Friday, November 3, 2017

The thunder roared, the lightning flashed......

Our Location: Walmart, Conway, Arkansas

We roled out of Big Buck Resort in Hornsby, Tn this morning at 8:30 am. The skies looked threatening as they have for the last number of days but considering the rain didn’t really fall we weren’t convinced it would rain today either. We were mistaken. ~laugh~ It rained and rained hard at times. The lightning was wild, mostly chain but very close by. The thunder was deafening at times. At one point we actually seen sparks flying from a direct hit on a hydro/phone pole. Then we would drive out of it, the skies would clear and the temps would go back up only to drive 10 miles and start the whole thing all over again. It was an interesting morning. 
Canada Day parade in South Baymouth, Ontario. Hillybilly riding lawn mower.

The temps this morning at Big Buck were just about the 70F mark, which is about 17/18 C for those Canadians back home. We went from there down to about 65F, then back up again to the 70F mark and the roller coaster continued off and on for the morning. As we neared our destination of Conway, Arkansas we hit the big number of 82F, which is about 24/25C with high humidity. After we parked for the night we had a bit of rain, a bit of sun, and some more clouds. A mixed bag to be sure. ~laugh~
South Baymouth Canada Day Parade.

The drive was interesting as we’ve never been this far past the Mississippi River so it’s all new to us. We couldn’t see the Mississippi due to the heavy rain and spray from vehicles around us, but believe me, we crossed it. ~laugh~ My first impression of Arkansas was flat. There didn’t appear to be anything but flat land for about the first 15 to 20 minutes or so, then we gradually found some hills to add a bit of flare to the landscape. I must say the roads weren’t too bad, not the best either but probably average for the amount of traffic that they carry.  An interesting note is the ‘truck parking’ areas they have along the Interstate. No facilities of any kind but places to pull over and park your truck for a sleep, a walk, etc. Great idea!!
Rainbows in the morning sunshine mist along Rogers Creek

We stopped at a rest stop near Forrest City, Arkansas and it’s the strangest one I’ve seen. The truck/trailer/rv parking is along the side of the lane that passes through the area behind the rest stop. It’s lined with NO PARKING signs and yet there is no yard to park in, just side of the road parking. The cars had individual spots marked and plenty of spots as well in there portion of the rest area. We followed a wide load tractor trailer with two escort vehicles into this rest area and found it interesting that he couldn’t make it between two of the big rigs parked on the corner, he had to ask one of them to move forward so he could get through. Even then it was touch and go for a bit until he cleared the back end of one truck. Weirdest parking lot I’ve ever seen for a rest stop. We pulled in, got out to stretch our legs and got caught in the rain on the way back to the Dogsled. ~laugh~ Figures doesn’t it? Didn’t look like rain when we started out walking, but oh well. We aren’t made of sugar, we won’t melt. 
Early morning walk along Leeson's Bay. See the mist rising?

I was surprised that the interstate didn’t go thru Little Rock, but around it instead. Great idea of course, they should all be like that. I can say that I was a little disappointed in not getting to see any of Little Rock but there is always another time. The traffic moves quickly here, the speed limit is 70 mph and it seems as if everyone is going at least 10 to 15 over that. Pretty much like a blur when they fly past. ~laugh~ 
Looking up Rogers Creek in the morning mist.

Our journey today took us approximately 225 miles closer to Arizona. We were about 5 hours including stops and slow downs reaching Conway just before 2 pm. Excellent Walmart here, we are parked to the side of the lot with the trucks in the NO TRUCK PARKING zone. RV’s are welcome but trucks are not, even though it appears they park here anyway. We used the Dave Ward Exit, which is Exit 129A. It was a pretty straight run from the interstate for about 4 miles to the Walmart. As we’re driving along the street heading this way, an SUV beside us pulls up and the lady driver waves and waves, huge smile on her face. So we naturally smile and wave back, thinking “Hmmmm wonder what’s up.” We manage to get to the next light at the same time, I put my window down, the passenger window on her vehicle goes down and she hollers over,” I’m from Canada too, nice to see you here. Hope you enjoy your travels.” And she’s gone. ~laugh~ How funny is that? We had a good chuckle. 
Lilac's near my dad's house.

So there you have our travel day, exciting, interesting, and a bit eventful with the lightning, but fun anyway. We are resting comfortably here in our little tucked in space between a couple of trucks. So far we are the only Rv’ers here. I think that will change as the night goes on. We slipped into the Great Clips for haircuts earlier this evening, so now we can say we are lighter as we both had a lot of hair chopped off. ~laugh~ I’m still not sure I like mine, the natural curl and the humidity are making it curl in the wrong direction of course. ~laugh~ Aw well, it’s just hair. 
Flowers in bloom at the Tennessee welcome center. 

I hope you enjoyed your visit, a few more random pics tonight, then I’ll be back on track with the pics as well. Too tired to edit any we took today.

On that note, thanks for stopping by, until next time….be safe…take care….

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