Friday, February 24, 2017

Some sunshine, some rain, some heat and a busy day....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

A warm night, followed by a bit of fog this morning and some warm temps throughout the rest of the day. A splash of rain this afternoon but nothing to drastic, just enough to have to 'close' stuff. ~laugh~ 

Friendship Oak

Up at the fire around 7 am this morning I enjoyed some chatter with a few folks, Riley managed to make it up there as well. Around 8:30 we headed back to the Igloo and breakfast. Of course our meal was delayed while I handled some business with Verizon and then had a shower due to the smokey smell of the wood fire. Riley sorted the laundry while I showered, and I packed it up while she showered. We made a good team. Breakfast and a quick discussion soon had us out the door around 10 a.m. 

It's now fenced off, and you can't near enough to take your picture with it.

Our first stop was the regular parking lot we park in when we walk at the beach. This time however we went west instead of our usual east. We enjoyed our hour's walk, the sunshine was warm, the breeze cooled us off enough to keep us from getting hot and we made it back to the Dogsled in good shape. 

Branches drooping to the ground, too heavy to hold up..

We headed East along US90 after our walk to the University Campus and the Friendship Oak. A Living Oak that is over 500 years old and still in really good shape. They have put a fence around it to keep people from climbing on it now, but it's still a magnificent thing to see. Even though there are many mature oaks on the property, they all seem to be dwarfed compared to the Friendship Oak. The branches are literally too heavy to be supported and have drooped to the ground, some actually taking root they've settled so far into the ground before they head back up skyward. It's amazing how big this tree is, how they've cut off numerous ends of branches to ensure that the roadway is still operational. It produces millions of small acorns each year and is green all year around. A Living Oak does not shed it's leaves until new ones are present to push them off, not a bud but a real full opened leaf. 
More dripping branches....see how twisted they are?
From the Friendship Oak we came back to the Igloo so Riley could rest, she's not feeling so well today. I think the rest will do her some good. I headed out to Railroad Street and the Laundromat besides Wards. Not many people in there today and the machines are very nice, very new and excellent working. Although the flat rate was $3 per load, it didn't take long to add a quarter, fifty cents, or even seventy-five cents to the price depending on which water temp and wash cycle you chose. However it was still nice to have a choice and I took full advantage of that. Drying was over pretty quickly as well, folding took some time though. However I managed to wash, dry, fold and hang all the laundry and still be home around 3 p.m. Then it was time to put it all away, which Riley helped with. 
This tree looks small in comparison to the Friendship Oak, look how big the trunk is....
I grabbed a few things to eat as I'd missed lunch. After that I enlisted Miss Riley to help me level up the Igloo. We've been slowly sinking on one side as we've settled into about 2 or 2 1/2 inches of mud. It made us tip to one side and so today we fixed that by moving slightly back and forward while putting a 2 inch board under one side. The folks in the campground were all watching, wondering if we were leaving or what we were doing. It was too funny to see them craning their necks and watching. You could just hear them chattering. ~laugh~ 
This tree is about the same size as the one I'm hugging....
After leveling us up we headed up to the fire for a minute to explain that we weren't leaving, that we are in fact staying and were only leveling up. That seemed to put them more at ease. Back home I sat down to read some more of my book. It's a pretty good book, a western by Louis L'Amour called Western Tide. 
Just a couple of the many sculptures along US 90 using the remains of the trees Katrina killed back in her time.
Around 6 p.m. I started cutting up some veggies for dinner tonight, only carrots, green beans, and mushrooms, to that I squeezed an orange over it and grated some zest into the veggies. MMmmmmm...good stuff. Served along side of white rice and mild Italian Sausage we had a good dinner. Truly enjoyed it with just enough orange on the veggies to make it mouth watering. 
Tells about the Friendship Oak
After a quick clean up inside and out, a walk to the dumpster, and around to the fire pit for a while. Always an interesting crew up at the fire. We only stayed for a short time, about a half hour then home to do our own things. 
It was yummy........
So that was our day, nothing too exciting but it was interesting enough for us. Hope you enjoyed your visit, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care.....

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