Friday, April 7, 2017

Snow covered day, then drip, drip, drip....

Our Location: Punderson State Park, Newbury, Ohio

A cold night with temps dipping below the freeze mark, snow mixed with rain then turning back to snow fell off and on most of the night. The wind was also present. We’re parked closed to a small lake type body of water and the wind is just whipping across there. Not the nicest of places in this weather but it’s only for two nights then I’m hopeful we’ll move on further north, closer to the border and a bit more out away from the lake. I’m hoping to move to a park with FULL hook ups, not just water and electric.

We woke up to this, and it snowed and blew most of the morning

The temps today will be cold and tonight as well but tomorrow should warm up nicely and the next two days after that even better, so this is just a short term thing. It’s one of the reasons I don’t come this direction as the wind and water off Lake Erie can cause late snows and cold temps. However I thought we had a clear track but with everything happening, it’s just not so. So we’ll just suck it up Buttercup and wait it out. ~laugh~

Not the best nights sleep I’ve ever had, waking up at 4 am and not being able to go back to sleep. I tried all the usual fixes but none of them worked. I finally fell back asleep but at what time I don't know. I woke up to Miss Riley standing at the foot of my bed rummaging in the closet. It was almost 8 am. I heard the snow plow going by, not the big road plow but a contractor with a truck and blade snow plow at least twice. Looking outside makes me want to point southward again. Fresh snow and it's really coming down still. Supposed to taper off by around 1 pm. I won't tell you my thoughts on this white stuff as this is a public posting. ~laugh~ MAYBE I'll go outside later and take some pictures when I go out to hook up the propane heater. I'll have to do my best Buttercup (suck it up Buttercup) impression when I go do that. ~laugh~ 

A good few inches of snow, look at the accumulation on the arms of the mirror and window of the truck.

No travel today, the roads will be ugly and I'm not going to chance this hilly country that I don't know well with even just the Dogsled unless it's necessary. I'm part chicken, didn't ya know? Don't ask about my feathers. ~laugh~

I ventured outside in the cold weather to get the propane heater set up outside, the tank from the truck, the hose hooked up and feed thru the window, the heater from the basement, inside and connected to the hose, connections checked and fired it up. While outside I can tell you the wind, and snow were cold and my mittens were soaked quickly. I managed to snap some pics with the big camera before hurrying back inside to warm up.

You can't see the snow coming down but it's there, but about an hour or so after this pic was taken it started to melt and drip off of everything, you could hear chunks sliding and falling off the Igloo.

It was almost 11 before I realized I hadn't had breakfast. ~laugh~ I immediately fixed the issue with two large Shredded Wheat. I just love that stuff, add some milk, pop it in the microwave for a minute and it's excellent. Being so close to lunch I then didn't need any lunch. However we made home made veggie soup today and it was ready around 5 pm and I had my dinner early for the same reason I had breakfast late. ~laugh~ Riley opted to eat later than I did. We both had two bowls, it was that good. And no I didn't take a picture but there's enough left for tomorrow for one bowl each. It was good stuff. I added a few ingredients I don't normally add to veggie soup, I added fresh asparagus and canned butter beans. I must say I liked both of them.

It was wet and heavy, full of water and finally started melting shortly after this pic.

By afternoon the temp was up to a balmy 43F/6.5C and things were melting quickly. As I write this blog at 10 pm there is still snow on the ground but it's going quickly. Tomorrow will be a warmer day still and the snow will be gone quickly. We will be pulling out tomorrow heading further north but a bit more east, further east than I would like but it can't be helped, I can't find any open campgrounds in the immediate area so we will be staying about 50 miles from the Peace Bridge in Buffalo.

We spent the day resting, chatting, doing a few odd things, reading and just staying warm. With both the electric heater and the propane heater going the Igloo was toasty warm all day.

Looking southward toward the warm weather we just left....

So that was our day, nothing exciting but we managed to put the time in easily. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care...

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