Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rain, wind, coolish....

Our Location: Frost Ridge Campground, Le Roy, NY

From dead calm last night with the windows open I woke up about 4:30 am to the sound of a wind rattling my window. It's a tilt window but the direction we're parked the wind catches the inside and lifts it slightly, yesterday the handle actually slide out of the little hole. ~laugh~ Anyone knowing much about RV escape windows knows what a pain it is to get the handle back inside. Removing the screen is easy but getting it back in is much more difficult or at least for me it is. I had visions of me taking the screen out yet again to get the window to close but I  managed to get it closed before that happened. So from that point on I was awake this morning even after shutting the window. 

The temps weren't cold, 62F/16.6C but with the forecast for rain, it's kind of gloomy and some what damp. We're supposed to hit 67F/19.4C today but I'm not sure if it will feel like that. As I type this right now at 8:07 am the rain drops have started I can see them on the kitchen window as the drops are coming from a westerly direction. Not hard but enough to get things wetter as they haven't dried up from the floods yet. In fact some of the flood waters are still pretty evident in one of the lowest parts of the park. 

Flood waters are almost gone in this part of the park.

We have absolutely no plans today at all. We're having left over soup for dinner and that means no cooking. Yeah ME!! ~laugh~ Looks like a reading and movies kind of day here today. I want to do some research with regards to rental cars, we may need one for Friday if the papers haven't come thru before then. I need to rent a vehicle to cross the border as Riley has an early morning appointment Friday at St Joe's ultra sound clinic. We'll go just for the appointment and come back to the Igloo. Hopefully we'll be crossing before then but if not perhaps the weekend will find us with permission to cross. We shall see how things go.

The rental car research went well except it appears that Enterprise won't come to pick me up which means I need to leave the Dogsled at their place of business for the night. Not sure if I like that but oh well, have to do what we have to do. I'll need the rental from some time on Thursday afternoon until some time Friday afternoon, we can drop it off on our way back to the Igloo. I'm a little nervous about this as crossing the border can be iffy at best and we have to leave the cat behind on Friday. We can't take her with us as we have no where to leave her except in the car for the appointment in downtown Hamilton. She's fine for the day by herself but I'm a bit concerned if we have trouble getting back across the border what will happen to her. Oh well, we'll deal with it if and when it happens.

These are wicked looking trees, huh?

I'm sure these kids in the park are home schooled, at least two of them anyway. The loud boy seems to be here most of the time, easily noticed because he's so loud. ~laugh~ I think he would get on my nerves if I stayed here too long. I don't think he has a 'normal' tone of voice or a less than 3/4 volume button at any time. To say he's never stealthy would be an understatement. ~laugh~

They have a little blue tractor here in the park, I think it's a Holland. They've been doing some work here the past couple of days which requires the use of the little blue toy. They keep it in a garage which of course reminds me of Richard's John Deere tractor which lived in our garage. They don't appear to baby it the same way but they keep it inside and out of the weather for the most part. Today they used it today in the rain, Richard would have dried his off IF he had used it in the rain. ~laugh~  We had the big door open for a bit today and each time the tractor went by the cat ran to the door to watch it. She seems to attracted by the noise each time. It's kind of funny to watch her. As soon as it goes by she leaves the door. ~laugh~ Since we didn't have her when Richard was living it's not something she associates with us.

This part of the park is still under water, those are sites in that water trough.

Windy here at The Ridge, the rain blew in and out and in again before seeming to move on past but there is still a possibility of rain tonight. The temps managed to reach the projection of 67F/19.4C but with the wind it didn't feel that warm, in fact everyone had on jackets, long pants and a few folks had something on their heads, either a toque or a hoodie. Almost everyone is wearing rubber boots too or some form of ducky boots. The ground is so saturated with water that it's almost impossible to get off the gravel driveways even just walking.

I managed to drop off for a nap today, I was tired for some reason. Maybe because I'm not doing anything. Haven't walked for a long time but looking forward to getting back to it once we have a place to walk. I spent most of the day reading today, but not The Bleachers by Grisham, I went back to my e-reader and pulled up a book called The Profiler, a book written by Chris Taylor based in Sydney, Australia. It was pretty good and I'd read another by him if I found one but I don't think I'd go out of my way to look for one. It wasn't a very long book and I finished it about an hour ago. I pulled up something called The Witch Tree by Karin Kaufman but I'm not sure if I'll read it or not. Seems to have to link the Wiccan/witchcraft/druids type of stuff which isn't my thing.

Nice in-ground pool, closed but nice.

I think we'll head out to Batavia tomorrow to do some groceries. It's about a half hour from here and they have a Walmart, I looked it up. I want to pick up a few things such as more Blue Def, a spare tire cover for the Igloo, and some groceries of course. We eat a lot veggies and fruit and you can't keep those on hand very long so we seem to shop often, or maybe we just eat a lot. I'm not sure. ~laugh~  We also need to find a Dollar Tree to pick up a couple of items as well although that might wait until we are back in Ontario as it might be cheaper. The Dollar Tree is the only store that is truly a dollar store, everything is $1,(In Ontario I believe everything is $1.25) unlike the others, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollarama, etc, which have more prices over a dollar than just a dollar.

I've been hoping to get the Weber Q out to do some BBQ'ing but with this wind I doubt we'll pull it out. I am going to have the propane tanks all topped up before we leave the US though. It's much cheaper down here than back in Ontario. To exchange a small tank here is about $12-15 but in Ontario it's $20-25. When I exchange my bigger 30 lb tank in Ontario it's at the $40 range, down here I can have it filled with between $20-30.  Down here they bleed the tanks so they truly are FULL when we take them away. We've used the small tank a lot with the BBQ and a few times with propane heater and it's getting pretty low. I think we last exchanged it in Robertsdale, Alabama at the local Walmart. We left that area Feb 20 so I'm expecting it to run dry any day now. Of course we have to use it for it to run dry. ~laugh~ We had the big tank filled at Montgomery, Alabama when we stayed at Gunter Hill Park, it was about $22 plus tax which put it about $25. We left there January 16 and haven't touched the big tanks since. We've run the furnace a few times, travelled so the fridge would revert to propane, our hot water is propane, and we've used the inside stovetop/oven a number of times. I think it must be running low as well. So I think I'll have them both topped up before we pull out.

Playground for the wee folks.

The unit beside us is empty but the fella was there today de-winterizing by the looks and sounds of things. He was busy doing a lot of banging and stuff over there. I guess the season starts here pretty soon as the weather is getting nicer and American's are big on camping even just for the weekend. There are a few PERMANENT sites here which appear to be more 'house' with siding and a roof, etc to help with the cold weather, but there are also a number of seasonal sites that have units on them, closed up for the season. I haven't walked the park as it's too wet and muddy for that but I think they have about 50 sites. The spot we're parked in is very close to the lodge/office and so we only have a neighbour on one side, this side of the park looks more compact than the other side. I don't think I'd like to stay here long everything is on a hill unless you build a deck nothing is level for tables, chairs, etc. I think that would get old pretty fast.

Two little girls just knocked on the door to see if we wanted to buy some lemonade. Too cute. I heard one of the owners yell at them and they soon disappeared so I'm assuming he sent them on their way with a lecture about bothering the campers. I think one may be the daughters of one of the owners, and the loud boy also seems to be connected to the girls in some way. Today I heard some yelling and drama crying going on, looked out and noticed one of the owners was tossing things in the dumpster to which the two little girls were crying and yelling but it appeared to be dad giving orders and the girls arguing. Finally I heard him tell them to get up to the house, so I think my assumptions might have been right. ~laugh~

I believe this is the start/end of the ski lift operation drowning in the flood

It's already 5 pm and the day has slipped past faster than I can believe. Funny how some times when you are waiting time rushes by but other times it drags, ever notice that? I'm hoping for it to pass slowly so they can get the papers in order but it's speeding ahead, waiting for no one. ~laugh~ Oh well, this can't last forever, can it? ~laugh~

Riley opted for left over pasta tonight which means more soup for me, I'm good with that. ~laugh~  It's almost 7:30 pm and I'm going to post this early as I think I'll watch a movie tonight and it won't be over for a while so I'll be too tired to post.

That's us down there, see the Dogsled?

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next time...be safe, take care....

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