Monday, May 1, 2017

Rainy last day in Hamilton.....

Our Location: Walmart, Hamilton, Ontario

(sorry no pics tonight)

The last couple of nights and days have been similar in many ways and yet different in others. Mornings are cool bordering on cold, wind is a constant and the wet weather makes everything seem colder. Even on a nice day the wind off of Lake Ontario cools things greatly. Tonight is warmer than we've had it for a while, hope we've turned the corner on the cold weather. 

 We took Saturday and Sunday as days of rest with a bit of wandering but not much. Yesterday (Sunday) was so cold, damp and rainy that we stayed in all day and just put in the day. This morning we by passed cleaning day to just a tidy up day, and I left the Igloo about 9:30 am this morning not returning until 4 pm this afternoon. To say it was a long day is an understatement. I arrived at Ozlo's repair shop on Hwy 56 between Elfrida and Binbrook right on time for the boys to pull the Dogsled into the bay for it's safety check. It was nice to see the fellas, Steve, Larry and Patrick, haven't seen them since last fall. Patrick did the safety, Steve was around, and Larry took the money and did the paperwork. It was a slow process and while my appointed hour was 10 am I didn't get out of the shop until 11:30 am. From there I headed off to find someplace to balance my tires, pick up some diesel fuel and grabbed a coffee. A couple of places could do the balance this afternoon with big swings in the price from $85 at the first place to $40 at the next. However since I had a 1 pm appointment at Pyetts for the emissions test some one suggested I get the balance done there as they also do it. 

At 12:40 pm I pulled into the yard at Pyetts for my appointment, went inside gave over the keys and asked about the balance. They didn't know if they had time but they'd see when the emissions test was over. They took the truck right away even though I was early. The truck was back out by about 1:15 pm and I asked about the balancing of the tires. They said they didn't feel any issues when they took it for a ride but Patrick- from Ozlo's (like me) had found a serious issue around the 100km mark. I asked them to do it anyway. At 3:30 pm I finally asked at the window if it would be much longer and was told it would be out shortly. Ten minutes later it came out of the shop. The entire bill for emissions and balancing came to $120. I was pleased. 
The rain today was intermittent but very hard at times, we had some thunder, some lightning, some wind and the ditches were running full to the brim in most places. So much water laying in fields everywhere, small rivers running down the middle of many fields as the water tries to escape but with the ditches all full there really isn't anywhere for it to go. 

Everything is good for the next step which is to go to Service Ontario to get my own plates back on the Dogsled, change insurance companies again and I'll be finished. I'm hoping by the end of the week to be all finished. 

Riley spent the day at the Igloo doing whatever it was that struck her fancy. She informed me she had a nap and spent some time just lazing about. She was ready to get out for a bit when I got home. I had a quick bite to eat and we headed out to do a few little things. 
Dr. Dube called this afternoon to inform us that we are going to be seeing a Gynecologist in Sudbury by the name of Dr. Wallace. Everything was faxed to this doctor this afternoon and we're waiting to hear more from Dr Dube regarding the appointment date. Dr Dube is certainly giving us her full attention as it was she that spoke to me this afternoon and promised to call me again when they have an appointment date.

First stop in our errands was Princess Auto we needed a few little things and I knew for sure they would have what I wanted and sure enough, they had everything except the inverter I wanted. The ones they had were too big but I'll keep looking. After that it was off to Canadian Tire to check our their inverters and walking sticks. We came home with the walking sticks. After that it was a stop at No Frills for a few little grocery items and I was given a slug that attaches to the key chain so I won't have to hunt for a coin to get a cart any more. From there we headed back to our old neighbourhood to visit Chris and Shaunna MacNeil. They were kind enough to keep a small bistro table and chairs for us over the winter and we picked them up tonight. We brought back a bottle of Mike's Southern Peach Chipotle BBQ sauce for them as a little thank you. Chris looks amazing, he's dropped 50 lbs and looks wonderful. Shaunna is always a pretty lady and hasn't changed though she just turned 40 a few weeks ago. Such nice folks they are, always enjoyed their company. Daughter Ashley was there to greet us and it was wonderful to see her as well. We didn't see son Riley though, not sure where he was tonight. A quick visit with them and we headed back to the Igloo. I dropped Riley off with the groceries and headed back to the storage locker as I remembered we wanted something from there but it was too far back into the locker and I decided not to dig that far. Back home I helped finish up the groceries, we headed into Walmart to get a couple of things, including a chicken for dinner. 
After that it was a matter of just hanging out and resting. I had to run a small errand shortly after 9 pm and then headed back into Walmart to return an inverter we had purchased just this afternoon. It didn't have a 12 V plug just the pins to connect to the battery, and that isn't what I wanted. I'll just keep looking. 
So that's it, our day in short order.  Tomorrow we are heading north and both of us are looking forward to that. We aren't sure how far we'll make it, perhaps only as far as Parry Sound or maybe we'll push a bit to make it to Lively as we are going to be stopping there for a day at least to visit with Randy and Linda. After that it's a short 3 hour drive to our summer location. We're getting closer and closer. ~!laugh~
Thanks for stopping by, until next safe, take care.....


  1. Nice to get things all taken care of before you head north. Good luck with your inverter hunt, I got a nice one at Home Depot that plugs in.

    1. Thanks George. I'll look at Home Depot next time I'm in the city.

  2. I'm tired just reading about all of your errands involving the Dogsled. Good for you getting it all done. A slug for the carts at No Frills? What a good idea, I had to keep a quarter in the cup holder when I shopped there.

    1. The carts at the Hamilton No Frills are a Loonie now. The girl didn't want to break a $20 so she just gave me the slug. I like that idea.