Friday, April 14, 2017

It's been a busy day....

Our Location: Frost Ridge Campground, Le Roy, NY

An early start to the morning, I was awake before the alarm which I set for 5:30 am, I was up and going at about 5:15 am. I heard Riley's alarm go at 5:40 am and called down to ensure she was up. It was cool in the Igloo but not too  bad. Outside was cool as well, in fact it was 39F/4C. We were out the door with the a trip to the dumpster by 6 am. We were heading to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for Riley's ultra sound appointment which we confirmed yesterday. 

From atop the ski hill looking northward

We scooted right along making the border crossing in Buffalo by 7:10 am. No one on the roads at all. You could have shot a cannon up the roadway and maybe hit 2 cars. The border crossing was empty as well. We were literally 1 minute crossing the border. They had 3 booths open with no waiting at any. 

Same ski hill just a different angle

We reached Hamilton around 8 am and stopped at our storage lockers at the corners of Nash/Barton. We dropped off a package in the heated locker and I fixed the lock on the outside locker. From there we headed to the Canadian Tire for some fuel. This little car sucked it back big time, took a half tank of fuel to get to Hamilton from Le Roy, NY. I didn't put any fuel before leaving the US as I didn't think we'd need any, it was half full when we left. Little car, little fuel right? ~laugh~ In a pigs eye!!!!  From the CT store we headed downtown to St. Joseph's Hospital's Font Bonne building. 

Half way up the ski hill

We parked down town, where all the lots were empty which tells me that things aren't looking good for this appointment. If it was business as usual the lots should have been jammed. We walk to the hospital, all the way across the hospital to the Font Bonne building which includes the over the road pedestrian bridge, plus two elevator rides to get there. It's LOCKED. No one around. Can you believe I was royally ticked? Riley was very upset and emotional. We've been working around this appointment since October and having called yesterday to confirm I was sure everything was good. I called the Diagnostic Imaging in the hospital that I talked to yesterday and was told they can't help me, they don't have any paper work. I kept my calm explaining that we have come all the way from Rochester, NY for this appointment because when I called yesterday I was assured we were good to come even though it's GOOD FRIDAY. I also explained that I specifically asked for the confirmation since it's GOOD FRIDAY. Her: Sorry, can't help you. Me: Unacceptable!!!!! I don't care who's mistake it is but we were told we had an appointment TODAY, if not why were we told that? Why didn't  someone tell us yesterday that the appointment was no longer valid? Her: It's still on the books for today but we have no paperwork for it. ME: Wait a minute, you're telling me you're looking at the appointment in your schedule and it's right in front of you but you can't do it? Her: Correct, we have no paper work to tell us what to do. ME: If we're booked in your appointment schedule you have to take us, otherwise why bother making any appointments? Her: Who's the DR? We go back and forth for about 5 minutes. Her: WE can do the ultra sound Tuesday morning when they give us the paper work. ME: Impossible! We have an appointment with the dr that ordered this ultra sound on Tuesday at 10 am. How can she have the information if we haven't had the appointment? Back and forth again for another 5 minutes. Finally I explain the situation saying we've been sitting in NY state for a week waiting for paperwork to cross the border, we rented a car to come to this appointment, we checked and confirmed it yesterday and today you're telling me you can't do it but it's on the schedule? Do you see any problem with this situation? Finally she tells me to come to the hospital to Diagnostic Imaging Department and if Riley's bladder is full they'll do it right now without the paperwork. We left floor tiles piling up behind us in the Font Bonne building as we headed there so fast. Arriving at the desk the woman tells me she's not responsible for the paperwork that hasn't been forward. I apologize for losing my cool but thank her profusely for her help. Within 20 minutes we are out of there and on our way to the car. 

Staring straight down the center of the hill

We stopped at Tim Horton's and MacDonald's to grab some coffee/hot chocolate and some hash browns. I'm too upset to eat and Riley ends up having both of the hash browns! ~laugh~ I manage to enjoy my decaf as we head for the border. A mere hour later we're pulling up to the Peace Bridge entrance and the traffic is backed up, way way up. We get into line and slowly make our way over the bridge and in to the customs lines. We jockey a couple of times into different lanes but within the half hour we are sitting at the custom's booth. I explain about the papers for the truck, the appointment in the city and our need to rent a car. The nice young man tells us to have a great day and off we go. 

Looking down at the Lodge/office and do you see us to the right of the red building?

We jump on to the Thruway which is I-90 heading toward Batavia, NY. Pitter patter lets get at 'er, we don't stop until the service center just 6 miles from our exit. Of course it's a Timmies and we can't bypass, it's just not proper. ~laugh~ Riley gets into the line for some iced drink and another decaf for me, she also manages to get herself a muffin but forgets I'm hungry too. ~laugh~ She did offer me a bite!!!! 

The house and the barn belong to the park owners, they are actually up a fairly steep hill

Within a couple of minutes of being back on the Thruway we find the exit for Batavia. Pull into the car rental place, do all the paperwork necessary, and Dave the driver brings us back to the Igloo. We're home around 1:30 pm. Pretty good for us I think. I'm happy to be back at the Igloo, HRH is miffed and won't even look at us. ~laugh~ 

Where the green grass meets the last row of trees that white line is I-90, the white line before that is Griswold Road

We decide we need a short stroll to just kind of unwind and we loop the park once before heading home for some lunch. Riley makes herself some Dirty Rice (which I'm not  a big fan of) and I have my usual big garden salad. After that I grab my wallet and head off to pay Dave for another week. I'm pretty certain we won't be out of here before Friday this coming week and if so, there's no refunds but I'm not too concerned as it will be probably only a day if it's anything at all. 

Lots of green popping out all over the place these days

From the office I head out once more for a walk by myself. I head straight out the door after dropping my wallet, going toward the big green hill that was once used by an Olympian Mogul Champ before he was famous. I'm telling you it was a steep climb, I stopped once about half way up for about a minute and then continued.Well worth the climb but I'm telling you it was reeeeally steep. ~laugh~ I snapped off numerous pictures and noticed that from there you can actually see the vehicles passing on the Thruway but you don't really hear them much unless they're really noisy. 

The leaves are spreading out more each day...

The sun is warm, there is a slight breeze but it's still nice. I think the high reached 59F/15C this afternoon but I still needed my light jacket when I was walking the hill. Dad called to see how things went and we chatted for about 15 minutes. Always nice to chat with Dad. He's heading up to my brothers for dinner tonight as they are holding their big meal today since the kids are all heading home tonight. Well except Jesse, he's in Mississauga with Claudia's family I think.

Some are less far along than others.

It's now 6 pm and time to close the big door, the air is starting to cool off. HRH won't like it but oh well, better I'm warm than she's happy. ~laugh~  This day has literally flown by and I can't believe it's already this late. Truly being back in this time zone has thrown me off greatly. I can't seem to figure out how to get that hour worked into the day. It's time to start dinner and it feels like I just finished lunch. ~laugh~

The pulley wheels are looking good, huh?

Dinner tonight was a spur of the moment plan, chopped up Mild Italian sausage, rice and veggies (carrots, corn, mushrooms, asparagus, peppers, tomatoes) topped off with Frenches Crisp Fried Onions and some grated cheese. All in one dish, tossed in the oven for about 30 minutes, added the cheese the last few minutes and voila, dinner is served. ~laugh~ It was good. The sausage added enough spice to make the dish tasty. 

Bet they haven't used the lift in a very long time...

A quick clean up and then a game of Yahtzee which I don't want to talk about. ~laugh~  I didn't even come close to breaking a sweat never mind winning. ~laugh~ And guess WHO rolled a Yahtzee, hint it wasn't me. ~grin~ 

This is the turn around post, end of the line at the top of the hill.

After that it was time for some peaches and then off in our own direction. So far we have no plans for tomorrow but we'll see how things go. Looking at a possible thunderstorm tomorrow so it may be an inside kind of day. 

Thanks for stopping by, until next safe, take care....

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