Monday, April 17, 2017

A good news day!!!!!!

Our Location: Frost Ridge Campground, Le Roy, NY

(all pics taken with my phone on April 13/14)

A cooler overnight but not a bad one. The Igloo was a bit cold this  morning but the propane heater warmed us up right quick!!! The day was sunny for the most part, warmish with a cooling breeze. Too cold with windows/door open today but it was a comfortable day with a jacket. 

We rented this car for our first trip to Hamilton, Ontario

This morning found me changing linens and sorting laundry, there is a laundry facility here and we made good use of it. Dave was a sweetheart to get me some quarters as I was two short of being able to finish the laundry. ~laugh~ We did three loads and we have two more if we should decide to do them. Top loaders won't take as big a load as a front loader so the divided loads were necessary. Reasonable though, $1.75 to wash and $1.25 to dry (45minutes) and I was happy with the results. We finished our three loads by 11 am. Started just before 8 am. So no complaints. 

Early morning travelling on I-90
Email from Laura at the dealership today. She has my title in hand and will overnight all the paperwork to me TONIGHT. It will arrive here tomorrow but we won't be here, we'll be in Hamilton at two dr's appointments. We will either have it waiting for us when we return or we will be off to the courier office to pick it up on Wednesday but either way, I will have it in hand in the next day or two. The broker has received his copy and was processing it today. Hopefully the whole thing goes into the CBP tomorrow or Wednesday, they have it two days and we should be good to cross. I'm hoping by Friday we'll have the go ahead and cross if not Friday then over the weekend if that's possible. Yeah, yeah, yeah...Can you tell we're happy? ~laugh~ 

Lake Erie far off in the distance

The fellas that own the Ridge Campground are so wonderful. They offered us a gift of a week's stay if we didn't hear anything by Friday. According to Dave, we all need to be treated nicely once in awhile. I think these two fellas, Dave and Greg are so very sweet and special. I'm truly awed by their generosity and their understanding. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Ridge at any time. It's convenient to many things, they have a lot of activities here during the busy season, they are open all year, they bring in some great entertainment and it's a wonderful place. Dave and Greg are just the nicest fellas, friendly, welcoming, and always with a smile. If you ever get to the area don't hesitate to look them up, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Frost Ridge Campground, 8101 Conlon Road, Le Roy, NY.
This guy passed us on our travels along I-90
The day was spent enjoying the news and putting in our time. Reading for the most part was my thing, of course we cleaned this morning, with Riley doing the majority of the work since I was off at the laundry doing that. Thanks for the extra help Miss Riley, it made things go much easier!!! 
Ontario car sitting near the hospital
About 4 pm I headed out to Batavia to Enterprise Rental to pick up our car for tomorrow's journey to Hamilton, Ontario. I left the Dogsled in a Burger King lot with the okay from the Manager (seems a lot of people do that), the Enterprise lot is too small to allow customers to park their vehicles there. We have a silver sedan, a Hyundai Elantra for our adventure tomorrow. I filled it with fuel on the way home. ~laugh~ 
St Joseph's Hospital front entrance, Hamilton, Ontario
Dinner was a quick affair, chicken breasts in the oven and sauteed veggies of mushrooms, green beans, asparagus, peppers and garlic. We followed that with some peaches. Nothing fancy but it was okay. We're looking forward to some bbq soon. ~laugh~ 
U.S. Tim Horton's at the service area along I-90
I called my dad tonight to share our good news. I know he's been worrying about it. I think it's put his mind at ease. 
So there you have it, a good news day but not exciting otherwise. Of course doing the laundry was also good, means we won't be running around in dirty clothes or naked. ~laugh~  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed our news 'cause I was sure happy to share it. ~laugh~  On that note, until next safe, take care...


  1. Hello there, I just started following your blog since you commented on mine. I needed to go back a few posts to try and understand what you had been waiting for and catch up on the story. I think I have it figured out that you are buying a car in NY? Congrats, you sound very excited! May I suggest something? I like your writing but it is very very tiny and hard to read, for me anyway. Would you consider enlarging the font at all? Just a suggestion, of course! Take care, good luck with the car.

    1. Hello Patsy. Welcome, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I've adjusted the font for all future posts, I hope that helps. I purchased a truck in Alabama earlier, we had a bit of trouble with the paperwork due to misunderstandings but we've finally got it all straightened out. I've been reading your blog for some time and enjoy it a great deal, your style, insights, and thoughts are always well presented. Your winter travels certainly added to my desire to head west next year to enjoy some of those sights first hand. Thanks again for stopping by.