Friday, April 28, 2017

Felt like a busy day.....

Our Location: Walmart, Hamilton, Ontario

(no pics tonight)

A warm overnight had me kicking off some covers and this morning was warm as well. The day heated up nicely however the wind kept things a bit cooler out here in the open space, but it was still a great day. That big round yellow ball in the sky was a welcome sight, hopefully it sticks around for a while, although the weather folks think it'll be gone by Sunday with some pretty cold temps coming our way. However we shall see what actually comes.

This morning we packed up our dirty laundry and headed down to King and Ottawa Streets (actually near by) to use their machines instead of finding a creek with a rock to wash 'em. It was pretty busy, the aisles were narrow but we managed to get all four loads washed, dried and folded without too much trouble. I forgot hangers and so we had a bit extra work when we finally got back home. We left about 9 am and managed to get home about 11:40 am, so not bad for us. It is such a nice feeling to have an empty hamper. ~laugh~

Riley made us lunch and my best friend Linda called to check on us. I've known Linda for more years than I care to say but no  matter how long it is between chats we still just pick up where we left off the last time. I think we chatted for at least an hour, probably longer. I'm looking forward to seeing her and hubby Randy in the near future and maybe getting a chance to spend more time together this summer at their cottage. Linda was telling me what a great time they had in Cabo, Mexico this past winter with their friends Wayne and Anna. It sounded like a beautiful place with great weather and some pretty amazing food!!!

Around 2:30 pm I headed up the big hill hoping to get the Dogsled's emission test handled. Hm....slight problem, the truck is too heavy for them to do the test, they only do light vehicles. He suggested another spot, so off I went. I'll save you the details of my tour of the city of the Hamilton, however the Dogsled will be having a number of appointments on Monday. Starting at 10 am with a safety at Ozlo's, then to Pyette's  for an emissions test and an alignment. After that all of our noses will be pointing and heading north.

Arriving home I found I was suddenly tired. It just kind of hit all at once, so  for the rest of the day Riley and I just kind of lazed about. I couldn't seem to motivate myself for some reason. However I did manage to chop up some chicken, veggies, and garlic, sauteed in a pan which I then added to some rice. Nothing fancy but Riley enjoyed it. 

A big happy birthday to my nephew Jesse. Jesse is a wonderful young man who very much enjoys the outdoors, along with hunting, and fishing. Jesse is a test or two away from being a certified welder. Happy Birthday Jesse. 

Also a big happy birthday to Bob Blue. Cousin Bob lived in Southern Ontario for many years before retiring back to Manitoulin. Country life seems to suit him!! Happy Birthday Bob. 

A quick trip into Walmart for a bit of a walk, picked up a couple of things, back home and off to do our own thing. It felt like a busy with us managing to  accomplish a couple of things.

Thanks for dropping by, until next safe, take care...


  1. Nice to get all those things taken care if and back on the road again.

  2. True, and we're looking forward to getting to our home base. There we can truly settle down and relax a bit with no close neighbours except the cows. ~laugh~

  3. We hate to admit that we can't go for as long in a day without getting worn out. Some days I can go for hours and others after doing hardly anything but a few errands, I'm pooped!