Monday, November 20, 2017

Settled in City of Rocks State Park....

Our Location: City of Rocks State Park, Faywood, NM
Up this morning around 5:30 am MST (mountain standard time), read some blogs, made a few comments and enjoyed the quiet morning. No coyotes this morning, no birds shrilling and no dogs barking. The silent dogs was of course the best part. 

Along I-25 South between Elephant Butte and Hatch, NM

Cool this morning but the day promises to warm up according to the weather folks. Since today is moving day we won't be lazing around much when Riley starts making noise in her end of the Igloo. We have a few things to pack up outside, utilities to unhook, hook up, journey to the dump station and we'll be on our way. 

The Rio Grande River passing under I-25 South bound.

We noticed Patricia was gone when we went outside, I didn't hear her pack up so she must have left very early!

The wind farm between Hatch and Deming, NM

We were on the road about 9 am this morning after waiting at the dump station for about 10 minutes before we could dump. It wasn’t the waiting that bothered me IF the guy had of being using the dump station, but he was finished if he had even used it.  He was taking boxes from the back of his truck, walking them to a dumpster across the parking lot. Back and forth he must went at least 4 or 5 times. Honestly couldn’t he have just pulled out of the way up beside the dumpster? I finally asked him if there were two spots to dump. He said, no just two places to park. At that point he climbed back in his truck and left. I truly don’t mind waiting but to me waiting for him to walk his garbage to the dumpster wasn’t part of the dump station use. Sometimes people just amaze me at how unaware they can be. 

Those are chile peppers hanging there...

Anyway, enough of my venting. We were on the road after about 20 minutes once we managed to get to the pump out and rolled along to the edge of T or C in order to catch I-25 South. Since we had taken a jaunt down this way a few days ago we were familiar with the few things we were seeing. It was still nice with the mountains off in the distance. We weren’t on the Interstate very long, just about 30 - 40 minutes before we took the exit to Hatch, NM. What an interesting little place. It’s obviously known for it’s peppers.They were hanging in very, very long strings, almost thick enough to make a curtain. We stopped and went into one little place on what I think is the main street. There were some amazing items in this place, wooden benches (very fancy wooden benches), pottery, squash like things (the fella said they are used to make pumpkin pie but they didn’t look anything like a pumpkin to me). He had some gourds that are used as rattles or cleaned out and used to keep drinks cool. The peppers were mostly dark red with some lighter reds and yellows as well. There were peppers in the shape of a cross, a wreath, etc. It was amazing to see what can be done with some imagination. 

The fella said they use these for pumpkin pie.

Back on the road we continued along on this very interesting shortcut. We found ourselves driving past what must be a solar/wind  farm of some fashion. The solar panels went on and on in various fields, rows upon rows upon rows. Wind turbines were also present, turning very lazily in the almost non existent breeze. The backdrop of a mountain behind was truly a nice picture. I’m not sure Riley got a good one though, and I haven’t edited today’s pic just yet. In some places the drive was like being on a roller coaster, up and down, up and down, like bobbing on a boat. In other places it was flat for a very long way. The speed limit is much faster than my 55 mph. However we didn’t hold anyone up too long. 

We're heading that way. 

As I write this post tonight we still have not seen the little town of Deming but plan on heading in tomorrow. We have a number of things to do there. Pheobe our RV GPS has been very good to us lately, not taking us out of our way or anything, maybe when I threaten to back over top of her if she pulled any more crap might have scared her. ~laugh~ We can only hope so. 

A sentry plant at City of Rocks State Park. 

We reached our destination City of Rocks State Park in Faywood, NM (north of Deming) around the noon hour. It’s quite a site when you pop over the top of the hill and see these rocks below. Truly made my eyes pop wide open and maybe my mouth drop open too. It was unexpected to see it just there, even though we knew it was coming. For those that have been here you know what I mean, for those that haven’t, you have to come see it for yourself. It’s a beautiful park, with amazing rock formations that allow campers to park in among them, with picnic tables in among the rocks to shelter them and fire pits as well. Truly a very nice place to be. 

Interesting things made from chile peppers.

We pulled into the Ranger Station but were told to find our spot and they’d be around to see us. So we found our spot and chatted with the camp host, Bob,  who is behind us and the second camp host is beside them.  We got set up inside and outside. It was a bit busy for both of us and by the time we were finished I can tell you were both ready for some lunch. I made a green salad, added some fresh ingredients to some spaghetti sauce in a jar,  and made some cheese garlic bread. Then while the sauce was simmering and the pasta was cooking we enjoyed our salads. After which we enjoyed our Rotini with sauce, some freshly ground Parmesan cheese to top it off, and of course the cheesy garlic bread. I can tell you it was a good meal. I enjoyed it greatly. 

A small circle of rock formations near the top of observation point. 

After dishes and a quick tidy up we grabbed our walking sticks and headed out. First to the Ranger Station where we were told not to worry that we had no paper work on our vehicles. Since we reserved on line apparently we don’t need any. I found that odd but oh well, it’s their park. Then we were off along one of the hiking paths. It took us about 2 miles in a circle from the Visitor’s Center to Pegasus North Campground, and back to the Igloo. A very nice walk.

The view out our living room window. 

There are numerous boon docking sites here and the next time we come we will take advantage of them. Some great sites that we located on our short walk today and more up around the corner for us to explore another day. Riley seen a white board in the ranger's office that said the snakes are out so be careful. We were careful, tapping our walking sticks often during our walk. We will not be hiking without them while in this area. 

One of the boon docking spots here in C of R SP.

There is no cell service here in the park. We’ll have to drive toward the main road to get some or apparently spot 45 -46 has AT& T service. There is no park user internet either. Our Jet Pack Mifi plan is almost to the top but resets tomorrow so we’re good to go then. 

Our first sunset here in the park. 

The sunset was spectacular to see, the bright red looked like the sky was on fire. Truly wondrous. 

Pretty amazing isn't it?

Anyway, there you have it, our travel day. It was a great day, we enjoyed it immensely. While we are aware that the temps overnight will hover around the freezing mark, we’re fine with that as long as the days are warm. We have our heater, our furnace and I have no doubt we can stay warm. ~laugh~ In a few days time, Saturday in fact, we will be heading further south toward Benson, Arizona. However first we want to look around this area, see a few things, check out a few boon docking sites in the Gila National Forest (pronounced He - la) and the cliff dwellings as well. So we already have two of our 5 days here booked. ~laugh~ Doesn’t take long, does it? 

The sunset reflecting off the hood of the Dogsled as I make my way back to the Igloo after unsuccessfully trying to find a cell signal.

On that note, I’m going to be off. I want to hop in the Dogsled and find a cell signal to talk to my dad. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit.

Until next time…be safe, take care…

P.S. No AT& T cell signal that I can find here in the park nor on the road out of the park. I”ll have to try further along tomorrow on our way into Deming.


  1. Glad you got moved and had a nice travel day, We did not go there because of no cell phone service, Have too much fun looks like a nice areas to explore.
    Benson and Sierra vista are also nice places as well.

  2. It was an excellent travel day. Once my dad knows we're settled, I don't care too much about cell service. We plan to be out and about on a number of days so we'll have service then. Our jet pack works so we can check emails often, and it's only for 5 days. We are looking forward to some exploring in the area. Thanks for the tips George.

    Take care, be safe