Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hot today......starting to pack up....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

(all pics taken with my phone)

Morning dawned with lots of dew this morning but warm. Fog was thick overnight and was also still hovering a bit first thing this morning. Fog advisories were issued last night and this morning, it was just like soup. 

Getting greener every day...

This morning was cleaning day as tomorrow we are moving. So first things first, we cleaned, vacuumed, scrubbed, wiped, dusted, swept and tidied up everything in sight. Always makes me feel good to have a clean Igloo. That brought the time to almost 9 am. We are getting lazy and not rolling out until 7:30 am these days. I'm usually awake long before then but try to stay quiet to let Miss Riley get her beauty rest, kind mother that I am. ~laugh~ 

Trees are starting to push out leaves...

Breakfast was a bowl of strawberries and blue berries, to leisurely pick at while reading our books. No hurry to get out the door, it is Sunday after all. Riley opted to stay home, she's not feeling well. Started last night with just being achy all over. She goes from hot to cold to hot again quickly and since she's too young for menopause I'm sure it's the flu. ~laugh~ So I headed out by my lonesome to S. Pecan Street and did our walk there. The pics are from that walk. 

Flowers are starting to bloom along the roadside

Signs of spring are everywhere, flowers are blooming, trees are leafing out, bees, hornets, and such are everywhere. The grass is green, the sun holds a lot of heat in it's rays and the air is moist. I don't think I could manage in the south during the summer, way too much humidity. At 1:30 pm the temp is 80F/26.7 C and the skies are bluer than blue, with not a cloud to be seen anywhere. Riley is currently napping at this hour and I think I may just have a little lay down myself. ~laugh~ Later when it cools off a bit I'll start unhooking, packing and just getting things kind of ready to take off tomorrow. It's not a far drive but it'll take us most of the morning. We don't intend to travel too fast, and it's pretty much all interstate driving anyway. We'll go north to I-10 and take that west until we grab our exit in Mississippi which I think from memory will be #28 or #29, but I'll know it when I see it.

Pic for my dad, Graveyard, Produce, dead end....ring any bells? ~laugh~

A quick chat to Roy when I got back from my walk, he moved his truck to the back of his trailer so it will allow us an easier exit path in the morning. Very sweet of him. I had just planned to head the other way and take the loop around the park and head out but he's made life a bit simpler for us. Neither he nor Miss Pat want us to leave. They think we should stay longer. ~laugh~ I of course told Roy that I couldn't stay any longer due to his being too much of a pain in the...~laugh~ Telling him I can only put up with crazy for so long and he's about as crazy as they come. ~laugh~

Looking across the corner from the produce guy....

The afternoon was too hot to work outside so I spent my time reading, while Riley slept the afternoon away. She woke up feeling much better and I wonder if she's somehow gotten run down or something. Around 4 pm we headed outside to start putting things away and getting ready to travel tomorrow. Cleaned up and put away the BBQ, the chairs, the table and unhooked the sewer connection. So except for water and power and a couple of leveling boards, we'll hook up and raise the jacks, and after securing the Igloo we'll be ready to go. Wonder how the cat will like the new Dogsled? I guess we'll find out.

Lots of these little white flowers along the road side...

While working outside we were stopped numerous times when Vern and Miss Charlotte, Miss Norma, Roy and Miss Pat all stopped by to chatter and make certain we don't leave without saying good bye tomorrow. Such nice folks here, always enjoy their company.

Fire Ants build these, and they are everywhere.

Inside I spent some time reading as it's Sunday night so Riley is responsible for making dinner as it's pasta night. Around 6:15 pm she started making dinner, finished eating by 7:00 pm, clean up and I had a shower before connecting with my dad. Skype wasn't working so he called me on the phone. Amazing!! ~laugh~ Usually I call him but tonight he beat me to the draw. 

Live Oaks along S Pecan Street, always green...

So after a brief chat with Dad my day drew to a close. Tomorrow will be interesting with the new Dogsled doing it's first tow for us. Looking forward to the ride.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Please feel free to leave a comment, would be nice to hear from you. Until next time...take care, stay safe....

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