Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Two posts in one tonight

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

All pics taken with my phone

Two warm days and nights in a row, one would think it's spring time here. ~laugh~ Slept with the vents open last night, but tonight they are calling for rain so they are closed. Even with covers the wind always seems to be blowing the water directly INTO the face of the vent. So of course the tiny screens just spread the water out. ~laugh~ 

This soft pink bud is just days from opening

I'm combining yesterday and today's posts together since they were duplicate days of each other. We didn't do a whole lot for a couple of reasons but mostly because we are lazy. ~laugh~ The only thing we actually did of any consequence was walk both days. Yesterday we walked along S Pecan Street, and today we walked the Antique Rose Trail from the Train Station. 

Amazing to see roses blooming in February

The rest of the days were spent idly doing a bit of cleaning, a bit of research, a bit of 'to do' list, as well as some reading, some chatting with the folks back home and of course just enjoying the fine weather. Tomorrow if the weather is nice we have some tentative plans. 

Some of the roses are in full bloom

The weather forecast is calling for rain tonight but so far we've not had a single drop and I haven't looked at the weather since around 5:30 pm so maybe it's changed. 

Some are starting to wither....

I talked to my Aunt last night for a while, always a treat to chat with her. We caught up, gossiped, and generally just had a nice visit on the phone. 

Pretty Yellow, I wonder if this is a peace rose?

Tonight's dinner was good, Bourbon BBQ chicken breasts, Garlic Onion Potatoes and Chicken stuffing. We cooked the chicken and potatoes on the bbq but the stuffing was cooked in the microwave. A good dinner, a bit different but we enjoyed it. 

Lots of buds in various stages...

The pictures today are all from the Antique Rose Garden Trail.

Sorry for the short post but nothing exciting. Thanks for dropping by, until next time, be safe, take care......

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