Saturday, April 8, 2017

Snow, grass, water........

Our Location: Frost Ridge Campground, Le Roy, NY

This morning at 7 am when I finally got out of bed the outside temp was 26F/-2C but inside the Igloo we were a balmy 50F/10C. I still turned on the propane heater even though we’re moving in a bit and it’s going to warm up to a forecast guesser’s 54F/12C at some point. The sun however is shining brightly and the outside temps had risen a degree to 27F already at 8 am here at Punderson State Park, Newbury, Ohio. 

I - 90 in Ohio. Some green, mostly the grass though.

Packing the inside of the Igloo isn’t a huge chore, it takes but a few minutes and I can have my room, bathroom, kitchen, and living room packed up in about 5 minutes. It’s a routine that comes easily these days after having been on and off the road for about 5 years now. When I travelled by myself for a couple of winters it was an easy routine to fall into and one that just hasn’t seem to change much over the past while. We don’t have a lot of ‘stuff’ out and about, everything has a place and while a few things need to be stored there is less than a dozen items to move. Now on Riley’s end of things, I think she could pack up in about the same length of time but she likes to take her time and putter around, so I usually just go outside and start the outside stuff. This morning however it’s too cold to do that and so here I sit starting my blog early. ~laugh~

We seen this pretty quickly during our early travels.

The snow will be gone by noon, there is just an inch or so on the grass, the black top and trees all seem to have been sufficiently warm enough to melt it. There doesn’t appear to be any wind either. I’’m going to head out with the Dogsled and find some fuel in the little town of Newbury before I hook up, it’s easier that way. So hopefully we’ll be on the road around 10 am.  We don’t have far to go, about 3 hours drive time.

Miss Kitty, also known as HRH (Her Royal Highness) has parked herself in front of the propane heater but watches everything with wide eyes, she knows it’s coming and doesn’t like the idea of moving again. However she’ll settle down a few minutes into the trip and be fine. 

Then this, there were actually 4 but one is much further ahead of the others.

I left the campground and headed into the little town of Newbury to find some food for the Big Dogsled and find it I did at a BP station there. Filled up but had to go across the street to the parts store to get some Blue Def fluid for the exhaust. It came in a box, well the container was in a box and it said don't take it out of the box, not sure why. Anyway, I couldn't reach the spot to pour it into without my stool and it's buried under the snow so the nice guy that owns the parts store came out and did it for me. Such a sweet heart. It took the whole box which was at least a couple of gallons (upon inspection, 2.5 gallons). I was surprised but happy that I don't have to store the box. I'll pick up some more one of these days and have it around just in case. You know that fella, Just-In Case? ~laugh~ 

Home to the Igloo I noticed that the message board was saying that the RFT and RR tires were low, so pulled out my handy dandy little air compressor and topped up all the tires on the Dogsled. I'd like to do the trailer before we pull again and hopefully it'll dry up enough to do that. 

This white showed up along the roadsides in numerous places.

So after that it was a matter of just getting things going, I called Frost Ridge Campground in NY to make sure we could have a site, and sure enough we have one. I had to take the ladder and the broom to semi clean off the slide toppers of snow as it was too heavy to push it all off. I managed to get it all off Riley's bedroom slide and the little closet slide didn't need any help but the big living room one I could only get about half off but that seemed to be enough, it finally just pushed the rest off and bingo the slides were all in. Unhooked the water and electric, backed into the hitch, and we were off. Left Punderson around 10:45 am. Sunny day for driving, nice but chilly, only made it to the about 46F/7.7C here with a wind but it's acceptable. 

The entire drive was done in about 4 hours, 225 miles, the Dogsled never grunted once on all those rolling hills. Fuel mileage wasn't as good as before but there were lots of hills and valleys along the way with a head wind as well. The toll road from the PA border to just into Buffalo was expensive at just under $12 but the toll from Buffalo to The Ridge was less than $4. We are located at Exit 47, the first of three exits for Rochester.    
We caught this view of Lake Erie as we came to the top of a hill.

We arrived here about 3:35 pm but only because we had to stop at the local Tim Horton's just before our exit. Not the same as Canada but it was good anyway. The cold wind was whipping across some open fields there but we managed. 

Arriving at the park we noticed the river on the way here was near to overflowing it's banks, and there is water laying in every slight depression you can see. We arrived here at the campground to find the hosts pumping water from the center area of the park. There is so much water that its coming up thru the cement in the office building. 

Followed by this view a bit further around the corner.

We managed to snag spot A22 for a week. We'll go from there. We are located about 50 miles from Buffalo and seen many Canadian plates as we drove today. Hopefully in a few days time we'll be heading there ourselves. Wish us luck. ~laugh~ 

Its hard getting used to the new time, the days are just whipping by before we know it it's already time to start dinner when it seems we've just finished lunch. ~laugh~ Oh well, you know how it goes.

This was a nice sign to see.

Around 6:30 pm I started making dinner inside, too cold outside and I"m too tired to set the BBQ up anyway. We had mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and sausage patties with English Muffins. It was good and I even managed to have chocolate pudding with oranges after dinner. Yum....sorry no pics I was too hungry and too tired. ~laugh~ 

A quick clean up inside, into my jammies and pretty soon I'm heading to bed. I'm tired for some reason, not sure why at 8:10 pm I'm this tired but that's the way it is. 

That's us all set up here at The Ridge.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care...

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