Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter ......

Our Location: Frost Ridge Campground, Le Roy, NY

The night was a warm one with windows/vents open but with a bit of  a cool breeze it was necessary to keep the duvet handy.  Today promises to be as warm as yesterday but with sunny skies for the most part, however the weather folks think we could get a passing shower or maybe not. It's hard to determine these things isn't it? Much like yesterday I suppose although our shower did come, left and came back at least twice more before the skies truly turned blue and the temps soared into the low 70F/22C range. 

He's looking for lunch!!

No post yesterday, no excuses other than I was lazy. ~laugh~ It happens and we all know it happens so why call it something else? Since we are just kind of waiting, putting in time it feels like most days are just lazy ones with little to occupy us. I know there are lots of things to see and do here but we just don't have the interest. I think we're getting tired of waiting but this week I'm certain will find the papers in hand and we can make it across the border back into Canada. We will however be back in Ontario Tuesday for two dr's appointments, one in the morning for Riley and one in the afternoon for me. In between we hope to have some other things accomplished as well, a couple of scripts renewed, blood work for both of us, and perhaps a visit with middle daughter, but we shall see how that goes. 

It's s sure sign of spring!

I'm tired of writing about the wind and I'm sure I'll be tired of reading about it when I look back on these posts but it is ever present here in this area. Growing up on a rock in the middle of Lake Huron I thought I was used to wind but I have to tell ya, this wind is relentless here. There doesn't seem to be a break of more than about an hour at any given time. ~laugh~ I'm sure there is but it just ALWAYS seems to be windy. We're parked in a kind of valley which I'm certain also has something to do with it and according to Pete the Enterprise driver from last week this area is on a 900 foot  plateau that almost always ensures the wind will be blowing. 

This tree is loaded with buds popping into new leaves.

Yesterday we took a walk up the park trail to the top of the ski hill and along the edge until we reached the hill we see directly out our front door. We came down that hill and I'm telling you it was steep. It certainly got the blood pumping both climbing up and coming down. Great views though. 

Still living, can you see the face in the trunk??

Very special birthday greetings today  to my brother Rick who turns another year older. Rick lives way up there on that rock in the middle of Lake Huron that I mentioned earlier.  Happy Birthday big brother. I hope this day is filled with all the good things you wish for and a few extras as well. I've been fortunate to have you as a brother even if I don't always tell you so.

These trees must be tough!

I read for a bit, then Riley pulled out a movie she'd bought recently called Passengers. It's very futuristic and she didn't think I'd watch it but it wasn't bad. Jennifer Lawrence and  Chris Pratt. There were very few people in the movie but it was pretty well done.

Some of them have extra growths.

After that I called brother Rick to wish him a happy birthday and we chatted for a while about my paperwork troubles, and just a number of things in general. Always nice to chat with folks back home.

More flowers getting ready to bloom.

Started to watch a movie this afternoon here on my computer with Yul Brenner called Catlow, based on a book by Louis L'Amour. Excellent author in his day and I enjoy reading his books. His series on the Sacketts is an enjoyable read. Starting with the forerunner Sackett coming to America the series winds its way thru the centuries to just about 1890. Yesterday I watched a two part movie with Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott and Jeff Osterhage which was based on two of the books in the series, The Sacketts and Daybreakers, they combined them into ONE movie. It differed a bit but it was still pretty much along the basic lines of the books. These three men also starred in the movie I watched a few days ago based on another book by L'Amour called Shadow Riders, where they once again played 3 brothers, but not the Sacketts.

Bright yellow and pale yellow daffs are in abundance in the gardens.

I know way too much information isn't it? ~laugh~ Oh well, it'll serve my memory in future years to remember these things which is one of the reason I write in this blog.

The Sugar Shack here at The Ridge.

The sun has been shining all day, the wind has been picking up enough to rock our little house on wheels but it's warm enough to have the big door open. Too windy for the tilt windows as the wind picks them up and either pulls the handles out or pushes the window closed so we're making due with vents, push up windows and the door.

Interesting fire pit here at the campground.

This afternoon I read for a bit then turned on my computer to do a bit of eyeing up the internet. ~laugh~ I found a movie I haven't seen for a long time, Mask, with Sam Elliott, Cher and Eric Stoltz based on a true story about a boy born with a deformity of the face. It was an excellent movie and I enjoyed it greatly. Its an old movie, probably mid to late 80's. I know this because there is a lot of Springsteen's music in the movie including Born in the USA which came out June 4, 1984. Being a Springsteen fan the music caught my attention.

The office/lodge/clubhouse here at The Ridge

Dinner was a large garden salad for me, Riley made herself some scrambled eggs. We managed to do the sink full of dishes that had accumulated and before we knew it it was already 8 pm. Can you believe we had sunny skies and warm weather pretty much most of the day and with the sinking of the sun the temps have dropped too but not the wind, it's still going strong, it has died down a bit more but some gusts still rock the Igloo!!

The ski hill out our front door.

So as you can see, not an exciting day but we managed to get thru it all the same. Tomorrow we have a few ideas of things that we'd like to do, things we have to do and of course things that we think we might do but won't. ~laugh~ You know how that goes, don't ya?

Happy Easter to all!!!

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care...

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