Friday, February 17, 2017

A productive day....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

All pictures from yesterday, Thursday, Feb 16, 2017

A warmer overnight last night brought still chilly air this morning but it didn't take as long to warm up. While it warmed up the day was never hot, only mildly warmish. If you know what I mean. ~laugh~ The predicted rain for today didn't come but it might arrive over night. It calls for rain tomorrow and tomorrow night as well. Hard to know for certain but maybe we'll get it and maybe we won't. Hard to know with the way the weather changes here from minute to minute. 

This is the beginning of the path we walked yesterday.

Plans this morning changed when Riley decided not to walk as her feet have been an issue of late. Some time ago Riley had numerous warts on the bottom of her feet which we doctored with for a while and finally sprayed them, freezing them and within a short period of time they had disappeared. She had no further need to keep an appointment to have them removed. At least two or three have returned and we've once again treated them in the last couple of days so they are tender. In the next few days the tenderness should go away and she'll back to walking again. Or at least that is the hope. 

Some kind of puff ball along the trail we walked yesterday.

So this morning I was on my own, which worked out fine anyway. I jumped in the Dogsled and headed out to Lowe's Home Improvement store, as I had an idea in my mind as where I would walk. Lowe's is located on US 59 and Milfin Road, which is a straight line to the Foley Beach Expressway some 2.2 miles away. It was Milfin Road that I walked this morning from Lowe's to the Expressway, so my return walk was 4.4 miles, which I managed in 1 hour's time. I was pretty happy with that little exercise and managed to work up a wee bit of heat while walking. ~laugh~

The end of an off shoot path where it dead ended at a small river

Back at Lowe's I grabbed my wallet from the Dogsled where it was hidden from eyes, the wallet not the truck and headed inside to purchase a BBQ stand for the box to transport BBQ tanks without having to worry about them falling over. I'm telling you it wasn't an easy chore. ~laugh~ The first person was sure they didn't have them, but then she didn't have a clue what I was asking for, so I didn't really believe her when she said they didn't have them. The second person didn't have them in HER location which was inside Seasonal which included some grills and all things grilling. However she pointed me to the 'grill' section elsewhere in the store, which apparently wasn't anyone's section as I couldn't find a soul. ~laugh~ Things in that section must have been free since there was no one there to help, right? While looking around I found what I wanted to my great delight and believe it or not they had a dozen and all of them were extremely dusty and covered in cobwebs. ~laugh~

Seen this helo flying over our walking trail...

With my purchase in hand I headed out of the store and back to the Dogsled. One, two errands now accomplished. I'm on a roll. Next I dropped into the dealership for a quick minute to ask a couple of questions. Mr Manley was surprised to see me and looked almost crestfallen when I said I wanted my old truck back, but then I couldn't hold a straight face any longer, he and I had a good laugh. I told him I love the new truck and have no complaints but a couple of questions. One was about a sticky door handle, the other about day time running lights. He managed to answer both and I left within 3 or 4 minutes of arriving at the dealership with all my questions answered.

Huge cargo ship on Mobile Bay heading for the Gulf of Mexico

Heading home I surprised Miss Riley about 10:30 am. I had expected to be out most of the morning, and she had expected me to be as well. Looks like things worked out much faster than expected. I do have to slip out tomorrow for diesel fuel though before we head out on Monday morning. Other than that we're pretty much set to go, we've seen about everything we want to see in this area and it's time to move on. We're both excited to be hooking up again and heading out to a very favourite park in Long Beach, Mississippi called Magic River.

Two of the many oil rigs out in Mobile Bay, we could see and hear this fire quite easily from the top of the wall at Fort Morgan

The afternoon was a lazy one with only a slight deviation from lazy to put away the out door mat, and do a few little house keeping chores outside. After that it was pretty much a sit down and read type of day. I can tell you that we both had a wee nap this afternoon as for some reason we both just felt the 'sleepiness' creep up and settle in before we had a chance to escape. ~laugh~  Just a short half hour for each of us but I think it's something we needed or we wouldn't have managed to fall asleep.

Some dishware used at Fort Morgan during it's many years of service.

About 6 pm I started prepping dinner and since we weren't having the predicted rain I BBQ'ed. Dinner was good and it came with a show of sorts. ~laugh~ While I was outside cooking I was sitting in my chair, reading my book between flipping duties and I could hear Jeff calling his little dog. I didn't think anything about it until I looked down to see this little fur ball at my feet, soon she was standing on her hind feet and didn't even come up to my knee. ~laugh~ So I was petting her and talking to her, I called over to Jeff that I thought I had something that belonged to him. He's heading my way when the dog started back toward him but stopped at the steps going into the Igloo, Riley inside had heard me talking and opened the door to see what I wanted. The only invitation the little doggie needed was the open door and she scooted right into the Igloo heading straight for the cat's food dish. ~laugh~ Riley didn't see her enter, how I don't know but I knew because she didn't make any comment about it. Jeff in the mean time had arrived at the door as I had. I mentioned to Riley that she should give Jeff his dog back and she didn't know what I was talking about. I said,"The dog you let in the door just now, you should give it back." She looked around, seeing the dog at the cat's bowl and grabbed a hold of the little thing, carrying her straight out at arm's length like smelled bad or something. ~laugh~ We all had a laugh, Jeff took his dog and left. I finished cooking and headed inside. Riley and I had a good laugh about the dog slipping in past her without her even seeing it. ~laugh~

A Springfield rifle and a bayonet from the archives of Fort Morgan

Dinner was Garlic Potatoes with Onions, Thyme Veggies and Sweet Italian Sausage. Good stuff!! Sorry no pictures, I had eaten most of my dinner before I remembered I should have taken a picture. ~laugh~ You'll just have to take my word for it that we had dinner!!!

Quick clean up inside and out, trip to the dumpster and then off to do our own thing. Not a truly exciting day but an entertaining one all the same. As I write this I hear rain drops falling on the roof. I guess the weather guy was right finally.  Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care....

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