Monday, April 10, 2017

Very windy, warm day here at The Ridge......

Our Location: Frost Ridge Campground, Le Roy, NY

Morning for me started about 4 am when I suddenly woke up wide awake and all hopes of sleep were gone. The Igloo was warm and the night was just as warm as it used to be in Mississippi. It was a nice one!! Morning temps started in the mid 50's/ 12-13C and promised to go up from there, just not sure how high today. Long range looks like a couple of coolish-cold night time temps but oh well, it is what it is. 

It's a sign of spring..isn't it?

Monday you know what that means right? Cleaning day. I knew you'd get it, it's almost habit now, isn't it? ~laugh~ So we did the usual deeds and chores with a few extras tossed in just because we could. ~laugh~ Didn't take long, as it never usually does. I'm still thinking about breakfast and it's pushing 10 o'clock. I should probably get on that. ~laugh~ 

Another garden and more signs

Finished my book this morning, Dead Even by Brad Metzer, excellent read. I enjoyed every page of it. I'm looking forward to finding some more books from this guy, he's got a style that I like. My next venture into fiction is The Bleachers by John Grisham. Riley recently finished it. No book exchange here at the Ridge, or at least I haven't seen any, I'll have to ask one of the fellas. 

Pretty aren't they?

The campground has been fairly busy for an early weekend in April. Lots of kids around, their voices could be  heard quite easily with the big door open yesterday. We've even seen a few of them hanging around today. Must be home schoolers or something. They didn't look ill, and I know of no holiday from school. Oh well.

There are a number of these trees around and they all about the same, warty. ~laugh~ 

 I spent my morning (after cleaning) doing some work on the computer, figuring out the amount of CAD I spent on the Dogsled, putting my bank statements in a format that I can print out to have with me if necessary. I also spent some time doing a few other business things as well. Waiting is hard work. ~laugh~  I did a few catch up posts on Facebook, and started today's blog post, finally gave up on breakfast and just settled for lunch. ~laugh~

View from the entry drive back toward the south part of Conlon Road

With lunch I watched a movie, Riley wasn't interested but that was okay I enjoyed it all the same. Viggo Mortenson and Ed Harris in The History of Violence. It was quite good, and I truly do enjoy both of these actors, they always seem to nail their parts just right.  After that one I flipped the disc over and watched Edward Norton in American History X, it was very excellent as well. Tells the story of a white supremacist that goes to prison for murder but has a change of heart or an education behind bars, try's to change when he gets out. It's a very good movie as well. Avery Brooks was also in this movie, he's such a cool actor. ~laugh~

Looks like some kind of small tree farm across Conlon Road from here.

After that I decided I needed to get outside for a bit and grabbed the big camera to take a few pics. So the next few days will be pics taken today. Spring is definitely in the air, the daffs are starting to bloom, the tulips are starting to fill out, the buds are coming out, and the wind is howling around here like crazy. Glad we aren't driving today, it would be a nail biter for certain!!!!

Still some water laying around but the level is going down

I was tempted to get the BBQ out to do dinner, it's certainly warm enough but it's too windy, it would never stay lit. We have the big door open and some windows, the breeze is almost warm but not quite. Temps are 75F/23.8C today but with the wind I'm guessing it's more like high 60's/about 20C. The cat is loving this weather with the big door open she sits there most of the day watching AND sniffing. ~laugh~ Must be a whole bunch of new smells for her at each new location.

Buds on the gnarly trees around here


Today marks the 4th year since Joe passed at the age of 95, April 10, 2013. He was a special old fella, crusty, ornery, he had a big heart when it came to immediately family and grandkids. He had a way about him that would get him called Ratfink often. ~laugh~ A devilish little grin would appear whenever he was enjoying the bickering he started but walked away leaving everyone else still bickering. ~laugh~ He was something!!!! For those that don't know who Joe is, he was my father in law.

HRH snoozing in the sunshine.

I spent the rest of the afternoon prepping dinner, and reading.We had JD Smoke House BBQ Chicken Breasts, Taco Rice, and steamed veggies, followed by some more peaches for dessert. I'm telling ya folks it was good.

Mower outside the Lodge here at The Ridge

Quick clean up, couple games of Yahtzee, ~dancing~ I won and I rolled 2 Yahtzees and it was all pure luck ~laugh~ I've won a lot lately but I know Riley is just gearing up to start winning again, I can feel it. So I have to take these wins where and when I can get 'em. ~laugh~

Dinner tonight, haven't had a food pic in a while.

Time to finish my post and then read some more. I hear some kids still out and about at this hour of 8:30 pm and they are noisy. They were absent most of the afternoon but started the noise making just about 5:30 pm or so. It's mostly a boy, he's very loud, yells all the time and literally screams at the top of his lungs. I think he needs a good kick in the ......behind. ~laugh~ Anyway, I'm not his parent and so I have nothing else to add about him. On a different note, the wind died down totally this evening, and it's very calm outside. Looks like we'll be sleeping with some windows open tonight. 

On that note, thanks for dropping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care....

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