee Nation history is very rich in this area. The Trail of Tears has been signed for a lot of miles the last couple of days. There is a great deal of Native history evident in this area, many famous leaders of the Cherokee tribes and their heart breaking tales. Perhaps we might stop longer in this area another time to explore some of this history but we decided not to stay any longer than over night this trip. That makes me feel there will be another one in the future. 
Fields in Arkansas, the sky is so huge!!

We arrived in Checotah, Oklahoma, again at a Walmart front yard. Nice store, good parking but I haven’t looked around for a spot to fill up yet. Our travel today took us about a 1/2 tank of fuel or about 20 gallons of diesel. Not bad. Diesel is running right around the $2.60 per gallon range. Of course like everything some places are higher and a couple are lower. I’ve seen  prices as low as $2.40 and as high as $2.95. We certainly can’t complain about fuel prices when diesel back in northern Ontario is running between $1 - $1.25 per litre. I’m still trying to figure out why diesel is higher than gasoline, it takes less effort to make diesel, so shouldn’t that be a cheaper price? ~laugh~ Yes, I know, I know…it is what it is. 
Splashes of colour.

We arrived here just around 1:30 pm to a very warm and humid 80F with bright sunshine and some what blue skies. A bit of a nice  breeze on occasion helps to cool things off. I’m guessing we’ll be sleeping with the windows open tonight!!!
I can't count that many silos!!

A late lunch, a walk about the store to pick up a couple of things, and back to the Igloo to rest and smash beetles. ~laugh~ I think we might be winning. I bought some ant spray with residual effects up to 6 weeks. I spayed all the screens and around the windows, vents and the door. We shall see how it works or not in the days ahead.

For my dad, look at those colours, pretty rusty looking, huh?

I talked to my dad last night for a few minutes, making note that there is snow flurries there, and some coldish temps, but also some nice days in the upcoming week. A text message from my sister this morning confirmed snow flurries in her area and of course I DIDN’T laugh.
I know some folks that would be right at home there, and they aren't from Oklahoma!!

With the humidity the new hair cut is making me look very much like I’ve gone a hundred miles on a bike with no helmet. It’s sticking up in every direction. ~laugh~ Can’t tame the waves, can you!!!!!!!
Oklahoma Welcome Center, they sure know how to make you feel welcome.

On that note, I’m going to sign off. I hope you’ve enjoyed my short post. Looking forward to having some things to chat about in the future. Until next time…be safe…take care….

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