Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cold front moved in....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama
All pics taken with my phone yesterday. 

A cold front moved in overnight bringing our warm temps down to the cold mark. We didn't break 60 F/15C today and a cold wind made it feel downright uncomfortable unless you managed to block the wind. With cloud cover all day the air  never did feel warm. Tonight the low is going to be 40F/4.4 C...can you say Brrrrrrr? ~laugh~ 

Sign seen on a Kitchen/Bath advertisement
Today we hung around the Igloo until it warmed up to the high mark of 58F/14C around 11 am, then we headed out to walk once again on the Back Country Trail down in Orange Beach. We walked to the end of the trail where we found another parking lot, so if the weather is at all nice tomorrow we will drive to that parking lot and take the 'off shoot' paths for our walks. 

Think a car could actually ride up on that?
Interesting culvert ends, don't you think?
We headed out to Fort Morgan today after our walk, we weren't far away anyway. Figuring it would be too cold to walk around the fort but still nice to get out and see something different for both of us. We stopped at the Fort Morgan Ferry Dock which is a flat bottomed and blunt nosed/tail barge that carries folks across the bottom of Mobile Bay. The bay was once guarded by two forts, Morgan, located on the east side and Gaines, which is located on the west side of the bay. It's not a far trip across, I've made the trip before many years ago. The cost of taking a vehicle over 25' long such as a 5'er or motor home is $36.00 in summer and $35.00 now. Pretty inexpensive but you have to ensure that high tide is in or you can't get your rig on the barge as it sits too low in the water.The ferry is the Dauphine Island Ferry and travels between the two forts numerous times a day.

Knobby looking tree trunk...
Dotting the water of Mobile Bay are  numerous oil rigs some easily seen from the shore, and others merely dots on the horizon. Pelicans are always near by hoping and searching for some scrap to eat. I don't have the particulars of the ferry as it was too cold to stand around and read anything. ~laugh~ We hopped back in the Dogsled and headed down to the fort but once again the winds kept us inside and we opted to come back another time when the weather is warmer. Due to it's location on the outer edges of the long spit of land the wind is just whipping around there and since there are few or no trees to block it the rawness of it leaves you shivering on a day like today. 
Corner of S.Pecan Street and Michigan Ave, straight across from the veggie guy.

In the Dogsled and back home by around 2 pm, we spent the rest of the day just hanging out and staying warm. I made a visit to the clubhouse to return a book that we exchanged, we'd already read it before. I managed a quick chat with Linda, Charlotte, Pat and Norma before I came home.
Say that quickly and it comes to a whole different meaning...clever sign.
Dinner tonight was cooked inside as it's too cold outside to BBQ. We had some leftovers from last night, Garlic Onion Potatoes and chicken stuffing (warmed up ) and a Chicken Breast with friend Roger's wonderful BBQ sauce, done in the oven. For dessert we had some wonderful sliced peaches from a can. 
Everything is camouflage down here..

Clean up inside, no walk to the dumpster tonight, we didn't have much trash. Then off to do our own thing. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a great day. Until next safe, take care....

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