Monday, April 10, 2017

Slow, restful day...

Our Location: Frost Ridge Campground, Le Roy, NY

Woke this morning to sunny skies and 36F/2C but it's promising to be a much warmer day. The night must have been good but to be honest I didn't hear anything. I shut the light off at 8:30 pm and heard NOTHING until 6:30 am, not a sound. ~laugh~ I guess I was tired. 

I spent the next hour and a half just catching up on some emails, facebook and adding pics to the few blog posts I neglected on travel days. The outside temps are warming up steadily and it's going to be a wonderful day.

There were actually 4 but one was much further out than these three

Riley was up just about 8 am and so our day started. Not that there is anything pressing here but we're up, dressed, and looking for breakfast, discussing dinner plans and debating about a movie today. We'll see how that turns out, lately we haven't watched any.

Frost Ridge Campground from the front of our Igloo

A shout out to our good friend Steve Mitchell from Devencrest Rv Park in Albany, GA as today marks another birthday for him. He's a fantastic guy, a true gentleman in every sense of the word. He has wonderful sense of humour, a warm, generous gent, always quick to help, with a warm engaging smile. Happy Birthday Steve!!!!

This is part of our view from the front door.

The day kind of slipped away as we rested and waited. I spent a good part of the afternoon watching a movie with Sam Elliot and Tom Selleck called Shadow Riders, based on a book by famed author Louis L'Amour. I've seen it before a long time ago but it was a good watch all the same. I also broke open a boxed set called Bordertown that I picked up for next to nothing, it's also a western theme with the story line based on the 49th parallel with US and Canada having a line down the middle of the law office. The usual issues of crossing the line, law, etc. I watched a few half hour episodes with tons more to go. ~laugh~ Maybe I'll watch the rest, maybe I won't, time will tell.

This water is pretty much all gone now

Riley made dinner, Linguine with 4 kinds of cheese, it was pretty good. We topped it off with some peaches. Good stuff. After that it was more reading and then to bed. I was so involved in the book Dead Even by Brad Metzer I totally forgot about finishing my post. ~laugh~ So now you know why it's late.

Water is still coming out steady from the office area

Other than that, not one thing is new here. We are waiting and hopefully not for long.

On that note, thanks for visiting, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care.... 

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