Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nice visit with family today.....

Our Location: Walmart Front Lawn, Hamilton, Ontario 

(all pics taken over the last two days with my phone)

The overnight was a bit chilly but the heater warmed us up pretty quickly. Of course the rain drops were loud on the roof but it wasn't too bad. The rain came and went most of the day but toward late afternoon it seemed to end and while things didn't really clear up it at least seemed to be getting a bit less wet outside.

We spent some time this morning sorting thru our purchases from the US. We needed to get some separated as we have a few things that need to be given away while we're here in Southern Ontario. We've now managed to sort, bag and label all the goodies for easy giving when we arrive were they will be handed out. With two weddings on the horizon we brought back a bit more stuff than we normally would have but at least we are assured that the gifts will be unique, truly one of a kind. 

St. Catherines Skyway Bridge.

Shortly before 11 am we locked the door to the Igloo, climbed into the Dogsled heading toward an appointment in downtown Hamilton. However as we were just pulling out at the end of the row sat a mini van with the hood up, booster cables attached to the battery but sadly the other end was just sitting waiting for someone to offer a boost. I stopped, popped the hood, shut down the Dogsled and gave the guy a boost. Seems he left his tablet plugged in and drained the battery (that was his story at least). He cranked it over and after a couple seconds it came to life!! He unhooked his cables, dropped my hood, and we were off. Our good deed for the day accomplished. 

The canal that runs under the sky bridge in the above photo

Riley's 11:45 am appointment was in the Font Bonne building at St. Joseph's Hospital with a Dr of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. We arrived right on time but waited for an hour before getting in to the doctor. Dr Braga is originally from Brazil but now lives and works in Hamilton. This is Riley's second appointment with her. Blood work for this appointment showed improvements, she's happy with the weight loss and wishes to be kept updated with the rest of the appointments with the Gynecologist (when we have an appointment with the new one), wants to see Riley again in 6 months time. We were hoping to be finished with Dr. Braga but appears that isn't the case. We're booked again in late October which will be on our way when we head south again in the fall. 
In Hamilton this little bump is referred to as 'the mountain'
From there we headed to our old pharmacy to drop off a couple of scripts, one for Riley and one for me. We'll pick them up tomorrow. After that it was a matter of getting back to the Igloo for lunch. We were both starving. Left overs were the only things on the lunch menu today. 
That ugly brown is actually Lake Ontario, it's very churned up but the brown is actually water!!
The afternoon found us at the Dollar Store picking up a few little things that we needed, finding some other things we didn't know were available here in Canada but have purchased and used in the US. It's a moisture collector that helps to reduce some of the moisture content in the the Igloo especially in the closets. We also have one just sitting on the top bunk in Riley's room. The air circulation doesn't seem to be too good in Riley's room at times and a definite mustiness can be detected at times. These little containers have helped to rid the room of that problem. In the US they are called Damp Rid, I didn't notice the name here in the Dollar Store but the container shape caught my eye and it's the same kind of product. We're happy knowing we can buy them here in Canada as well. 
Not much green here is there?
We spent the rest of the time reading and just unwinding. I finished the book by Bette Lee Crosby called Spare Change. It was okay, not the best but not the worst either. A feel good, chuckle at times kind of read. I would read another book of hers if given the opportunity because I think she could truly settle into being a fairly good writer with more experience. 
I called this home for about 30 years, Riley was born here.
A couple of text messages between Bradey  (middle daughter) and I brought us to Wimpy's Burger Place on Queenston Rd at 6 pm for dinner. Bradey and David arrived right on time. They even parked next to the Dogsled in the lot. Since neither have them had seen the new truck I asked how she knew it was mine. With a big grin on her face she said, "First, it had no front plate,  second, the back plate was an Alabama plate and third, I looked into the drivers seat and saw all your cushions! With that many cushions it HAD to be your truck.". She must take after her father because I would never think to say such things. ~laugh~ 
We know these roads very well....
They both look wonderful, David will be getting his front teeth in late July. David lost some of his front teeth last summer playing baseball in a rec league. It's a long story but needless to say a painful one. He has only just recently had the posts implanted to hold the teeth that will be implanted in July. It's been a long process. 
Bradey is enjoying her work, and moving upward in the company. She works with Autistic children and enjoys the challenges they present. It's always a treat to watch her face light up when she speaks of different children (never by name or location) attaining a new skill, or level of advancement. She's always excited about different ideas for introducing new items to learn or play, new ideas for songs, etc. It's an area in which I wouldn't have thought she would have an interest but as she's matured she seems to have a found the perfect calling. I'm very happy for her and so very proud of her achievements. Bradey was recently given more managerial responsibilities which she seems to also enjoy and is looking forward to the future with this company. 
The fog was curling down over the edge of the mountain this morning
David is doing well also. He is enjoying his new job in which he wears many different hats and I don't want to give specifics in case I get it wrong. ~laugh~ David spent some time between graduation and this position looking for just the right place. It seems he's found it as it sounds as though he is well liked, well suited for and truly enjoys this job. I'm happy to know he's found something that suits him, that he enjoys and seems to be excelling at. 
We discussed a number of possibilities for their upcoming vacations and the July wedding this summer. They will of course be traveling to the Island for Jason and Leah's wedding. They will stay with us in the Igloo but will have to leave their dog, Leia behind for the weekend. Leia is a sweet thing, she is a Golden Retriever/Sheltie cross and is full of energy!!! A very pretty dog!!
Not as thick in some places....
After dinner at Wimpy's they followed us back to the Igloo where we visited for another hour and a half. Discussing various things, David even took the Dogsled for a little run, just to check it out. ~laugh~ They finally decided they had to leave shortly before 9 pm, taking with them a bag of goodies we brought back for them. Hugs all around, it would have been nice to have another visit with them before we leave but they are busy folks. 
It's greener in the city...
After they left we tidied up a bit and headed off in our own directions. Again, not a lot of excitement for anyone but us in our day but we truly enjoyed it. Plans for tomorrow will have us doing some work, visiting some old friends, old neighbours, and a trip to the dentist. Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. 
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the visit. Until next time...be safe...take care... 


  1. Nice to visit with Bradey and David. Sounds like a good one! You sound proud of Bradey, as you should be, she is doing an awesome job that not a lot of us have a calling for.

    1. I am very proud of all of my girls, and yes Bradey is doing something she truly seems to love and enjoy! Very true it is a difficult job that not everyone would/could/should do. We had an excellent visit!!

  2. So nice to be back and catch up with family again, sounds like a great time.

    1. It's always good to get caught up after such a long absence as you know. Being back is also very nice, a comfort in many ways.