Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A truly good day.........

Our Location: Frost Ridge Campground, Le Roy, NY

(all pics taken at or near Radium Springs Garden, Albany, Georgia 2013 - 2017)

A cool over night followed  by an overcast, gloomy sky, breezy, with a soaking rain would be the best description for the day today. It was a stay in day due to the weather anyway. I ventured out twice today for short trips but otherwise stayed out of the moist air.

Yesterday was a tough day, for a number of reasons I won't go into except to say the Ultra Sound fiasco last week was compounded yesterday when the Dr's office was closed. They didn't call to give us notice of this cancelled appointment and to say I was extremely ticked off would be an understatement. Riley was very upset, she's been hoping for some answers from this appointment and now we'll be waiting longer, although not for this dr. We're getting a new referral to a different doctor. I wouldn't trust this doctor's office ever again for any reason, no matter how good people say she is, I think it's a disgrace the way they've handled Riley's appointments. 

We managed to get blood work taken, banking accomplished, lunch at Swiss Chalet, a quick trip to compare a couple of prices on some groceries we want to bring home and my Rheumatologist appointment all completed by 3:15 pm at which time we headed back towards the border and our Igloo. The day was cool with a breeze that didn't allow us to sit outside in the sun but instead made us retreat to the car. 

We took our Jet Pack with us as Verizon's package allows us to use it in Canada as well as Mexico. We used it for a bit but didn't go over our usage, so imagine my surprise when we arrived back at the Igloo to find a charge of $150.00 USD on our device. Since it's a data only device I couldn't understand how that would be possible. I decided I'd call them today to find out and so just ignored the email until this morning. 

An email from Southern Chevrolet's Laura waited for me telling me that the tracking number indicated the package had arrived, did I have it yet? Since I was away pretty much most of the day I knew it was in one of two places, either in the park office or at the couriers office. I lucked out and the UPS driver had left it with Dave in the office. There were smiles all around when I went in to pick it up, even a couple of hugs were managed. ~laugh~ They truly are super nice people here. 

So today was a day of 'telephone and research' work for me. First off I called Verizon about the charges on the Jet Pack. She explained that I should have been given instructions and information that states the usage outside of the USA is also charged a $2 per surcharge for international use. Meaning for every day I turn on the device while away from the USA I am charged an additional $2 for a 24 hour period. If I don't go over the usage allowance there will be no other charges above the regular bill plus $2 for each day we turn on the jet pack. She credited my account and installed the automatic 'international' coverage as well. So that was a good way to start off the morning. While I dislike the fact that it costs me $2 extra dollars a fact that they assured me wouldn't happen, but it's a day and if I don't turn it on every day it won't cost me a lot extra. However without turning it on, I can't use it. It's a dilemma isn't it? On the one hand $2 doesn't seem like much but in a 30 day period that's $60 on top of the bill. So it's not as 'free' as they tout in their literature. It seems the plans aren't always what the sales folks seem to think they are and the fine print can be very telling if you can read it!!! These are in USD of course, so it's not actually just $2 is it?

After that I went to the office to get my package, which of course I already told you about. That made 2 great things happening today and it wasn't even noon. ~laugh~ 

After that I did a bit of research for OBGYN's and dermatologists in the Sudbury and surrounding area. I asked a number of my family members and friends for referrals and received some good ones. I'll call my own family doctor's office tomorrow and get the referrals going. I also managed to find a clinic that will deal with Riley's planter warts if the wait time is long for the dermatologist. So that was more good news. We're on a roll!!!

By this time it was just around lunch hour and we decided to watch a movie since the weather was crappy. Of course right about that time my email starts beeping. Broker is starting to send stuff. Can you guess what he sent? Yes, yes, yes, my ITN number for the crossing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We now have a firm date for crossing. The earliest we go is Monday morning. So you know where we'll be on that day, don't ya? ~laugh~ It takes 72 hours AFTER receiving your ITN before you can cross. You must cross between Mon - Fri between the hours of 8 - 4. You must stop at both border customs offices as well. According to the broker it could take roughly 1 - 2 hours to get this all settled. I'm looking forward to getting this behind us and I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it. ~laugh~

We are both looking forward to getting across the border and finishing up the last few appointments before heading north. We truly have had a wonderful time this winter but it's time to get back to our home spot and enjoy some peace and solitude for a few months. It's one of the things we've truly missed. 

We watched two movies today, Fast 5 and Fast 6. We've seen them before but of course we enjoyed them anyway. It was a good park your brain outside and enjoy the sights, sounds and action, not to mention some easy to look at fella's. ~laugh~ 

Dinner time found us reading and enjoying the quite after such noise heavy movies. Dinner was pretty much a fend for yourself type of meal tonight. We're getting so lazy without using the BBQ. ~laugh~ I had a couple of turkey dogs cooked inside of course, Riley had some left over chicken mixed with pasta. 

A game of Yahtzee after dinner and can you believe Riley rolled TWO  Yahtzee's? Can you believe that? She even rolled the first one on her FIRST set of rolls. Can you say ..cheater? ~wink~ She claims she's back in her 'groove' now. She's such a sweetheart. ~laugh~ 

After a quick clean up I called my dad to say I'd received my ITN number, he was pretty happy by the sound of his voice. I know he's been worried about this but in truth there really wasn't anything to worry about, it was just a matter of putting in time, lots of time. ~laugh~ 

I would like to welcome Patsy from "Chillin' with Patsy" to my blog. I commented on her blog a few days ago and she's dropped by for a visit. I hope this font works better for you Patsy.  Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, feel free to do so anytime.

So that's it for news today. A boring but truly exciting day for us, if you know what I mean!! We'll be doing a few last minute things over the next couple of days but I expect it won't be too exciting and I may just write a post every couple of days until we cross. We'll see how things go. 

So thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care...


  1. thank you so much for the welcome! And yes, the font change is great! You certainly have a lot going on and it sounds like it is soon settled for you and you will be able to relax and breathe easy. Stay well. I truly dislike 'thinking' one thing about our wifi/phone/tv coverages and having little surprises pop up! It happens to everyone and that certainly doesn't make it acceptable!

    1. I believe as long as I wake up breathing in the morning, it's a good day, some are just less good than others with bumps along the way. ~laugh~ Enjoy your day.