Friday, April 21, 2017

Out and about today......

Our Location: Frost Ridge Campground, Le Roy, NY

(all photos taken with my phone, even the blurry ones. The phone takes great close still pics but not so crisp distance or moving pics)

Cool weather these last few days with more rain, rain, rain, and yet more....rain. The flooding has returned to about the same level as when we arrived. It seems almost like deja vu in reverse. As we will be pulling out on Monday. The nights have been much cooler than we'd like but we're toasty here in the Igloo. We turn on the propane heater thru the day as well to help push away the dampness that seems to invade after days and nights of steady rain and drizzle. The wind, did I mention that? Well it's still here, blowing constantly and at times it's strong enough to make the Igloo shudder. 

Taken Tuesday, April 18 on our way BACK to the US after a day in Ontario

It's been a lazy couple of days here with not much happening. The Custom's broker has been s-l-o-w-l-y sending me instructions for the upcoming crossing. I mean one a day for the last number of days. Print this, print this, READ this, etc. I waited until today to find a place to print all the emails and forms necessary for the crossing. However on top of that I spent some time on the phone this morning with one of my favourite cousins who is a long distance hauler and he basically told me exactly what I have to do, where I have to go and what to look for. He made it seem so simple, not at all like the custom's broker. Apparently it's a common custom's broker trait, making things sound really complicated and they can't answer a direct question no matter how many times you ask it. ~laugh~ Thanks again Craig, I do appreciate the pep talk and the help, made me breathe a lot easier!!! Looking forward to catching up with you in the next few weeks or so.

A fairly long line but it went pretty quickly

After my chat with cousin Craig, Riley and I loaded ourselves into the Dogsled and headed out to the public library in Chili, Ny, a suburb of Rochester. Now I can hear all of you out there saying Chili, but it's not, it's pronounced  CHAI - LIE. Fooled me too. ~laugh~ One of the nice librarians pointed out the pronunciation. Another very helpful librarian helped me print things out as I'm not a window's person but love my Mac. I in turn helped her to learn that they cannot print a 'Pages" document, nor can they print right from Hotmail unless one uses the library computer. She helped me to remember all the reasons I love my Mac and hate windows. Seemed like a fair trade to me. ~laugh~

This guy and his dog were checking most cars.

The town is a nice little spot about 15 miles away from the campground, not a busy place but with a local Timmies and a Wendy's as well, unlike in Ontario they aren't in the same building. We stopped at the Walmart Supercenter to grab a pizza for lunch but they didn't have any  cheese only pizzas in the little pizza heated tower. They offered to cook one for us, we agreed and waited around for about 15 minutes only to be asked by a different person what kind of pizza I had ordered, I explained Cheese, hmmmmmm....want to guess what happened next? ~laugh~ Yep, they didn't have any cheese, just pepperoni and meat. I'm still trying to figure out why the lady at the counter told me it wasn't a problem to cook us a cheese pizza and then didn't tell us they didn't have one. ~shaking my head~ Needless to say, we didn't get a pizza. 

We'll be on the other side of this fence Monday heading INTO Canada

One of the most interesting things we noticed in the town of Chai -lie, was pink trash bins. The big rolling kind that are placed at the end of the driveway for dumping. These trash bins we the exact colour of pink used to promote breast cancer awareness. We must have seen at least a dozen spread out in various places throughout the little town. Must have been special order of some kind. They didn't appear to be 'painted' such as pink over or blue or green, but appeared to be the originally colour. What an interesting idea.

Fuzzy but that's where we're heading in the next week or so.

Our drive thru the country side was interesting as the blossoms are coming out, the water is high and laying in fields everywhere, we even seen a Tulip Tree in full flower. Amazingly pretty tree, but we didn't get a picture we were flying past and couldn't get the Dogsled stopped in time to take a pic without causing an accident. We opted for an accident free day. ~laugh~

Note the water puddles, lots of rain, see the pink trash bins?

Last night's dinner was a change of pace for us, we tried a new recipe and thought it was pretty good. We had Salsa Potatoes, made like Scalloped potatoes but with salsa instead of milk. I also added some Parm Cheese during the baking and some grated cheese after the baking process. It was very good, the salsa gave it a bit of zing to the taste. We had Honey Pecan Chicken Breast along with Rosemary Mushrooms/green beans. It was pretty good. Tonight's dinner will be different as well, Ham Steaks (which we've never had), Garlic Mashed Potatoes (with chicken broth instead of milk) and Italian Steamed Veggies. I think it's safe to assume we're back into the cooking mode again. ~laugh~ 

Timmies doesn't look quite right but it's still a Timmies

I talked with middle daughter Bradey today for a few minutes. We are tentatively getting together for dinner on Tuesday night. Not sure where or exactly what time but it'll be nice to see her and David again. It's been a while!! She's looking forward to her Honey Roasted Peanut Butter. ~laugh~ 

Rear entrance to Wendy's

Dr. Dube's (the OBGYN) staff called me yesterday regarding the message I left on their machine. When I explained the nightmare we've had trying to get ultra sounds and appointments accomplished she was very sympathetic and offered to squeeze Riley in next week but Riley said no. She's not interested in seeing this doctor, she's lost confidence in the whole bunch of them, staff and doctor. The lack of professionalism and competence by the office staff speaks volumes and Riley just doesn't think it's worth the emotional upheaval to book the appointment and possibly or not possibly see the doctor and what if she needs another appointment?  So I explained the best thing the office can do for Riley is to forward ALL the findings and test result to the new OBGYN when contacted. We left it at that.

Pretty nice back here

Dinner was fantastic, we both enjoyed the ham steak but found it to be salty. I think I would soak it next time, maybe change the water a couple of times as well to try to get rid of at least some of the salt. It's one of the reasons we don't eat a lot of ham, we find the salt is overwhelming in taste.

Water laying or in this case running in the fields

We have a few errands tomorrow and we're both looking forward to getting the last of the shopping handled before we start packing up things. The freezer is full of a number of items that are much cheaper here than back home. We can buy a big bag (8 cups) of grated cheese blend for about $9 here and back in Ontario it's $14 for the same bag. We bought a number of extra pounds of butter as well, along with some sauces we can't get back home. We like the ground turkey here as well so we've added a few of those too.

See the water around the trees

When we finally get across the border we need to go thru all of the goodies we've purchased and sort them out. We bought some things for both Bradey (David) and Courtney (Matt) that I know they like and can't get in Ontario. Bradey will pick hers up but Courtney is in Switzerland so I think I'll have to leave it with Matt's sister Amy. However Courtney will give me an answer I'm certain. ~laugh~

Well tended grass and gardens in Chili

After dinner did a quick clean up then pulled out the Yatzee game. About half way thru the game I forfeited to Riley. ~laugh~ I couldn't roll anything, barely getting doubles on any roll. ~laugh~ She was rolling huge numbers and big scores. I folded, I admit it. ~laugh~ She laughed and laughed. Of course I did too!!! I told her another night my mojo will be better. So we'll have to wait for another night to find out.

Tonight's dinner.

She's off doing her thing and I'm busy doing this so the place is pretty quiet now. The tick tock of the clock is the loudest noise in the Igloo. We're looking forward to more of these nights in the near future as well. With a zillion stars overhead and perhaps a campfire with some wood smoke in the air. is looking promising, isn't it?

Some blossoms on the trees

A birthday wish goes out today to my oldest nephew Allan, who's birthday falls on this day. Allan is my sister's only son and lives in North Bay, Ontario. Happy Birthday Allan, may this day bring only good things your way!!

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment. Until next safe, take care...


  1. Happy you and Riley are enjoying your time together. Your meals sound good and who would think Chai-Lie? It is like Huachuca city in Arizona. It is pronounced Wha-choo-ka. :) Love it. Happy Birthday Allan!I wish I'd brought more butter back, love their packaging and prices.

    1. Thank you Patsy, we are having a good time. We haven't been cooking lately, it's too windy here to use the Weber Q and we've been lazy. However we are getting back into the groove and enjoying it again. I love the individual sticks of butter, it makes life so much easier. I can say that some of the place names are real shockers when a local tells you the proper pronunciation. I sometimes wonder who came up with the spelling!