Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Small town USA, dreary day....

Our Location: Frost Ridge Campground, Le Roy, NY

(all pics taken with my phone while the Dogsled was running down the road)

A much cooler morning this morning, the temperature dropped to just above the freezing mark last night and today the strong wind was cold and kept temps down in the mid 40F/4 -5 C all day. No sunshine was visible at all today. 

We spent some time this morning discussing our future plans for the upcoming week. We are hoping to be able to change some appointments to make things easier for crossing next week if that's when the papers finally arrive. Hopefully we know something by the end of the week. It would be nice to make plans of some kind. 

A black & white of the nearby river here at The Ridge. The water level has gone down significantly since we've arrived but it's still pretty high and fast moving. Falling in would be very dangerous!!

We hopped into the Dogsled and headed to Batavia to do a bit of shopping. We stopped in the little town of Le Roy at the Tops market but we didn't buy much there, the prices were too high. We next went to Batavia to the Walmart where we managed to find groceries and a few odds and ends we wanted. We headed home noticing the time was just about 1 pm when we arrived here. Lunch was a hot cheese pizza from Wally's.

US19 from Le Roy to Batavia was dull, gloomy, cold, wind swept and uninspiring on such a grey day.

The small city of Batavia is interesting, and getting to be a sprawled out place with Main Street running straight for a long stretch. City Hall is a stately building but inviting at the same time, the old section of the city has joined buildings much as in any older part of an OLD city. No alley ways between the buildings but they were clean, well kept, not many were empty either. The entire city was very clean, looking very UNscruffy after a winter season. Numerous businesses were stretched out along Main Street but more big box type stores were at one end of town and bunched in the same area. Walmart, and various others were all found on Memorial Drive which I'm certain detracts from the shops and stores on Main Street. This is a 'newer build' section of town with about a dozen big stores in the location. The road from The Ridge to Batavia was dotted with a couple of small town including Le Roy and Stafford. These little places were inviting and quaint and very clean. Dull, dreary landscape on a dull dreary day didn't do the area justice I'm certain but it's still a beautiful area and I would visit again if given a chance but at a better time of year.

More modern building but old style architecture. 

Riley put away the groceries while I added some more Blu Def fuel to the truck. It took another complete jug but it's full now. That means that holds about 5 gallons to the full mark. With the way the truck is parked on the hillside here I didn't even need the stool to fill it up. ~laugh~ 

In the little village of Le Roy, NY this bridge welcomes and says goodbye. The clearance is 14', we could fit under this bridge according to the sign but I'm not sure I'd take the chance. ~laugh~

The afternoon was spent pretty much just lazing around not doing much. I watched a couple of movies and Riley did whatever it is she does in her room. The afternoon passed quietly except for the wind which made the toppers rumble and shake at times.

Downtown Batavia City Hall building. Right on Main Street, it's stately but inviting as well. Love the clock!!!

Reading some more this afternoon I've almost finished the Witch Tree book. It's a decent enough read but not one I'd read again. I truly enjoy my e-reader as it's light weight and handy and with the new cover I can take it pretty much anywhere and not worry about the screen getting scratched or losing my page. I like that it's back lit for night time reading and it has a built in dictionary which is very helpful as well. Even reading outside in the sunshine there is no glare on the screen. The only thing I dislike is the page turning ability, sometimes I turn the page the wrong way. ~laugh~ I hear all those snickers but it's true, I touch the screen in the wrong place and instead of going forward it goes backward which confuses the hell out of me. ~laugh~ Oh well, I'll get used to it again but it takes time, I'm a slow learner. ~laugh~

Main Street Batavia, the buildings are joined and packed in tightly. This is obviously the old part of Main Street. Very clean, but again with the drab, dreary weather it's hard to be inspired.

Dinner for me was the last of the left over soup. Dinner for Riley was some left over pasta with mushrooms, green beans, garlic and shrimp. After which we did the dishes that had been piling up, I'm surprised we had enough dishes for dinner. ~laugh~ I don't usual leave dishes from one day to the next but lately I've been doing that simply because I'm lazy. ~laugh~ It will stop however once we get back to some sort of routine. It's too wet, windy and cold here to walk which is part of a great routine for us. Soon though, we'll be back to it.

Small town USA, this house in Batavia is very typical of the houses in town. Lots of windows, doors, turrets, covered balconies, front porches, mini additions and numerous different roof lines/pitches.

We played two games of Yahtzee tonight. I won one, Riley won one, I rolled ONE Yahtzee but only managed to win by the skin of my teeth. ~laugh~ So it was a split, we both did awful. ~laugh~

Another Batativa house, square turret type. I just love the windows.

After that it was off to our own corners to do whatever it is that strikes our fancy. No news today from the dealership but I"m going to call them tomorrow. I know we won't manage to get our ITN number before next week but it would be nice to at least know the end is in sight.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care.... 

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